“Urban Homage” and “Party Essentials” Kits Announced

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After a small leak yesterday, The Sims 4 officially announced its next two kits: Urban Homage and Party Essentials.

The first one comes in collaboration with @Ebonix, and is said to bring inspiration on 90s and 2000s fashion from London, UK. The other one, as its name suggests, focuses on party decoration, including a disco ball and a fog machine.

Both kits are coming out next Thursday, April 18th, so we can expect a patch on the 16th. Read the full blog announcement below.


On Point Looks and New Party Vibes

The Sims 4 Urban Homage and Party Essentials Kits Are Coming to The Sims 4

The party is just getting started! Step onto the scene in the trendiest threads and set the stage for unforgettable celebrations this season in The Sims 4.

With The Sims 4 Urban Homage and Party Essentials Kits, players can style their Sims in Simmer and gaming content creator, Ebonix’s favorite London city-inspired fashion and deck out party venues with festive decor for electrifying celebrations that will get Sims buzzing.


90s Vibes and Vibrant Motifs

Dress to impress with The Sims 4 Urban Homage Kit, created in collaboration with multi-award-winning gaming content creator and DE&I advocate, Danielle “Ebonix” Udogaranya.

Turn heads and make your Sim stand out as the ultimate virtual style icon with looks that offer a fresh take on nostalgic London city-inspired 90s and Noughties (a UK expression for the years between 2000 to 2009) fashion trends, with lively patterns, vibrant graffiti motifs and eye-catching accessories. These modern looks are bold and unapologetic, inspired by a time and place near and dear to Ebonix.

With striking ensembles and statement pieces such as iconic overalls, butterfly tops, eye-catching layered jewelry and glamorous new nails, Sims can confidently strut in style and express their individuality in more ways than ever before.


“When I came up with Urban Homage, the pitch [to Maxis] was paying homage to the 80s, 90s, and 00s,” says Ebonix. “[The Kit] is inspired by the urban chic culture which highlights the innovation, diversity and vibrancy that city life fosters which I very much embrace as part of my day to day wears. So with that said, I wanted to bring to life some timeless pieces that tap into eras that we draw inspiration from and are still the blueprint of fashion innovation to this day, with a variety of outfits that are dynamic and vibrant, traditional and contemporary, and rich with cultural trends!

Fun fact: The numbers on the basketball shorts are actually the birthdays of Ebonix’s mom (24), dad (18), best friend (16), goddaughter (14) and her own (10)! She felt this would be such a beautiful, personal touch to commemorate and pay homage to the people who mean the absolute world to me.”

Celebrate with Flair

Amp up your festivities and make your epic parties unforgettable with The Sims 4 Party Essentials Kit!

Whether your Sim is hosting a lavish Landgraab luncheon or a raving rager for the Roomies, The Sims 4 Party Essentials Kit has everything you need to make your next celebration the talk of the town.


Dazzle and delight with playful party props, including eye-catching streamers, an entrancing fog machine and a versatile bar that can stick around after the party. Add some drama to everyday decor with lively and unique new items like a mesmerizing disco ball. Set the perfect vibe with coordinated party decorations or mix and match to set the mood and make memorable Simstagram posts pop.

Form your group and let the good times roll in style. Shpansa!

The Sims 4 Urban Homage and Party Essentials Kits will be available on April 18, 2024 on PC via EA app™, Mac® via Origin, Epic Games Store and Steam®, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems.

The Sims 4 Urban Homage and Party Essentials Kits require The Sims 4 base game, available free to download with all game updates. See minimum system requirements for the pack.