Broken Mods for February ’19 Patch/StrangerVille GP

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New Game Update 1.50.67 is out! Please backup saves and files before updating and using any untested mod.

Table of Contents

  • How to Report a Mod
    • Please READ before reporting, information needed!
  • Common Questions/Answers
    • Most common questions and their answers, please check here before posting your questions about mod status, mods not working, etc. If I don’t answer your question, then it’s likely already been answered here.
  • Compiled Mod List
    • List of mods, careers, traits, and programs in the community, check here for their status. Check the Custom Content tab for CC compatibility information!

How to Report a Mod

  • Reporting a mod as Broken:

    • Before submitting a report:
      • Please make sure mods are ENABLED in your game settings.
      • Test the mod ALONE with no other mods installed.
    • Include the following information when submitting a broken mod report:
      1. Name of the Mod and Author
      2. How is the mod broken? (please be as specific as possible)
      3. Did you have any other mods installed when experiencing the issue that you’re reporting?
        • If yes, please take other mods out for testing purposes. Are you still experiencing issues with no other mods installed?
    • NOTE – The above information is to make sure that the issues you’re experiencing aren’t caused by another mod. Therefore, any broken mod report that doesn’t include this information may get ignored.
  • Reporting a mod as Compatible or Updated:

    • Name of the Mod and Author (nothing else needed).
    • Please remember, I do not list mods as Compatible unless confirmed by the creator.
  • Ways to Submit your Report (choose only one):

    • Post in my Discord server – In the SimsVIP Mod List category.
    • Commenting below – ALL links submitted here require approval, we will approve your report ASAP.

Common Questions/Answers

  • Something is wrong with my game, what do I do?
    • First, move your Mods folder to your Desktop, clear your caches, then test on a NEW SAVE. Are you still experiencing the issue?
      • Yes – Then it’s likely a bug. Check the Bug Reports forum to see if it’s listed there, if it is please make sure to “Me Too” it.
      • No – Then it’s something in your Mods folder. Please do the 50/50 method to find which mod is causing it. When you find the culprit, please let us know!
  • When will <insert mod/program name here> be updated?
    • I don’t know, my Crystal Ball no longer works……Seriously though, I don’t know. Please have patience and give creators time. Remember they have lives and other priorities too!
  • Any word on <insert mod name here>?
    • If there’s no status for the mod, then there’s no word. Please keep in mind though, I don’t list or track CC (Hair, Eyes, Makeup, Skins, Objects, Re-colors, etc).
  • My <insert CC name here> doesn’t work anymore, what do I do?
    • Check the Broken CC tab, I keep a list of CC types that’s reported broken. You can also try running the current batch fixes that Sims 4 Studio includes found in Content Management > Batch Fixes.
  • Is <insert mod name> working, I can’t find on the list!?
    • Please use the Tabs and Search boxes to find your mods. Most mods that aren’t on modthesims don’t get added until creators update or confirm them compatible. So for those, try searching by the creator name. If you still can’t find it, let me know so I can add it to the list.
  • <Insert mod name> isn’t working.
    • Make sure you have the latest update. If you have the latest version, then test without any other mods/cc installed. Contact the creator if it’s still not working, be sure to include details on how exactly it isn’t working.
  • I can’t find which mod in my game broke!

Compiled Mod List

Broken – These mods have been reported as broken. They may need updated!

Updated – Theses mods received an update for the current patch. Re-download needed!

Compatible – Confirmed working by the creator. They do NOT need an update, you can continue using them.

Obsolete – These mods are no longer needed or they’re broken and no longer being supported.

**Any mod that doesn’t have a status is Unknown**

NOTE – If you are having an issue with a mod that’s listed as Updated or Compatible, please report it to the creator! Mods listed as Compatible or Updated, will NOT be changed back to Broken without confirmation from the creator!

♦ Use Ctrl+F to find your Mod and/or Author.

♦ Additionally, you can use the link below to open the list in Google Sheets. You can then sort it to your liking (such as by Author or Status): 

SimsVIP Mod List in Google Sheets

[tab name=”Mods”]

[tab name=”Custom Content”]

Custom Content – objects, clothes, hair, makeup, re-colors, etc. This is NOT a compiled list as the mods are because there is WAY too much out there! This is just a general list:

  • No reports (yet)…


[tab name=”Programs”]



Note to Mod Users – Please do not use this list to tell creators that their mod is broke. They know when they need to update their mods (we have tools that we use to check), so please have patience.
Note to Mod Creators
– Please remember this list simply serves as a guideline based on community reports. The only way I can 100% guarantee the status is correct is if it comes from you. Please let me know if your mod has the wrong status and I will change it ASAP.