Community Blog: “For Rent FAQ with Devs”

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There’s a new blog post about The Sims 4 For Rent Expansion Pack on the official The Sims webpage. This time it’s a FAQ with the game developers.

There are a few new bits of information as well as answers to questions people have been asking on social media, so it’s worth the read. Check it out below.


The Sims 4 For Rent Expansion Pack comes out on December 7th.

For Rent FAQ with Devs

We sat down with some of our For Rent Developers to answer some of the more common questions we had been seeing from our Community. These questions are sorted into sections by Key Features:

New Lot Type

How many units can be contained within a residential rental?

  • 6 Units can be made in a Residential Rental

    • Are there cheats to change this cap?

      • Yes! bb.increaserentalunitcap on/off
  • There is a max of 99 Units per Save.

How many Sims can live in each unit?

  • A full Sim household of 8 Sims can live in a Unit.

Are there loading screens when I want to visit another unit on the residential rental lot?

  • Yes, there will be loading screens between units, but sims from other units will use objects in the shared spaces.

How can I easily swap between household units to play? Do I have to go to manage worlds?

  • You can access units through manage worlds as always, but we have also added a new “Switch to Household” interaction on doors of the active residential lot so you can switch to other units more easily.

Can I build high-rises like in City Living?

  • You will still be limited to the existing build mode rules including number of floors and wall heights.

Where can’t I build Residential Rentals?

  • Sulani Waterfront Lot
  • Penthouse Lots
  • Vacation Worlds and Hidden Lots (Jungle Adventure, Batuu, Outdoor Retreat)

Can I change apartments from City Living or Eco Lifestyle to the new Residential Rentals?

  • Residential Rentals are brand new Lot Type with all new gameplay offered in For Rent. Existing apartments in City Living or Eco Lifestyle remain unique and separate from these new Residential Rental lot type, although Residential Rentals can be placed in lots from these worlds to add even more dimension and variety.

Can I build a Residential Rental on a Penthouse lot from City Living?

  • Penthouses are special lots that will not work with this venue type. Penthouses and their functionality will remain unchanged with the addition of For Rent.

Do new Residential Rental events happen on apartment lots?

  • We have added Maintenance Troubles as a new Lot Challenge that can be placed on any other Residential lots. The new Maintenance Events, though, can only happen on Residential Rentals by default.

Property Management

Can I own any other businesses with this pack?

  • You will still be able to own businesses from other packs as well as be a Property Owner for Residential Rental Lots! We do not have any new businesses added with this pack.

Do the water heater, ac units include gameplay? Do they work on lots other than Residential Rentals?

  • Yes there is gameplay associated with the Water Heater, Electrical Panel, AC unit, and the Radiators. Some of these will have additional gameplay when used in conjunction with Seasons.
  • These will work for all Residential lots, but when used in Residential Rental lots they will work for the individual units if placed inside them or for all units if placed in shared spaces.

Can a unit on a Residential Rental be a business venue/lot type?

  • Residential Rentals, a business in and of themselves, cannot be combined with other businesses.

Does mold cause Sims to become zombies?

  • Mold gameplay and associated deaths are very opt-in and easily avoidable. No Zombie outbreaks are attached to this new death type and ghost.

Closer than Ever

Will sims Snoop by themselves (autonomously)?

  • If Sims have the Nosy trait they will observe other Sims, but will not find out any secrets.

Are Snooping Sims Burglars? Will Burglar music play?

  • The iconic Sim burglar experience intrudes our thoughts for another day. Snooping and secrets are subtly different, although can be combined with Kleptomanic Trait for some fun and interesting active gameplay.

Bustling and Beautiful

How many new lots are there?

  • 2 neighborhoods. 9 lots.

    • 2 20×15
    • 3 20×20
    • 2 30×20
    • 1 30×30
    • 1 40×30

Do secrets and snooping work with any Sim and on any lot, or only on Residential Rentals?

  • Yes, these are available for all lots, not just Residential Rentals.

What new animals are in the animal sanctuary – is it a rabbithole?

  • The Tiger Sanctuary in Tomarang is a rabbithole activity for Sims. While your Sims adventure offscreen, you’ll navigate the best choice path to earn them cool new rewards and unlockables!

Hopscotch and Marbles – what age groups can play these activities? Is it only children?

  • Marbles is Child specific, but collecting Marbles is available even after you’ve become an adult.
  • Hopscotch was designed for Child Sims, but can be used by Teens and Up as well.

Can I ride Boats or in the Tuk Tuk?

  • No, Boats and Tuk Tuks are just for ambiance