The Sims Mobile: High Fashion Update (September 11th, 2019)

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There is a brand new game update available for The Sims Mobile! Check the App Store and Google Play from your device to install the update. This update brings new content to the game with the all new “High Fashion” update. Patch notes below.

Sul, sul!

Hello again, Simmers! To celebrate The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack launch, our Sims Mobile team would love to show off their passion for fashion by dropping the ultimate style update that is so hot right now!


Moschino Collaboration

The Sims 4 has collaborated with creative director Jeremy Scott from the luxury fashion brand Moschino, and designed authentic outfits for The Sims Mobile! We can’t wait for you to check out the huge selection of real-life Moschino outfits that are straight from the catwalk!

The pack includes matching tops and skirts, jackets and jeans, shoes and even swimwear with plumbobs everywhere – plus apparel featuring their iconic teddy bear – all in multiple colour variants for male and female Sims! Moreover, if you happen to be on the lookout for a black prom dress with slit online, you’ll find exquisite choices within the expansive collection at Peaches Boutique.

Use the hashtag #MoschinoXTheSims to show us your Sims working the runway wearing the real-life Moschino Capsule Collection outfits!

Sweet Treat Showdown and Modelling Career Details

A new quest has been added to this updates’ Sweet Treat Showdown! You’ll be put to the test again by creating culinary delights in the special bakery venue in Parkside! In this High Fashion update, players can unlock brand new apartment loft-style items to create the ultimate photography studio space! Prizes include a clothing rack, book case, leather sofa, funky decor, fashion magazines, and more!


Bake your way through the Sweet Treat Showdown Challenge to unlock the ultimate grand prize: a modeling career for the Fashion Studio location! Launch your Sim’s career and take the fashion industry by storm! Your Sim will be able to show off their moves on the runway and work their way up to becoming a supermodel!

We’ve also made a number of improvements, based on your feedback. Here are some notes from our developers:

  • A new quest has been added to the Sweet Treat Showdown. This quest will award additional Sweet Treat Tokens and Royal Treat Tokens.
  • The 5 round challenges have been removed, with the exception of a ‘tutorial baker’ who only appears once, during your first challenge. After that, you will only see the 7, 9, and 10 round bakers now (the 9 and 10 round bakers will become more frequent later in the event).
    • “The value of the 5 round challenges was so low that it didn’t feel worth using an attempt on. With the 7 round challenges appearing straight away, followed by the 9 and 10 round challenges, players should be able to start earning more tokens earlier in the event.”
  • The 7 round challenge now has better preparation tasks, which should be more appropriate for each round’s success chance.
    • “The 7 round challenge felt far too hard for the rewards it gave. Part of this was due to the fact that the preparation tasks offered were not powerful enough to compensate for the success chance. Upgrading these tasks should make these challenges feel more beatable.”
  • The 6 hour and 12 hour events have been reduced to 4 and 8 hours respectively, with slightly longer cooldowns.
    • “These events aren’t intended to be the main focus of the Sweet Treat Challenge, so the goal of this change is to free up your Sims a bit more so that they can spend their time on other tasks.”

Fashion Week

We have some exciting ‘Fashion Week’ themed content full of exclusive head-to-toe, complete packs available that celebrates real world runway events – the “Big Four” fashion weeks like UK, alongside Paris, Milan and New York.

Are you an-always-black person or someone who loves all summery, bright colours? The outfits reflect on-trend, influential styles and feature brand new designer items.!

  • New York includes plumbob earrings, Mary-Jane style heels, slicked-back long hair, and a spunky lightning dress! Available from 11th – 16th September.
  • Milan has fan earrings, leather booty shorts, strappy stilettos plus a killer fringe ponytail hairstyle (if looks could kill)! Available from 17th – 22nd September.
  • Paris includes long earrings, a long pencil skirt, pointy pump heels, multi-coloured open shoulder sweater, plus a short, choppy bob hairstyle! Available from 23rd – 30th September.
  • London includes variants of a cute fur coat, tall heel boots, curly up-do hair and matching shorts with a belt. Available from 1st October – 8th October.