Speculation: First Look at Moschino Stuff Pack Leaked? (UPDATE)

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UPDATE by SimsVIP: SimGuruGeorge has confirmed that this new render is not showcasing new content from Moschino. Being that users have reported a new Game Icon in the last few days, it is likely this render is part of a new branding launch for The Sims 4.


According to @SimsHub on Twitter, a render sent out on an official EA email for players in Germany may have shown what is the first look players are getting at the already confirmed The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack.

The image shows four sims and one of them, the girl on the left, has what seems to be new CAS items – a new hairstyle and jacket. Given the size of the render, it’s difficult to tell if other items on the image are new as well, though most of them look like things we already have.


These are the original tweets from SimsHub.

People on Twitter were quick to notice that the plumbob on The Sims 4 logo also looks a little different than the one we know. Maybe a new look for the game is what will be presented at this Friday’s Maxis Monthly, a livestream that, according to SimGuruJoystick, will have exciting news about the game.

SimGuruLyndsay was quick to add that the exciting stuff is not surprise new content.

Knowing that tomorrow’s livestream won’t bring any hints on future content, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting an official peek at The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack just yet. All we know is that the pack is coming out “later this Summer”, according to the official announcement back in June.