The Sims 4: Python Upgrade Coming with November’s Patch

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SimGuruModSquad has just posted details on the upcoming game patch. Not only do they intend to release the next patch in November, but he has confirmed that Maxis will upgrade Python to 3.7.0. This change will replace the old extension (pyo) to a newer one (pyc).

Hi everyone,

I want to give you a heads up that in an upcoming release, we will be upgrading the version of Python used by the game. We currently use Python 3.3.5 and will be moving to Python 3.7.0. Once this change is released, all compiled script mods will completely stop working. Note that in this new version of Python, the .pyo extension is replaced by .pyc.


We know this will have impact on your script mod authoring pipelines so wanted to provide notice in advance so you can be ready for the change when it arrives. To assist, I’ve attached the Python scripts from the currently released version of the game (v1.46.18) recompiled under Python 3.7.0.

If all goes as planned, this change should arrive in November.

Note that there will not be any fundamental changes to tuning data, other than the typical types of changes we make to tuning for patches.


This change will result in broken mods when the next patch rolls out, so if you want to get a heads start, ModSquad also provided a ZIP file that contains Python scripts from the current version of The Sims 4 recompiled under 3.7.0. Good luck!