EA Earnings (Q2 FY19): The Sims 4 Sells Nearly 30 Million Expansion Packs Life-to-Date

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Electronic Arts has released their Q2 FY19 financials, stating that The Sims 4 player base grew Year-Over-Year, and that players have downloaded nearly 30 Million Expansion Packs life-to-date. EA also saw a 11% boost (YOY) on Digital Net Bookings.

Selected Operating Highlights and Metrics

  • Digital net bookings* for the trailing twelve months was a record $3.608 billion, up 11% year-over-year and represents 69% of total net bookings.
  • FIFA Mobile daily active players grew 50% year-over-year.
  • The FIFA eWorld Cup Final was record setting, including a 4x increase in global viewership over last year, and more than 20 million players participating through the course of the FIFA 18 Global Series.
  • The Sims™ 4 community downloaded nearly 30 million expansion packs life-to-date and monthly average players continue to grow year-over-year.
  • FIFA 19 was critically-acclaimed as one of the best, most innovative FIFA games in the franchise, and NHL 19 was the highest-rated NHL game on current generation consoles.