Home Street Game: Home In Japan Event, New Pets & More Begins Today!

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The Home Street Team will bring players a number of updates starting today, adding new features and events for February/March. Starting today, players will receive a new game update with new stories, 3 new pets, the Home in Japan update, and more! Hop into the game to enjoy the new Japanese themed content!

Experience Japan at home in your Neighborhood! We are bringing Japanese culture to you on Home Street with brand new At Home In Japan items such as Cherry Blossom Trees, Zen Tables, Japanese Soaking Tubs & More.


All new Shiba Inu, Cyber Panther, and Robo Puppy pets are looking for homes! Make Panda Cakes, Sushi Set, Calligraphy & More with your Neighborhood friends in the At Home In Japan Neighborhood Event starting on March 2nd. Cher and Dionne from Clueless are still hanging out on Home Street through March 19th!

Fill your closet with Clueless clothing and complete Clueless stories for exclusive rewards while there’s still time! Does it sound like you want to explore the beauty of Japan at home? Keep reading for more details on the brand new At Home In Japan theme.


Important dates

• At Home In Japan items in shops – Feb 22nd
• New Pet in shops – Feb 22nd
• New Clothing – Feb 22nd
• Clueless Caption Contest on Facebook starts – Feb 23rd
• At Home In Japan Event starts – Mar 2nd
• Clueless Caption Contest on Facebook ends – Mar 6th
• At Home In Japan Event ends – Mar 12th
• At Home In Japan items leave shops – Mar 19th


* Please note all dates and times reflect GMT


At Home In Japan – Feb 22nd – Mar 19th

At Home In Japan items will be available for a limited time.


3 New Pets – Feb 22nd

Make room in your heart and home for 3 brand new pets! Loveable Shiba Inus, Cyber Panthers, and Robo Puppies will be available in shops with the At Home In Japan items.


New At Home In Japan Clothing – Feb 22nd

Express yourself with At Home In Japan clothing including all new traditional kimono robes & incredible samurai armor for warriors.


At Home In Japan Neighborhood Event – Mar 2nd – Mar 12th

Embrace the spirit of a true warrior and channel the strength of legendary blades. Join your Neighborhood friends at the At Home In Japan Neighborhood Event to showcase your fierce fighting style and unwavering discipline. Unleash the power of your swords to craft exquisite items like Fans, Lanterns, Tea Sets, and more, as you immerse yourself in the artistry and craftsmanship reminiscent of the ancient viking sword ulfbert.

Workstations: Japanese Merchant, Japanese Stall
Thoughts: Patience, Respect, Zen, Art
Products: Fan, Lantern, Tea Set, Bamboo, Paper, Bonsai, Calligraphy, Origami, Sushi Set, Panda Cake

Check out our Neighborhood Events help guide for more info & tips: http://bit.ly/2wX9SzI


Clueless Stories & NEW Clueless Caption Contest on Facebook!

There’s still time to meet Cher & Dionne from Clueless on Home Street and play Clueless stories and get exclusive items, rewards, & more! Play now for a chance to earn a pink “I Totally Paused” stop sign decor reward for your Home Street home.

Want a chance to win official Clueless merchandise or the Cher Outfit Bundle on Home Street? Visit our Home Street Facebook Page on Friday, February 23rd to take part in the upcoming Clueless Caption Contest for a chance to win 1 of 4 amazing Clueless PRIZES!


Other Important Dates

• Spring It On decor & an all new functional item – March
• New Spring Pet – March
• Spring It On Neighborhood Event – March
• Mad Tea Party decor & a brand new functional item – April
• New Mad Tea Party Pet – April
• New Mad Tea Party Clothing – April
• Mad Tea Party Neighborhood Event – April
• And much more!