The Sims 4: Official Laundry List (May 23rd, 2024)

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EA has just shared a new Laundry List for bug fixes coming to The Sims 4. Alongside the usual list, a special message was given to players on social media. You can read it below.

Although an exact date hasn’t been confirmed for the next patch, it is safe fo assume it is going live next week, since laundry lists are usually shared seven days before a game update. Also, The Sims has been teasing something “new” and “free” on May 30th.


Read the blog post below.

Sul Sul Simmers!

Welcome to this month’s Laundry List, where we share the top community concerns we’re currently investigating and aim to resolve in an upcoming patch.

You may notice we’re investigating more issues than previous months; this is because we’ve assembled a team to invest in the core game experience, including tackling technical issues within The Sims 4 . We have continued to review reported concerns that have interrupted your The Sims 4 gameplay over time, and we recognize that this has caused much frustration. It’s why we have set out to form this focused team, which will be able to increase both the number of fixes we can address and how often we ship these batched updates. Our goal is to fix more reported concerns, both big and small, over the next six months and beyond to check off more boxes on our Laundry List. This is our first release, with others following roughly every two months. Keep an eye out for future Laundry List announcements for the latest run down of fixes.

We genuinely value your input so please continue to report any issues you experience via Answers HQ. This remains our primary source for information on player experiences. Any and all details are helpful, especially those surrounding where the issue was encountered so we can reproduce it as a part of our investigation. As is the case with any patch, please remember to remove any external game mods and custom content as they may conflict with the updates.


For our next patch, read below for the list of the community concerns we’re investigating and aiming to resolve.

  • Note, this is only a list of topics from AnswersHQ and community-sourced feedback with upcoming fixes; there are more improvements to the game and topics reported by players that are not listed here but still being worked on.
  • Additionally, we hope you can understand that some topics can be tricky and may require an extended investigation on our end, so even though we are actively reviewing, it’s not a guarantee that we’ll have an immediate total fix in the upcoming patch.

Thank you for all your patience and valuable help in reporting!

We’ll continue to check in, and together we can make this game the best it can be.

Happy Simming!

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