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The Sims 3 Master Suite Manual

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Box Cover

Master Suite 001


Loading Screen

Master Suite Loading Screen


Summary of the Game

Home is where the heart is! Whether your Sims relax in a bubble bath in their luxurious bathroom, enjoy some down time in their exquisitely furnished bedroom, or wear new intimate apparel for their special someone, The Sims 3 Master Suite Stuff adds some sizzle to their home life!From stylish bedroom sets to spa-inspired bathroom furnishings to romantic new lingerie and hairstyles, your Sims will relax in comfort and style. Add some spark and sizzle to your Sims’ home life! Featuring stylish bedroom sets, spa-inspired bathroom furnishings, romantic new intimate wear, and fabulous new hairstyles, The Sims 3 Master Suite Stuff lets your Sims relax in comfort and style




Sims 3 Master Suite comes with new Clothing and Hairstyles. Some clothing styles come in multiple colors and designs.  Below is a break-down of these items. You may click the images for a larger view.


Female Adults  – 4 Hairstyles, 4 Eye Masks,  13 Tops,  14 Outfits, 10 Bottoms

Female Teens4 Hairstyles (Same styles as Adult Females)

Male Adults1 Hairstyle,  2 Outfits,  8 Bottoms

Male Teens1 Hairstyle (Same style as Adult Males)


Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5 Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-17 Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19 Screenshot-20 Screenshot-23 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-25 Screenshot-22 Screenshot-6 Screenshot-21 Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27 Screenshot-28 Screenshot-29 Screenshot-30 Screenshot-31 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-33 Screenshot-34 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-35 Screenshot-37 Screenshot-38 Screenshot-39 Screenshot-40 Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42 Screenshot-43 Screenshot-44 Screenshot-45 Screenshot-46 Screenshot-47 Screenshot-48 Screenshot-49 Screenshot-50 Screenshot-51 Screenshot-52 Screenshot-53 Screenshot-54 Screenshot-56 Screenshot-57


Build/Buy Objects

The Sims 3 Master Suite includes 31 Build and Buy items for your Sims’ homes.


Gentle Hands Sumptuous Sink

Seat of Romance Misty touch Shower Depths of My Heart Devotion's End Warm Embrace Living Chair Private Serenade Canopy Bed Light of My Life Fiery Romance Burning Desire Delicate Dangling Participle Whispered Melodies Petals of Endearment Fragrant Memories Hankering Hanky Holder Wrapped in Your Soul Towel Shelf Cherished Delight Blooming Love Captivating Beauties Tender Moments Magnetic Attraction Glamour Puss Forever Yours Mirror Sunkissed Curtain Left Sunkissed Curtain Right That's Amore Enter My Heart Door Shuttered Isle Bayside Retreat Clasp the Sky Flame of Passion