Broken/Updated Mods: Poolside Splash/Modern Luxe Kit Patch

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New Game Update 1.100 (Patch Notes) is out, which means it’s time to check your mods for updates! Please backup saves before using any untested mod.

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How This Works

  • I do not offer game support here. If you need help with your game, I recommend trying one of these support servers:
  • Every patch I will start a new Broken/Updated post (unless it’s a hotfix patch or I’m taking a break).
  • When a new patch releases, all mod statuses (except those set to Broken) will reset to a blank status. A blank mod status means that I haven’t seen or received news for it.
  • Any modders that have their own mod tracking pages will have each of their mods linked to their status page and the status will always be Check Mod Link (unless updated or broken).
  • I do not track patron only mods/updates, I will add them when they’re available to everyone.
  • If a mod is updated for translations only, the status will not change to Updated unless it’s a blank status.
  • Please keep in mind I’m ONE person managing this list and I do have a life outside of it. Therefore, I’ll update the list when I can.
  • To navigate this post, I suggest using the Table of Contents below.


Table of Contents

  • How to Report a Mod
    • Form available to submit your report(s). Please read and follow the instructions.


How to Report a Mod

Please use the form below to submit your reports!

BEFORE reporting a mod as Broken:

  • Make sure you have Enable CC/Mods and Script Mods Allowed enabled in your Game Options (these usually have to be re-enabled after each patch).
  • Delete your localthumbcache from your Sims 4 folder, then test the mod ALONE with no other mods installed.

NOTE – If you are having an issue with a mod that’s listed as Updated or Compatible, please report it to the creator! Mods listed as Compatible or Updated will NOT be changed to Broken without confirmation (either by my testing or confirmed by the creator)!

Open Mod Report FormView Submitted Reports



Reports are no longer accepted through comments.



Compiled Mod List

Scroll or use Ctrl+F on your keyboard to search for your Mod and/or Creator!

ℹ️ Spreadsheet Not Scrolling Down? You need to hover your cursor over the mod list and then scroll. Otherwise, it just scrolls the page.



Custom Content

Below is a general list of CC that didn’t make it with this patch! Objects, clothes, hair, makeup, re-colors, etc. This is NOT a compiled list as the mods are because there is WAY too much out there.

CC that will need updated for THIS patch  (or batch fixed with Sims 4 Studio if available) :

  • Some CC for Aliens – Any CC that is enabled for aliens including eyelash removers, skintones, presets, etc.


ℹ️ Need help with Sims 4 Studio batch fixes? I recommend using this guide (by amethystlilac) for more detailed information.

Broken CC from Past Patches

Do NOT download any of the following CC unless it’s updated for the patches that broke them (or there’s an available batch fix).

  • [Patch 1.98] CC Trashcans & Diaper Pails (Some/Not All) (Details)
  • [Patch 1.96] Default Eye Replacements
    • S4S Batch Fix – Update Eye Colors For Infants (Infants Patch)
  • [Patch 1.96] Baby Outfits (if your newborn lives in custom bassinets)
  • [Patch 1.92] Loading Screens (with custom spinning plumbobs)
  • [Patch 1.90] Default Replacement Phones
  • [Patch 1.90] CC Beds
    • S4S Batch Fix – Fix Bed Slots (High School Years EP)
  • [Patch 1.89] Skin Details/Overlays (Default & Non-Default)
  • [Patch 1.89] Alpha Hair
  • [Patch 1.89] Sliders
    • S4S Batch Fix – Update Sliders (Werewolf Patch)
  • [Patch 1.89] Presets (On newly created sims)
  • [Patch 1.82] & [Patch 1.79] CC Fingernails
  • [Patch 1.79] CC Gloves
  • [Patch 1.77] Custom Harvestables
  • [Patch 1.77] Custom Pool Objects


Common Questions/Answers

  • Something is wrong with my game, what do I do?
    • First, move your Mods folder to your Desktop, clear your caches, then test on a NEW SAVE. Are you still experiencing the issue?
      • Yes – Then it’s likely a bug. Check the Bug Reports forum to see if it’s listed there, if it is please make sure to “Me Too” it.
      • No – Then it’s something in your Mods folder. Please do the 50/50 method to find which mod is causing it. When you find the culprit, please send a Broken Mod Report!
  • Any word on <insert mod name here>?
    • If there’s no status for the mod, then there’s no word. Please remember, I don’t track CC (Hair, Eyes, Makeup, Skins, Objects, Re-colors, etc) that didn’t break.  If you’re waiting on an update, please have patience and give creators time.
  • Is <insert mod name> working, I can’t find on the list!?
    • Make sure you have checked all tabs in the list (including Obsolete). If you’re positive it isn’t on the list, then use the Mod Report Form above so I can add it.
  • <Insert mod name> isn’t working.
    • Make sure you have the latest update. If you have the latest version, then test without any other mods/cc installed. Contact the creator if it’s still not working, be sure to include details on how exactly it isn’t working.
  • I can’t find which mod in my game broke!