The Sims 4: Gurus Respond to Criticism on Excluding Lesbian Flag From Patch Content

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SimGuruDuke has responded to players who criticized Maxis for forgetting to include the Lesbian Flag in The Sims 4 Pride Month content. After a tweet regarding the oversight went viral, SimGuruGrant assured players that they will fix it.

This evening, SimGuruDuke posted a statement to Twitter letting players know that they heard players who felt excluded and that they want to make it right. The updated pride content will be included with the June 18th game patch.


“We have heard from many of you about not including a lesbian pride flag in our pride content. We aim to be inclusive and ensure all our players can express themselves. We will continue to listen and learn from you and are committed to doing more. We are adding 3 variants of the lesbian pride flag as part of our PC game update on June 18. We have also removed the Progress Pride Flag. We have not obtained the creator’s permission to use it, but we hope to add it back if we do. Thank you for your feedback and your patience. Happy pride month!”