Origin Update: February 14th, 2018

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There’s a new update available in Origin: Version – 0

Version 10.5.11

  • Has your Mac been running a little rough on Origin lately? We’ve made it easier for you to share diagnostic information with our advisors so they can pop the hood, take a look and get you back to your games faster! Just click Help and select the Origin Error Reporter to get started.
  • Some Origin Access members have reported missing extra content info in their game libraries. Fortunately, the descriptions and game images have been found safe and sound and returned to their rightful owners.
  • As long as you didn’t own a particular game (say, Extreme Space Ping Pong: Revelations), you could buy the same DLC pack for that game (say, ESPPR DLC Hat Pack) over and over again ad infinitum. We figured that was not, in fact, a thing you wanted to do, so now you can only buy that pack for yourself once.
  • It’s the thought that counts, but we figure you still want to actually get your Origin gifts, so we fixed the button that lets you download them.
  • Origin on Mac used to get groggy and require a restart if your system went to sleep for more than 15 minutes. We gave it a few shots of espresso to wake it up.
  • Origin used to pretend that everything was under control when it got a cloud sync error and wouldn’t tell you about the problem. It’s more open and communicative now.
  • Triangles are awesome, one of our all-time favorite shapes. But they’re not so great when they block half your window. Especially when you’re trying to play some of the SteamWorld games. We’ve…ironed this issue out.
  • Need for Speed Payback fans, The House hasn’t been messing with your cloud saves. That was on us, sorry. Now you should be able to get back to your cartel-fighting, street racing and car chases without any more cloud save problems.
  • Origin now actually accepts MyCard like it was supposed to all along, instead of replying to MyCard purchases with a cryptic error.
  • Our game invites wouldn’t take “Yes” for an answer and stuck around way longer than they should have. We told them you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.
  • If you were trying to buy some Need for Speed Payback Speed Points and you got nothing but red lights you’ll be happy to hear the fast lane is now re-opened. Hit the gas and grab all the Speed Points you want.
  • You used to be able to set your Origin in-game menu shortcut to just Shift…and then open and close the menu over and over again by typing normally. Whoops. Unplugged that one.
  • Steamworld Dig is a good-looking game, and now your fans can see that for themselves because Origin doesn’t display a black screen when you try to stream it anymore.
  • Some of our extra content has not only been budging to the front of the download queue, they’re also making it tough to then download the base game. We took care of that because it’s all about that base, ’bout that base, ’bout that base game.
  • You didn’t really need to see that download start, did you? That’s what Origin thought, so it would bring you back to the top of the page any time you clicked ‘Download’ on a tile in your game library. Now it lets you stick around.