How To Complete the Summer BBQ Event in The Sims Mobile (2019)

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There’s a new quest in The Sims Mobile! The Summer Barbecue Event is now available for a limited time, giving players 7 days to complete the necessary steps that will reward them with the final “Outdoor Gardens” rewards. The event grants “Lemon Slices” for completing everyday and event related tasks as well.

Slices can be used to purchase items from the Barbecue and Gourmet Barbecue Chests. Both contain the same items, the only difference is that you have a choice of purchasing with Lemon Slices (125) or SimCash (50). More on this later in the post.


To begin this quest, select the “Quests” tab on the right side of your screen. If you do not see the Growing Gardens quest, restart your game.

The Growing Gardens Quests are marked with a multi-colored “Limited Time” banner

To complete the Backyard BBQ Event, you will have to complete 26 individual quests in the game. You will receive rewards and Lemon Slices along the way (the new event related currency), and be rewarded the “Outdoor Gardens” once you complete the final quest.

Below is the list of quests (in the order they appear) that you need to complete, along with rewards and requirements.



How to Complete Each Quest (Info)

Tapping the info button on each quest lets you know what you need to do to complete each task. To access the special events, click the “Lemonade Glass” icon on the top right side of your screen. From here you can easily attend special events in the game.

  • Quest #1 – Complete an event to earn 25 Simoleons
  • Quest #2 – Click a bed and use the “Dream of Cozy Flower Beds” interaction
  • Quest #3 – Click a mirror and use the “Think of Floral Accessories” interaction
  • Quest #4 – Click a Sim and use the “Ask About Flowery Language” interaction
  • Quest #5 – Complete an Event
  • Quest #6 – Change your Sim’s appearance
  • Quest #7 – Complete the “Experiment with BBQ Recipes” event.
  • Quest #8 – Open a Barbecue Chest
  • Quest #9 – Give stickers to 5 Sims
  • Quest #10 – Complete the “Research Barbecue Flavors” event.
  • Quest #11 – Complete an Event
  • Quest #12 – Earn 650 Simoleons
  • Quest #13 – Complete any 5 Events
  • Quest #14 – Complete the “Sample Barbecue Drink Specials” event
  • Quest #15 – Complete LlamaZoom tasks. (Returns every 4 hours)
  • Quest #16 – Complete the “Experiment with BBQ Recipes” event.
  • Quest #17 – Collect 1,200 Lemon Slices
  • Quest #18 – Complete LlamaZoom tasks. (Returns every 4 hours)
  • Quest #19 – Complete the “Research Barbecue Flavors” event.
  • Quest #20 – Collect 1,200 Lemon Slices
  • Quest #21 – Complete LlamaZoom tasks. (Returns every 4 hours)
  • Quest #22 – Complete the “Sample Barbecue Drink Specials” event
  • Quest #23 – Earn 650 Simoleons
  • Quest #24 – Complete LlamaZoom tasks. (Returns every 4 hours)
  • Quest #25 – Collect 1,200 Lemon Slices
  • Quest #26 –Complete THREE Long Events in Career, Relationship, or Hobby

Once you have completed all 26 quests for this event, you’ll unlock the Outdoor Gardens set. You can find these items in build/buy or a Sim’s inventory.


Purchasing from the Barbecue/Gourmet Barbecue Chests

When completing quests and events related to the Backyard BBQ event, and performing everyday random tasks in the world, Sims will earn special “Lemon Slices”. These slices can then be redeemed for special CAS and Build/Buy items in the game.

There are two types of Chests: Barbecue and Gourmet Barbecue. The only difference between the two is that items purchased in the Barbecue Chest require 125 Lemon Slices, and items from the Gourmet Barbecue Chest require 50 SimCash. The latter allows you to purchase and complete the collection without Lemon Slices.


❗ To access the Rewards Center, select the Lemonade Glass icon on the upper right side of the screen, or select the “Store” icon on the top left of the screen. 

The Summer Barbecue Collection consists of CAS and Build/Buy Items, including the new interactive outdoor grill object. Items are listed by “rarity” (Common, Uncommon, and Rare) and your chances of receiving them depend on the game. There are also some other rewards includes like Fashions Gems and SimCash.

The entire collection includes the following items: 

  • Create-a-Sim Items
    • (8) Clothing Items for Male/Female Sims
    • (5) Hairstyles for Male/Female Sims
    • (2) Hats and Accessories for Male/Female Sims
  • Build/Buy Items
    • (2) Cannonball Smiles Gnomes
    • (2) Stoic Stanely Gnomes
    • (2) Praise the Sun Gnomes
    • (4) Summer BBQ Grill Deluxe
    • (5) Summer Umbrella Table
    • (5) Summer Drink Trays
    • (7) Summer Lantern
    • (7) Summer Steely Arms Loveseat
    • (7) Summer Steely Arms Chair
    • (9) Summer Padded Dining Chair
    • (9) Patio Heaters
    • (9) Summer Dining Chair
    • (14) Summer Illumination Light
  • Other Rewards
    • Fashion Gems
    • SimCash
    • Cupcakes
    • Simoleons
Tap the box to retrieve your prize

When clicking the currency button in each box and “buying it”, you are technically “rolling the dice” so to speak. Realistically, these are chance boxes. You are not guaranteed to get different items each time, you will receive many duplicates, and you are not able to select what you receive either. The item you receive varies and is based on “chance”.


Items are tagged by rarity. This means you have a 60%/45% chance to unlock Common items, a 25%/30% chance to unlock Uncommon items, and a 15%/25% chance of unlocking Rare items. Each chest has its own rarity chances. Click the info button for more.

With the way this system is set up, you will end up receiving plenty of duplicates. This is ok in the beginning as you may need to collect multiples of items to complete the set, but this will eventually lead to an excess of items. When this happens, items will be converted into special rewards that vary depending on the rarity of the item.

The following reward conversions are made when receiving duplicates: 

  • Common Items
    • 60 Simoleons (Barbecue Chest)
    • 650 Simoleons (Gourmet Barbecue Chest)
  • Uncommon Items
    • 100 Simoleons (Barbecue Chest)
    • 750 Simoleons (Gourmet Barbecue Chest)
  • Rare Items
    • 5 Fashion Gems (Barbecue Chest)
    • 30 Fashion Gems (Gourmet Barbecue Chest)


Garden Gnomes

The Garden Gnome rewards for completing the event can be placed on your lot. There are three interactions on them: Talk, Water, and Yell.


Backyard Barbecue Bonus Bundle

This event will also give players a chance to purchase a special limited time only bundle with several new items included. The bundle is available for $9.99 USD and includes Lemon Slices, 50 Cupcakes, and a watering can that dispenses lemon slices.