CONFIRMED BUG: Latest Sims 4 Patch Affecting Custom Text (FIXED)

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❗ The Sims team released a patch today correcting this issue

If you use mods and custom content and noticed that custom text and descriptions in the game have gone blank or are displaying **DEBUG** since the last game patch, gurus are aware of the issue and intend to release a fix for this problem soon.

Hi all,

Those of you who play with mods or custom content may have noticed that some custom text (names, descriptions, etc) that is part of a mod/CC have either gone blank, or switched to displaying “**DEBUG**” (on game version PC / Mac This was an unintentional side effect of the 4/16 update. The Sims 4 team is planning on releasing another update in the near future specifically to address this issue, which will restore the text as it was displayed previously.


Technical info:
The issue we’ve identified is that any user-generated content authored using strings in string tables with non-zero group ids will show up in-game as blank. Changing string tables to use 0x00000000 for group id can be used as a temporary workaround for creators who do not want to wait until the next update. The next update will not cause conflicts with this workaround. Long term, we do strongly recommend that mod/cc creators have the top bit set (for example, 0x80000000) to avoid conflicts with Maxis created content.