Another Leak Reveals Details About the Upcoming “Lovestruck” Expansion Pack

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Twitter user @anadius has once again leaked details about the upcoming – and still unanouncedThe Sims 4 Lovestruck Expansion Pack.

This second leak was announced (!) earlier today. It was confirmed new screenshots were not going to be shared on Twitter this time, since EA claimed the rights to the images last week (only confirming the leak to be true).


The pack is expected to be announced next week, on Thursday June 27th, the same day it will be available for pre-order. Please understand none of this has been confirmed by EA and is subject to change.

See the latest leak by @anadius below.

Features (from EA app)


Cupid’s Corner / Match with single Sims

Young Adult Sims and older can access Cupid’s Corner from phones and computers to match with other Sims from the world or the Gallery. That’s right, your dating pool includes the entire Gallery! The app has 3 sections. In About Me, take a selfie for your Sim’s bio and choose which of their traits to display. The app curates matches based on your Sim’s age preferences and sexual orientation. Find Sims you’ve favorited in the Saved tab. Add your faves to your contacts, or create a date for them!

Dating / Create the ideal tryst

Create a date! Choose what type of date you want to have, select the venue, invite more Sims if you’d like, and choose your activities. Dates will have goals depending on the activities you choose. Other Sims won’t interrupt your date unless you invite them into a conversation, and you can change the venue of an in-progress date if a change of scenery is in order *WINK*. Just like in real life, if the date isn’t going well, the other Sim can end it early.

Flirt & play / Romantic new interactions

Sims have new ways to connect, with new games and a grown-up costume box. They can also feed each other from shareable treat boxes, cuddle in bed, or share special moments on the Romantic Blanket. This portable blanket is always there for you whether you want to snuggle, kiss, or WooHoo. Just remember: love can be dangerous. Sims who experience too much back-to-back heartache could die of a broken heart.


Romance Dynamics / Hot or cold?

Romance Dynamics exist between Sims in relationships. They can be chosen by you in Create a Sim or developed through gameplay, and they can change or disappear through gameplay. The 4 Romance Dynamics are: Wholesome (Sims who are deeply in love and show it), Steamy (relationships with a physical focus), Strained (unhappy relationships), and Unpredictable (quick changes between arguing and affection).

Turn-Ons & Turn-Offs / What works for your Sim?

How attracted Sims are to each other will influence their behavior. Sims can become more or less attracted as they learn about each other’s Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs. Categories for these include Activities, Characteristics, Fashion, and Romance Style. In a relationship, each Sim can have a different level of Romantic Satisfaction and Attraction, so make sure to check in periodically with your partner.

Traits / Who are you in love?

Define who your Sims are in romantic situations using 2 new Traits. A Lovebug is someone who is especially enthusiastic about finding love, whereas a Sim who is Romantically Reserved will take longer to build relationships. Each new trait comes with new interactions for your Sims.


New skill / Master the art of romance

Learn to be an excellent partner in this 10-level Skill. Sims who are well-versed in this skill will be better at wooing dates as well as maintaining Relationship Satisfaction. New perks are unlocked at every level and at level 10 your Sim will have an Aura of Flirtiness which will give Sims around them flirty moodlets. Even Teen Sims can practice this skill (with other Teens only) to prepare for a lifetime of love.

Aspirations / Romantic Explorer & Paragon Partner

Sims with the Romantic Explorer Aspiration will take a broad view of romance and want to experience it all. They’re interested in dating, but they’re also interested in day-to-day expressions of love. Sims with the Paragon Partner Aspiration have a more focused goal: building happy relationships with more than 1 partner.

Romance Consultant Career / Start a romantic career

Romance Consultant is a new 10-level career that branches into Matchmaking and Couples Therapy. Progressing through this off-screen career has rewards that include heart-shaped office décor and the following new interactions: Give Unsolicited Love Advice, Gush About Love, Share Relationship Satisfaction Tips, and Propose Potential Match.

Lovely lots / Meet and mingle

Singles Hangout is a new Lot Trait which will draw in single Sims — perfect if you’re on the lookout for love (this lot trait brings single Sims to your yard~). Ciudad Enamorada has 13 new lots across 3 new neighborhoods: Vista Hermosa, Plaza Mariposa, and Nuevo Corazón. There are 2 penthouses, a vacation rental, a park, a gym, a sultry nightclub, and a charming lounge.

Venue interactions / Flirt around town

Sims who are out on the town will have new ways to attract or connect with potential partners depending on where they are. Sims at the gym might Show Off Fitness, Sims at the museum can View Art Together, Sims who are out in nature at the park or beach can Watch Sky or View Stars together, and there’s even a new Seductive Dance for the bar, nightclub, or lounge.