It’s True: Margot Robbie Is Producing a “The Sims” Movie

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After many rumors of a movie about or inspired by The Sims throughout the past two decades, simmers finally have something to look forward to: Margot Robbie is reportedly producing “an adaptation of The Sims game,” as stated on its IMDb page.

The news comes after the tremendous success her production company, LuckyChap, had with another adaptation of a franchise for the big screen, Barbie (2023). According to The Hollywood Reporter, both movies share a commonality, as they’re based on products with no linear narratives, allowing players to do whatever they want when they play.


Kate Herron, known for her work on TV shows like Loki and Sex Education, is set to not only direct but also write the film along with Briony Redman, who has written an episode of the acclaimed series Doctor Who. Electronic Arts is reportedly involved “in a creative and producing capacity.”

These are all the details we know for now. There aren’t any confirmations regarding the cast, plot, release date, or even an official title.