The Sims 4 Cottage Living: More Details on Lot Challenges

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Today’s Sims 4 Cottage Living gameplay trailer has revealed some new information on the lot challenges available to players with the game. As mentioned before, each lot will will start with the “Wild Fox Challenge” enabled, which allows wild fox to roam the lot. You’ll be able to disable this feature if you want, and the number of challenges is not limited.

Shown in the trailer are three of many new challenges coming with the game: Off-the-Grid (Base Game), Simple Living (Cottage Living) and Wild Foxes (Cottage Living. SimGurus did confirm that players who own additional packs will have additional options available.


Today’s trailer has also revealed additional information on this feature. Using the Simple Living Lot Challenges will make the “always full” refrigerator obsolete as the challenge will force Sims to forage for the ingredients they need to cook at home. To make Yorkshire Pudding for example, Sims will need to grab an egg from the chicken coop, milk from their cow, and flour from the local grocer in town.