Community Blog: Learn All About The Sims 4 Discover University

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The Sims team has released an official blog for The Sims 4 Discover University

Simmers, classes will be starting soon in The Sims™ 4 Discover University Expansion Pack! To get prepared, let’s take a quick tour of the University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute and find out what collegiate life is really all about!

University of Britechester

This bastion of higher education is particularly known for molding students into smart, well-rounded Sims ready to face the world’s challenges. The University of Britechester offers a variety of degree paths for its students, including distinguished offerings strongly focused on the arts and humanities.


Degrees: Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Psychology, and Villainy

Distinguished Degrees: Art History, Culinary Arts, Drama, Fine Art, History, Language and Literature, and Communications

What else does UBrite offer? On game day in the Britechester Spirit Corps Organization, your Sim can socialize, show off their dance moves, maybe do a keg stand, and promote Dragon pride. If they want to explore their creative side they can head to the canal by the commons for some outdoor figure painting with the Art Society. And they can socialize or go head to head with some of the university’s best and brightest in the challenging Debate Guild.

Foxbury Institute

Your Sim may want to opt for a more modern campus focused on creating innovative leaders, and the Foxbury Institute should be a great fit. This premier university boasts impressive facilities as well as both events and distinguished degree programs geared toward science and technology.

Degrees: Art History, Culinary Arts, Drama, Fine Art, History, Language and Literature, and Communications

Distinguished Degrees: Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Psychology, and Villainy

Some of Foxbury’s great organizations and events include the Foxbury Spirit Squad, where your Sim can don the red and gold to support their school at School Spirit Day with a juice keg, juice pong, and maybe even a little streaking. When it’s time to take a break from cramming, your Sim can attend bar night with The Brainiacs honor society for a little rest and relaxation. Want your Sim to help lead the way to the inevitable robot uprising? They’ll love creating their future overlords with the Bot Savants. And if your bot has what it takes to reign supreme in the Utili-Bot Contest, head to the quad to enter and see if your Sim will be the next Bot Master!


Financial Aid

Whether your Sim chooses the hallowed halls of the University of Britechester with its focus on arts and humanities, or the cutting-edge Foxbury Institute and its science and tech slant, there’s a ton to do, see, and learn as they journey through higher education!

But before they start packing their bags, doing a little research on how they’re going to pay for education is a good idea. There are tons of scholarships and grants available for both academically and athletically gifted students, as well as need-based scholarships. If your Sim has already started down their career path and wants to further their education, they may want to consider a career scholarship. You’ll be able to find out which scholarships are available for your Sims to help cover their college costs.

Your Sims also have the opportunity to take out student loans to help fund their education, but be aware that payments will be due as soon as they graduate.


College Life

Both schools offer students a variety of amenities and opportunities to live either on-campus or off. Decorating dorm rooms, hanging out with roommates, or just playing a little ping pong are only a few of the new experiences your Sims can look forward to. Need to study for a big exam? Why not join a cram session at the commons? Don’t forget to squeeze in some fun After School Activities like joining the E-Sports or Soccer Team to put their skills in the spotlight or head to a spirit event at the bar dressed in their best school colors.

However! While pulling pranks on the other university or doing a little painting in the park can be a lot of fun, don’t let your Sims have so much fun they forget term papers, exams, presentations, and homework. Let your Sims get too distracted and their grades will likely drop – which could lead to big problems if they’re relying on a scholarship or grant.