The Sims 4: Tropical Getaway Modpack Now Available

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Looking for a new vacation destination complete with suntans and sunburns? Want to use a pool float to lounge around in the pool? Then it’s time to spice up your game and download the new Tropical Getaway Modpack by Nando! This mod changes up Granite Falls and gives Sims a new place to vacation in the game. Click here to download!

Aloha and Sul Sul! The Sims 4 Tropical Getaway Modpack (Requires The Sims 4 Base Game, Outdoor Retreat, Seasons and Jungle Adventure) is here for you. For free. This modpack is probably one of the biggest mod projects ever made for The Sims 4. This modification doesn’t just transform the former world of Granite Falls into a tropical retreat called ‘Palm Falls’ – it also gives your Sims new ways to explore this destination, new gameplay, new clothing options and additions to your build-buy catalog.


New Features:

  • changed foliage and textures around the world, made it lush, tropical and beachy.
  • new climate system: tropical storms in winter, heatwaves in summer, no more snow (it’s a tropical destination, duh.)
  • improved lighting inspired by the lighting from Sunlit Tides in The Sims 3.
  • new UI changes including a new world icon, world name change (new save file is recommended), new world map
  • added the ability to play in the ocean (swimming in the ocean is coming with a future update!)