Like a VIP: Small Ideas for Even Smaller Homes

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With The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack just around the corner, it’s time we start planning how we’re going to build our teeny, bitty homes.

Going through the Build Mode catalogue, you’ll notice various objects that can fit into the theme of tiny houses, whether they save up some space or just give you the impression of optimization that small environments need.


So here are a few of those items I’ll likely be using in my tiny homes once the pack is out. Have you started planning what to build too? Do you already have one or two objects in mind? Leave a comment below!

Mini Fridges

These are just perfect! Introduced in Discover University, mini fridges work just as regular fridges, only they’re smaller (well… duh). Also, they act as a surface which can be used to place objects you’d normally put on a counter, like a microwave oven, coffee maker or tea maker (or just clutter). If you have the mini fridge + microwave combo, your sim can live off of microwaved food and will never have to learn how to cook, meaning no need for a counter to cook on.

Sidetables with Storage Space

It’s all about how much stuff you can shove in every free space you can find. Drawers, shelves and whatever else can help your sims seem organized will come handy when they don’t have much room for their belongings.


Ottomans with Storage Space

Same idea as above: Space optimization. So what about if instead of a two seater couch you buy an ottoman with storage space? It may not sound like the most comfortable idea, but sims have such great posture when they sit that I’m sure they’ll be ok.

Beds with Storage Space

Ok, I think you guys got the gist of this by now. In case you didn’t: Pick those beds with drawers or trunks.

Kitchen Shelves

Cabinets are great, but if you have a small space with walls covered in cabinets, it sure may feel claustrophobic. Shelves, on the other hand, keep your kitchen organized without that confinement look.


Kitchen Utensils at Hand

Put them on the walls, hang them from the ceilings: Having kitchen utensils at hand is practical, looks cool and leaves room for other things in drawers and cabinets.

Desk with Shelf

The top part of this City Living desk acts as a shelf, so you have more opportunities of decoration, or if you just need another surface for your sims to drop their plates and mugs – or even one of those functional bookends from the latest patch. I’m always impressed on how toddlers are able to reach that top shelf, but that’s a conversation for another time.


Or you can just have a laptop and you won’t need a desk at all, since you can use them on a table.


Lin-Z Speakers

The best thing about these is not that they play music, wake your sims up and order services, but that they fit pretty much anywhere.


These items from Outdoor Retreat will not only provide your sim well deserved refreshments, but will also give them a place to sit.

Globe Bar

Speaking of refreshments, globe bars only take up one tile and also provide a very sleek look to any room.


Step-Ladder with Potted Plants

This one gives out major DIY vibes, which usually go well with the whole Tiny Living concept. The top step also works as a shelf.

Wall Plants

Your sims want to have more plants in their tiny houses, but they also need all the surface areas they can have. The solution is simple: Hang plants on every available wall space you can find.

This One Base Game Bookshelf

It’s affordable, it looks good on its own, it acts as any other bookshelf and has shelf space for clutter. You can also try and fit more clutter or plants on the floor under it.


Both Shelves from Laundry Day

These too look good on their own, and also give you more surface area for clutter. And we love clutter.

Single Tile Lockers

I know these are weird options to have at home, especially the base game lockers (on the left). But hear me out: Those two from Spa Day, when they’re on their own and not side by side with other lockers, don’t look odd at all, especially if you know how to decorate around them. They’re cheap and they’ll work as any wardrobe in the game, making them great options if you don’t like the single tile dressers we have (or can’t afford them).