Improve The Sims 4’s Health System with the Private Practice Mod

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However, it’s not just urgent medical needs that are important – preventive care is also crucial to maintaining optimal health. From routine check-ups to regular dental cleanings from Dentists Ranked, taking proactive steps toward our health can prevent future health issues from arising. With the Private Practice mod in The Sims 4, players can now simulate the experience of being a healthcare provider, offering a unique perspective on the importance of preventive care. By managing the health of their virtual Sims, players can explore the impact of various treatments and procedures, all while having fun and learning about the intricacies of the healthcare system.


In the world of gaming, even virtual realms acknowledge the significance of preventive care, highlighting the importance of regular check-ups and treatments. With the introduction of the Private Practice mod in The Sims 4, players can immerse themselves in the role of a healthcare provider, gaining insights into the value of maintaining optimal health. Through this innovative simulation, players are reminded that just as their virtual patients require regular attention, so do our own real-life oral health needs to be prioritized for a healthier and happier future. Much like finding the right dental clinic, caton ave dentist, to tend to your oral health needs. This unique experience not only adds an element of fun to the game but also fosters a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the healthcare system and the positive impact of preventive care.

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Looking to add something new and fresh to The Sims 4? How do Diseases, Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, and Pharmaceuticals sound? You can have all this and much more with the newly released Private Practice mod! This mod reworks the health system in the game to allow players to control the health of their Sims in a much different way. Check it out!


Health Check-Up: Now your Sims will want to look after their health. When your sim goes to a Health Check-Up Appointment, you might learn about problems with their fitness or their blood pressure. You’ll be told what lifestyle changes your sim could make to improve them, and what factors are making them more at risk.  Following the doctor’s advice might be something you want to do because if left unchecked these health issues could lead to earlier natural death.

Details on health issues: 

  • Blood Pressure: a new Health Data Point that is being tracked with this mod. It can be affected by a Sim’s age, traits, and fitness, and can fluctuate with their mood, energy levels, and hydration.

  • Weight: also a new health data feature that tracks the fitness and fat of your Sim. Being overweight or underweight will make your sims get tired a little faster, and need a little more sleep to be rested.

    • Being overweight/underweight or having high/low blood pressure, can result in a higher risk of further problems with your Sim’s health. Their lifespan is being subtly reduced for every moment they spend with these health issues. On the other hand, good fitness can extend your sim’s lifespan.

  • 0.5 Update: When Sims are experiencing low blood pressure, there is less effect on their lifespan than with other health issues, but they now experience occasional symptoms of aches and dizziness. But until they get the issue identified, by way of a health checkup, your Sim won’t know the reason for these symptoms.