The Sims 4: Official “Sims 411” Recap (January 18th, 2022)

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The Sims team has released a recap of the January 18th, 2022 Inside Maxis stream.

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A Status Update on Customizable Pronouns Coming to The Sims 4

Our team at The Sims™ believes that gender neutrality plays a very important role in building a fully inclusive society. This is why we’ve continued to evolve The Sims 4, working to make the game more diverse, inclusive and representative of our global community, step by step, day by day, patch by patch.

Back in May 2021, we announced our pursuit of customizable pronouns in The Sims 4, with the goal of presenting a first look of our research and efforts with a fireside chat in January 2022. On Tuesday, January 18, we did just that.


Key members of The Sims dev team, as well as Rae Sweet of our partner in this project It Gets Better, a nonprofit organization empowering and connecting the LGBTQ+ community, delivered a first look at the game’s latest intention in becoming more inclusive.

Our team is developing a feature that will allow players to customize the pronouns of their Sims in CAS, allowing for even more freedom of expression.

While pronouns are a very important piece when it comes to greater inclusivity for The Sims 4, we understand that customizable pronouns will not make the game 100-percent gender neutral. Making The Sims 4 more inclusive of gender neutrality is an ongoing learning and development process for us and we will continue to update this feature over time.


What we’re working on right now and what players will eventually see in the game is the first iteration of this feature and we hope it will make your game feel yet more welcoming and kind.

One important aspect of our research is considering how pronouns will exist in the 18 languages of The Sims 4. There’s no one solution for all, but we’ll be mindful of the grammatical rules of each of those languages. The first iteration of this feature, however, will focus on English. But rest assured, other languages will be added and supported as we continue to update and improve over time.

We know this feature is dear to many of you (and so it is to us!) who cannot wait to customize the pronouns of their Sims. Please know, the work is in progress. And our research and design will continue until we feel the feature is in a good place to be launched into the game.


That said, there’s still a path ahead of us and we will make sure to check in with you again on the way and keep you updated.

Sneak Peek

It’s Sims Delivery time! SDX, or Sims Delivery Express, will continue to bring free content to your base game as a complementary, more spontaneous little sibling of our regular game updates.

Check out the upcoming deliveries below.

Power Couple Scenario

In this SDX scenario you’ll be playing as a married couple working in business. You’ll have a friendly bet to see who can rise in the ranks to CEO first! We’re looking forward to seeing all the wonderful stories of your Sims that you create in this race to the top of the corporate world.


You Make The Sims with Complex Sims

We’re honored to partner with the amazing Complex Sims, a master in creating custom content for The Sims 4. See for yourself in this upcoming SDX drop coming to the base game delivered by your favorite freezer bunny. Complex Sims designed three CAS items launching on February 2nd, 2022 including the gorgeous robe with wonderful color swatches below. You’re wondering what the other two items are? Check out what we have in store for you on February 2nd. Let us know how you like them! 😉

Ponytail and foood!

It’s braided ponytail Friday! Except, your Sim is free to choose any other day of the week for this beautiful hair that is coming to the base game in an upcoming SDX drop.

As we’ve said back in November of last year, we’re committed to ensuring access to a full catalogue of character elements that will offer more representation for our player community. We are continuing to research and select a small number of hair styles from previously released packs which will be added to the base game over time for the benefit of all Simmers.


On another note, make sure your Sims are hungry as we’ve got some more food that is coming up fresh out of the kitchen! Soon, we’ll be delivering these delicious dishes from East Asian cuisine to the base game. In this SDX update, your Sims will be able to cook Sticky Rice Cake, Steamed Fish, Teok-guk, Galbijim, Japchae, and Minced Pork Noodles as your Sims increase their cooking skill in the base game. Good luck to all you aspiring Sim chefs out there!