The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: New Deaths and Woohoo Spots

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In the ScreenRant preview of The Sims 4 Snowy Escape, they have confirmed that there’s going to be 2 new Death types and 2 new Woohoo spots in the game.

Death by Vending Machine – Vending machines also make a comeback in this pack, and players can purchase not only food, but also collectible creatures, bug sprays to keep away the new giant hornets and other critters, and snowboards. Sims fans will also be delighted to learn Death by Vending Machine, a classic Sims death, is also part of this pack.


Death by Falling – While on the mountain, Sims can snowboard, ski, or sled on slopes of varying difficulty. How well they do will depend on their skills, so practicing is encouraged. Sims can become injured if they fall or strain. The way a Sim travels down a slope varies, and they may take a different route each time, adding to the immersion of the game. Sims can also go mountain climbing to reach the peak of Mount Komorebi, which is as thrilling as it is dangerous. There are severe chance weather events on the mountain, including Thundersnow and blizzard conditions, and inexperienced or careless Sims can fall to their deaths from the mountainside.

Ice Cave and Hot Springs Woohoo – Other features coming to the pack include Forest Spirits, several new WooHoo spots, including an ice cave on the top of the mountain and the hot springs, tons of Create A Sim items revolving around themes of winter wear and Japanese contemporary and traditional dress, and new careers and aspirations to explore.