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Sims 3 World Adventures: Original White Board Concept

  Via SimGuruSarah Something unique - original "white board" concept for China in TS3 World Adventures  

World Adventures: Champs Les Sims Concept Art

@SimGuruGraham No concept, but I do have a map of the world-that-never-was....— Sarah Holding (@SimGuruSarah) November 21, 2013 //  

Proof that Aliens built the Sphinx in Al Simhara

  Video Link - Thanks to SimGuruGraham for sharing the video. This candid footage recently captured in Isla Paradiso shows startling indisputable evidence that aliens were...

Official Announcement: EA is Retiring Older Sims Games on Mobile

EA has posted an official announcement regarding their list of services that will be ended this year. In a recent blog post, EA confirms...

The Imaginary Friend – Mummified

  The Russian fansite, has created a very interesting Wallpaper. The Mummified Imaginary Friend..... :shock: They have 3 sizes for you to download, so head...