The Sims 4: Official Laundry List (July 9th, 2024)

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Earlier this week, EA released a new Laundry List for the next game update for The Sims 4. If you don’t know the term, that’s a list of bug fixes that will come on a patch.

Laundry lists are usually shared one week before the update comes to both versions of the game (PC/Mac and consoles), but the release date has not been confirmed.


It is also unknown if the patch will bring anything new to the game. Maybe this is when players will get one of the two free updates promised on the latest roadmap. And it may or may not included the long promised new hairstyle made in collaboration with Dark and Lovely.

Read the full blog post, with all the bug fixes, below.

Sul Sul Simmers!

Welcome to this month’s Laundry List, where we share the top community concerns we’re currently investigating and aim to resolve in an upcoming patch.

To stay on track with the goal stated in our previous Laundry List, the team continues to dedicate their time to prioritizing more fixes to include in each update.  This is our second release in this series, with the next scheduled for roughly 2 months from now. This time, we are tackling over 60 issues to make for a better gameplay experience.

As always, the list below is just a top list, and there are more topics that we saw reported by players that are not listed here but may still be in the process of being solved. Some topics can be tricky and require an extended investigation on our end, so even though we are actively reviewing, it’s not a guarantee that we’ll have an immediate fix for it in the upcoming patch.

This list is primarily generated by leveraging the player reports via Answers HQ. Thank you to everyone who continues to help our work of improving the user experience via their reports.

Here’s the list of community concerns we’re investigating for the game update this month:

Console :


Base Game:

Bust the Dust

  • Sims will no longer get multiple Dust System negative buffs at the same time.

Cats & Dogs

  • Sim clothes will no longer remain on when entering Sim tattoo mode in CAS after using Pet Paint Mode on coat colors or patterns.

Cottage Living

Dine Out

Discover University

For Rent

Get Famous

Get Together

Growing Together

High School Years

Horse Ranch

  • The three descriptions of features for Chestnut Ridge are now included at World Select.
  • Improving Horse locomotion at 2x or 3x speed to look better and stick better to routing paths.
  • Foals turn around instead of going backwards now which fixes several visual glitches when interacting with objects and routing.
  • Horses should no longer occasionally overshoot the end of their paths when running and taking several tiny steps before coming to a stop.
  • Horse will slow down when routing through gates and no longer hit locomotion lags.
  • Horse will no longer teleport to their end destination when routing backwards in 2x or 3x speed.

Journey to Batuu

  • Fingernails no longer clip through the Journey to Batuu full-body outfit gloves.

My Wedding Stories

Occult Packs

Urban Homage Kit

Riviera Retreat Kit


Toddler Stuff


Our team is dedicated to continuing to tackle concerns that affect your ability to enjoy the game, so please continue to report any issues you experience via Answers HQ. This remains our primary source for information to troubleshoot player experiences, and any and all details are helpful for our team. As with every patch, please remember to remove any external game mods and custom content if you are experiencing issues, as they may conflict with the updates.

Thank you once more for working with us to continue to improve on the experience of our Simmers, and for making this game the best it can be.

We’ll catch you in the next Laundry List – Happy Simming!