Male – Teen/Adult/Elder

Here you can find in-game screenshots of all the Male – Teen/Adult/Elder Haistyles available in the Sims 3 Store.  The title of each Picture contains the Link to the Store, and you may click the images for a larger view.

All hairstyles are in Alphabetical order. Use CTRL + F and type the hairstyle name in the box (upper right) for an easier find.



A Little Layered


Alex’s Wig


All Banged Up


Aristocratic Attitude


Baker Man




Barnacle Bay – Male


Bavarian Topper


Bohodacious Bangs


Bundled Up Beanie




Choppy Haircut for Men


Clean and Crisp


Don Sombrero


Duck’s Tail


Dusty Peepers


Emo Cut


Fins Out






Groo-vay Folk


Hogan’s Hat


Jordan’s Strands




Let’s Get Vertical


Liberate Spikes


Locks & Keys


Louie Little Louie




Mock Hawk


Play it Cool


Riddled Waves


Riddled Waves Front




Slight Scuffle


Sleek Chic


Slightly Sided


Smokin’ Slick


Spiky and Suave


Surf Swept


Surf’s Up


Sweetly Swept Back


Tangled Bed Head




The Alex


The Bee’s Knees


The Cleaner


The Duuude


The Fliggs Fluff


The Shaggy Look


The Straw Boater Hat with a Choppy Hairstyle


The Straw Boater Hat with a Shaggy Hairstyle


The Take-off


The Traditional Sumo Hairstyle


The V.I.P


Top Hat


Urban Kufi


Whine-mo E-mo