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Sims 3 Town Life – Interactive Game Page has posted a wonderful Interactive Town Life Page for you to play around with! Head over to their site and check it out!    

The Sims Hub – Town Life Gameplay Footage

  Wondering what Town Life is like? Wanna see some great footage of the game? Well you're in luck because The Sims Hub has a...

SimsVIP – Winner of Town Life Stuff Giveaway!

    After putting in all the comment #'s I have in the admin panel through a Number Generator.....I am happy to announce that FleshJenn has been...

Sims 3 Town Life Trailer & Screenshots

  The Sims 3 UK Facebook page has posted the official trailer for Sims 3 Town Life and some screenshots of the game.   ...

Sims 3 Town Life Game Manual – Now Available

Well we all know that Stuff Packs no longer come with a game manual letting you know what the game includes, so I went...

Sims 3 Town Life – Concept Art

  Emily Su has posted some Sims 3 Town Life Concept Art! Check it out!    

Sims 3 Town Life – Build/Buy Objects!

  Final phase of the Stuff Pack for today is the Build & Buy Mode Objects.  All together, Sims 3 Town Life comes with 40...

Sims 3 Town Life – Lot Sizes & Photos!

  As you all know, Sims 3 Town Life comes complete with 7 New Community Lots & Venues. Below are the lot sizes and some...

Sims 3 Town Life Stuff – CAS Hairstyles & Clothing

  Sims 3 Town Life Comes with 2 New Hairstyles for Women, 1 for Men, and 1 each of the same haircut for children.  Nothing...

Sims 3 Town Life – Loading Screen Video

  Nothing too impressive, but a chance for you to check out the Loading Screen in action.