The Sims 4: Official “Sims 411” Recap

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The Sims team has released a recap of the October 26th, 2021 Inside Maxis stream.

Hot Topics

The Mobility Petition

We took note of the petition and as always, a huge thanks to everyone who continues engaging with us and the community at large to make this game the best it can be. Mobility items are at the top of our minds as our efforts are focused on taking further steps beyond our recent updates including the addition of skin tones and Asian facial features, updated black hair, and our current research on gender-neutral language with pronouns. Representation remains a core pillar, guiding our roadmaps for the future as we add free content to the Base Game.

Sims Delivery Express (SDX)

Whenever you see this freezer bunny just know, it’s good news: you just got a Sims Delivery!

Sims Delivery Express (short: SDX) will bring free content to your Base Game as a complementary, more spontaneous little sister/brother of our regular game updates.


Sims Deliveries can include:

  • New Build mode or Create A Sim content
  • Tiny game fixes, those that don’t need a Game Update to be delivered

For the future, we hope to expand this list but for now we hope you enjoy every upcoming Sims Delivery!

To get a Sims Delivery all you need to do is launch your game as usual and the game will check to see if there is any new content available. Restart after the downloads are completed and enjoy!

Other important facts at a glance:

  • SDX will be available on PC, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox
    • Stay tuned for a Sneak Peek to the first Sims Delivery in the next Inside Maxis!
  • Content delivered through SDX is free
  • The content released through SDX should not negatively impact mods and mods are not disabled when content is downloaded
  • What SDX does not do:
    • Release major bug fixes (they will continue to be released through game updates)
    • Release Worlds
    • Change Gameplay or UI
  • PlayStation and Xbox players will need to link their console account to an EA Account to be able to use SDX
  • Every Sims Delivery either previously downloaded or not by a player, will be included in a future game update (except limited content that may be completed before a patch update).

Our team is always innovating and exploring new forms of gameplay for our global community of players. With Sims Delivery Express, we are thrilled to continue bringing new and free content into the Base Game and beyond. We have so much more planned for The Sims 4 so keep an eye out!


Do you have plans to refresh any other Expansion or Game Packs?

It is so exciting to hear that you all enjoyed The Sims 4 Spa Day Refresh! From the trailer to the pack, revisiting and adding content was a lot of fun for everyone here – especially seeing all your reactions. That said, while we are all for transparency – issa secret! Remember though, the future is bright for The Sims 4 so you’ll just have to stick around to see!

Why does The Sims release content from packs into The Base Game?

We’ve heard feedback that there are hair styles, currently gated behind packs, that offer more representation than those included with the Base Game. We love creating packs that offer cohesive and immersive themes but we are also committed to ensuring access to a full catalogue of character elements that will ensure representation for all players. We are continuing to research and select a small number of hair styles from previously released packs which will be added to the Base Game over time for the benefit of all Simmers.

Next Patch Sneak Peak

Scenarios – A new way to play

What are Scenarios?

Scenarios are goal-based stories within the game where a player’s choice impacts the outcome. There are many different outcomes to Scenarios and many different ways to achieve those outcomes. That’s right, there’s more than one way to complete a Scenario, just as in real life! You never know how the story will go. How you get there is up to you!


Two Scenarios in the next patch update

On the day that Scenarios launch, you’ll be able to play two Scenarios: Making Money and Finding Love after a Break up. This first batch of Scenarios have a challenge aspect to them and are called ‘Challenge Scenarios’.

For example, Making Money places your Sim in a situation where they have zero simoleons in their bank account. To complete the Scenario you’ll have to work your way to one million simoleons. How you get there is really up to you! You could choose the noble route and work your way through hard work and dedication or you can get creative and get to a million simoleons in other ways… 😉

How to access and play

Players that download the patch on November 2nd will have access to the brand new Scenarios feature. You’ll be able to access currently available Scenarios via the Main Menu following these easy steps:

  1. Click on the ‘New Scenario’ button on the Main Menu
  2. Choose the Scenario you’d like to try out
  3. Once you’ve selected your Scenario, choose whether you’d like to start a new save, or use an existing save. Please note: In the first version of Scenarios, a Scenario can only be started in a new household. We’re working on bringing existing households into Scenarios for a future update!
  4. Once you’re in CAS, create your household making sure to complete any requirements
  5. Next up, choose your world and lot. Remember, if you’re playing ‘Making Money’ that your household funds will be set to 0 once beginning. So, you may be in for quite the challenge if you choose to start with a bulldozed or unfurnished lot.
  6. Enter live mode, and enjoy!

More Scenarios to come

The party is just starting! There will be more Scenarios with different themes and different styles moving forward. Over time, you’ll notice new Scenarios appearing in the Main Menu. Some Scenarios will be available for a long time while others will be available for a limited time. So make sure to stay connected!


Scenarios FAQ

Where did you get your inspiration from for Scenarios?

We’ve been interested in creating new ways for Simmers to play, and the Scenarios feature was born from this. For our first batch, we looked to our vast community to see how you all have been inspiring others, so we’ve leaned into the concept of challenges as inspiration for this feature.

Can I use an existing household to play Scenarios?

For the first version of the feature you’ll only be able to add Scenarios to a new household in either a new or existing save. We’re working on expanding this out to existing households in the future, stay tuned for more updates.

Will there be more Scenarios in the future?

Yes! More Scenarios, new variations to existing Scenarios as well as new features will be added over time.

How many possible outcomes are there in one Scenario?

There will be several ways that a Scenario can end. We’ve listed a couple of possible outcomes in the description for each Scenario, but there are some that aren’t listed, too.


Can I continue playing with the save file of the Scenario afterwards?

Yes! You’ll be able to continue playing with the save file and the household that you’ve worked on completing the Scenario with.

If you choose a lot without a house will your sim still have 0 Simoleons?

Yes! In Making Money, you’ll be able to start a lot without a house if you’d like. This would be one way to create a more difficult Scenario if you’d like.

Are the challenges timed?

We do keep track of Sim time as you’re playing, so you’ll get to see how much Sim time has elapsed from start to your outcome, however there is no time limit once you’ve started the Scenario. There will be some Scenarios that are only available for a limited time. As long as you’ve started the Scenario before the limited time period has ended, you’ll be able to play the Scenario through to completion.


Additional Hair for the Base Game

As mentioned in the Hot Topics, over time we’ll select a small number of hair styles from previously released packs and add them to the Base Game for the benefit of all Simmers. We’re happy to share that this cute toddler hairstyle will be available for everyone in the Base Game in the next patch.

To use Nadia’s words describing this Hair: Sweet! Cute! Adorable!