New Stuff Pack? Exterminator NPC? Troll? SimGuruGraham Teases…Pests (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: SimGuruGraham has finally tweeted about his random icon swaps.

Troll level: MASTER

SimGuruGraham has been doing a little bit of internet trolling this weekend, giving players a run for their money as he continuously switches out his Twitter avatar. It all started last Friday when he changed his avatar from the Laundry Day Icon to a question mark.

Once the community picked up on this, he began changing his avatar to various pest icons found on stock image sites, and an Australian Pest Control company. Oddly enough, he’s also been using icons in the order they are displayed on the pest control website.


(So far he has made it to spiders, so it’s assumed that Rodents and Ants will follow)

UPDATE: At 6pm Eastern Time on 1/29, SimGuruGraham changed his Twitter avatar to the “Rodents” icon. Next up is Ants!

UPDATE #2: At 3pm Eastern Time on 1/30, SimGuruGraham changed his Twitter avatar to the “Ants” icon.

The icons SimGuruGraham has lifted from the pest control site are also very similar to the official stuff pack icons of The Sims 4, so speculation is running wild on social media. Many players believe these are hints for the next stuff pack, others expect to see an exterminator NPC added to the game via game patch, and others think Graham is just trolling us.

What do you think is going on? Is SimGuruGraham hinting at a patch to fix game bugs? Is this a new stuff pack hint? Will The Sims 4 receive an exterminator NPC? Comment below!