Origin Update: April 16th, 2019

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There’s a new update available in Origin: Version – 0

Version 10.5.37

  • We played around with one too many mirrors and caused “Related Products” and “You Might Also Like” recommendations to show up multiple times on game pages. The mirrors (and the doubles) have been removed & returned to the stranger who lives beneath the opera house.
  • The privacy links & policy documents in the Origin sign-up process got scrambled after someone rolled a 6 and sent a stampede through the site. We fixed the affected links, rolled a 10 and ended that wildly dangerous game.
  • There was a bug where voice calls continued after the Chat Tab was closed. Disembodied voices belong only in haunted houses, so we saged the place and now it’s in working order.
  • Enchanted arrows got mixed in with the arrows in active chat windows, causing them to disappear & preventing users from toggling. The boy responsible has collected his magic arrows & returned to hunting with his heavily tattooed father.
  • The Apex installer appeared disabled during downloads after Caustic dropped one too many nox grenades in the break room. The installer has been decontaminated and Caustic’s weapon pack will now be checked at the door.
  • The Voice Settings menu displayed a Voice Chat Indicator setting that had no function. Mirage or phantom, the inert setting has since disappeared…spooky.
  • Put away your monocles and opera glasses because we’ve got you taken care of: the zoom level is now automatically adjusted to fit your browser window size, even on 4K monitors!
  • It took dodging some spiky blades and other booby traps, but the game library now accurately reflects ownership of The Sims 4 Standard Edition for Premier users who own The Sims 4 Vault Edition. Take that, giant rolling boulder!