How to Unlock the Waterfront District & Wellness/Science Careers in The Sims Mobile

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The time has finally come! The long awaited Waterfront property in The Sims Mobile is now available in game for you to unlock. How do you unlock it you ask? This mini-tutorial will give you a run down of how to unlock the special district and show you what’s inside.

First things first. In order to unlock any other districts in the game you must have at least a Level 4, 15, or 22 of Experience in the game. If you have already unlocked other districts in the game and are past level 15, then you will have to wait until you are at level 22. If you are at or above level 22, the Waterfront property is ready for you to unlock.


The Waterfront Property is free to unlock at these experience levels, so just head into map mode and click the “lock” icon. From there you’ll be greeted with a welcome message and be given a quick look at the district.

Aside from the park and boardwalk, there’s not much else in terms of public space. It’s nice to have a new part of the world to visit, but unless you’re ready to unlock the new careers, there’s not much for you to do in this part of the map for now.


The two new venues available in this district are the Science and Wellness Centers. Both of these lots of locked and require in game currency to be unlocked.


You’ll need (4) LlamaZoom Tokens and 11,500 Simoleons to unlock the Science Center, and (6) LlamaZoom Tokens and 15,370 Simoleons to unlock the Wellness Center. Both of these venues come with the new Aspiring Healer Career and Science Career. Each come with their own unique stories and have special content to unlock along the way.


The Wellness Center venue contains new items like a Juicer, a Water Cooler, Fountain, and a Massage Table. Sims will interact with these objects when joining the career. There are additional objects they can place on the lot as they continue to level up in the career.

The Science Center contains new object like the experiment table, a vending machine, and a lab computer. Sims will interact with these objects when joining the career and finish off different shifts. There are additional objects to unlock as they level up in the career.



LlamaZoom Tokens

The first change you will notice when opening the game after updating is that some of the current ticket currencies we have in the game will be converted to LlamaZoom Tokens. The LlamaZoom Tokens are a new in-game currency that replaces Super Home, Luxe Home, Super Sim, and Luxe Sim Tickets. Home & Sim Tickets will be converted to Simoleons.

If you have these tickets in the game, they will be automatically converted at the welcome screen. LlamaZoom Tokens can be used to buy objects for your home and clothes for your Sims. It’s basically a condensed currency as to not have so many different tickets.

To collect LlamaZoom Tokens, you will have to interact with Emily and her LlamaZoom truck outside of your home. She will appear every 4 hours and as long as you complete the tasks available with each theme, you will receive Tokens as a reward. Emily will stay outside your home for 8 hours, allowing you the time to complete each LlamaZoom Session. Click on the Llama icon on the lower right hand side of the screen to summon Emily.