The Sims 4: Vanessa Hudgens Featured in “Play With Life” Campaign

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The Sims has launched a new “Play With Life” campaign bringing influencers and celebrities together from around the world. The updated website also features a meme generator, and stories from each of the new ambassadors for the game.

Life is what you make it. How will you play? Vanessa Hudgens, Adam Zdrójkowski, Joe Sugg, Melina Sophie, and Bilal Hassani share the ways they create, explore, and express themselves in The Sims 4. When you make the rules, the possibilities are infinite. Watch how these famous Simmers play with life, then download their Sims to your world today.

Vanessa Hudgens knows what it is to play with life! The singer and actress has never been afraid to take risks, and she carries that same sense of adventure into The Sims 4. Watch her video to learn how she shapes her world.

Joe Sugg has always entertained his fans online (and on the dance floor!), and now he’s ready to make his official debut in The Sims 4. Learn what he gets up to when there are no rules.

Adam Zdrójkowski is a Polish actor and Dancing with the Stars contestant in real life… and an ice vampire in The Sims 4! Adam, known for his role in, loves to push boundaries. See how in his video.

Melina Sophie loves whoever she wants to—even if it’s an alien in The Sims 4! The German social media star makes her own rules and isn’t afraid to push the limits.

Go from the screen to the stage to the dueling grounds in a snap with French pop singer Bilal Hassani. He never compromises on what he wants, especially when he’s playing with life! Watch his video for a taste of his world.