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John Riccitiello Talks about EA’s Digital Strategy

  Well we all know that EA has plans to Switch to Digital in the (near) future, and most of their games already are Digital only....

Sims 3 VIP Newsletter – July 2011

  Here is your July 2011 Newsletter.  Click the image to be directed!      

Sims 3 VIP Newsletter – June 2011

  Here is your June 2011 VIP Newsletter.  Click the image below to be directed to the newsletter.      

EA Newsletter – Introducing Origin

  I received an email today introducing Origin, the new EA Store + EADM replacement. There are some exclusive E3 trailers for EA games, and a brief...

Sims 3 VIP Newsletter – May 2011

  Here is your May-2011 Sims 3 VIP Newsletter. Click the image to be directed!      

EA Mobile – Vote for the game you want on Sale!

 EA Mobile has put up a Poll over on Facebook. The game with the most votes will win & go on sale for 50%...

EA CEO: We’re switching from discs to digital

  Yes, EA has decided they may take the path down digital lane. I will not comment about this,  since my mouth is as...

Sims 3 VIP Newsletter USA – April 2011

  Well it took long enough! C'mon it's May in 2 days! :P Nothing new, but if anyone is interested in 50% off Sims Medieval...Dive in!      

EA’s Game Manual site is up!

After EA decided to ditch the paper manuals for games, they have now launched their online digital game manual site.  You can check it...

Sims 3 VIP March Newsletter

Here is March 2011's Sims 3 VIP Newsletter. If you are interested in any of their products, simply click the Green buttons in each...