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The Sims 3 Supernatural Game Guide

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Box Cover

Supernatural 001


Loading Screen





Limited Edition & Origin Exclusive Content


All pre ordered versions of Supernatural come with exclusive Limited Edition Plants vs. Zombies content, which also includes the interactive Pea Shooter. Those who pre ordered from Origin will also receive Origin Exclusive Plants vs. Zombies decor content. For links to redeem your codes, click here.


 Limited Edition Content


♦ Peashooter – This steadfast ally is ready to defend your house from zombified Sims and other unsavory characters like burglars and repo men! It actually shoots peas at unwanted guests!
♦ Ripped Zombie Suit Outfit – Dress your male or female Sim in the classic zombie attire from PvZ
♦ Newspaper Zombie Suit Outfit – There’s nothing quite as terrifying as loud boxers and sock garters. Dress your male or female Sim up as the newspaper zombie from PvZ
♦ Cone and Bucket Hats – Those pesky zombies might have worn these objects for protection, but they also make a bold fashion statement. Deck your male or female Sim out in this hilarious headgear.


The Pea Shooter that is included with this Limited Edition content, does not only serve as protection against Zombies, but can also be used as a form of entertainment. Place a Pea Shooter on your lawn and “Play Catch” together!






 Origin Pre Order Exclusive Content


♦ Plantern lamp – This unique item looks just like the planterns that keep the fog at bay in the Plants vs Zombies game. Use it to light your Sim’s house or yard!
♦ Wall-nut sculpture – Nothing says “get off my lawn” like an angry-eyed wall-nut. Place one at a time, or put down a whole row as a fence.
♦ Zombie gnome sculpture – The iconic undead garden gnome from PvZ can grace your Sim’s house or garden.
♦ Brains flag sculpture – Deck out your garden, rooftop, or anywhere with this flag used to lead the charge in Plants vs Zombies. Those guys really love brains.





New Game/Social Options

This section includes details for all new game and social options available with The Sims 3 Supernatural. Images have been sized down in most cases, so click the images for a larger view.


❗ All Social Options require a constant internet connection





Full In Game Sims 3 Store

Supernatural features an addition to build/buy mode that creates the ability to view the entire Sims 3 Store in game. This feature is not optional, but you will not see it unless you choose the “View only Store items” button. Disabling Shop Mode will not rid this feature.


This feature also provides your Simpoint balance

Patch 1.38



 In Game Friend Gifting


Supernatural has added a new in game gifting system that lets you send friends everything from Furniture to Elixirs! This new option is available via a new tab on the in game profile, or accessible right from your home lot mailbox!


❗ When sending elixirs that require certain expansions, the receiver of the gift must have that game registered to receive the gift.
❗ Players who receive elixirs that are Expansion specific, will need to have that EP installed to accept the gift.
❗ You are only allowed to send 5 gifts per day. Receiving is unlimited.
❗ Any Elixirs that you send to players will be removed from your inventory. Make sure you don’t accidentally give away a much needed elixir!
❗ Each gift you send will add 600 Lifetime Happiness Points to your household.


Once you’ve been gifted by a fellow player, you can click the “Gift” Tab via the in game profile system. Once there, each gift you have received will be listed with the most recent at the top. Some gifts may be sent to you in a surprise gift box, but there is a chance you receive specific chosen elixirs as well.


Gifts Pending


Click accept to receive the gifts. All gifts that come in the form of Decor or Furniture will be automatically placed in your Family Inventory. Gifts such as Elixirs will be added to your Sim’s inventory. There is also a rare chance that a surprise gift may contain Simoleons! Once you have accepted a gift, you have the option of sending one back.
If you choose to send a gift back, you choose a name, a gift and even add a special note before sending. Once the gift has been sent, the receiver will be notified. Just remember, you only are allowed to gift 5 times every 24 hours.

Gifting 2 Gifting 3




New Population Controls



New population controls have been added to the options menu. These options allow you to turn off specific Supernaturals, Celebrities or Pets. Once you deselect any of the available options, they will no longer spawn in your town. Another option available is to opt your active household out of the Celebrity System.


Please note that these options are applied universally and not per saved game.

❗ If you have Late Night installed, you will also have the option to turn off Celebrities & Vampires.
❗ If you have Pets installed, you will also have the option to turn off Horses and Pets
❗ If you have Supernatural installed, you will also be able to Turn off Witches, Fairies, Vampires & Werewolves


Population Control



The Lunar Cycle



A Lunar Cycle has been added as a town option to the game, which controls everything from moon phases, to bizarre events around town. The complete rotating Lunar Cycle can be set to 2 to 10 days. The game’s default is set to 6 days, but you can change this at any time by entering the Game Options menu. The continuous rotating Lunar Cycle contains the following 8 phases in order:



First Quarter

Waxing Crescent

New Moon

Waning Crescent

Third Quarter

Waning Gibbous

Full Moon

Waxing Gibbous



The Lunar Cycle cannot be turned off or removed from the game, but you do have the option of choosing only one moon phase to take over your town. At any time you can check the moon phase by scrolling over the Moon near your Sim’s UI icon.


Please note that these options are applied universally and not per saved game.

❗ Performing Romantic interactions under a full moon will increase your relationship
❗ Trying for a baby while there is a full moon increases your chance of conceiving a baby
❗ During a full moon, Werewolves automatically transform, Sims turn into Zombies, Pets become skittish, and you will notice significantly more ghosts in town. You will also notice some new lunatic interactions for humans as well!


Lunar Cycle




Updated Collection Journal



The Sims 3 Supernatural features a newly updated Collection Journal that shows everything, from what you’ve collected, to what types of collectibles there are in town. The new journal can be found in the UI under your Sims inventory. This journal also keeps tabs on how many of each collectible you’ve scooped up.






 New Game Achievements



There are brand new Sims 3 Achievements available with The Sims 3 Supernatural. When completing certain actions within your game, you can unlock special badges to show off on your profile. Click the links below for a full list of achievements.

Sims 3 Supernatural Achievements


Complete List of Sims 3 Game Achievements




Create A Sim Features


New Skin Types


Turquoise? You got it. Purple?  You got it! Supernatural has added 6 brand new skin types, two of which are multi-colored. These skin tones are available to Sims of all types, and makes the creating process unique. New Skin tones available are, Orange, Purple, Turquoise, Black, Light & Dark Color spectra.
Skin Tones



New Facial Sliders

Overbite? Got it. Pointy Ears? Got it! The Sims 3 Supernatural adds Ear Orbit, Ear Point, Jaw Underbite, Brow Definition & Nostril Rotate sliders to your facial options. These new sliders are available to all Sims.


Facial Sliders




 New Accessory Enhancements

The Sims 3 Supernatural adds brand new accessories to enhance the way a Sim looks. These new accessory enhancements were added for specific Supernaturals, but they can be added to any Sim you create. You can now add a Vampiric Tattoos, Fingernails, Vampire Fangs & Werewolf Fangs to any Sim.


Screenshot-124 Screenshot-122 Screenshot-126 Screenshot-125




 Female Body Hair

With the addition of Werewolves to the game, Supernatural has enabled body hair for females as young as children! No longer shall males be the only hairy ones!





Create A Sim Fashions

Female Adults/Elders – 13 Hairstyles, 16 Tops, 11 Bottoms,  7 Outfits, 6 Accessories, 2 Shoes, 5 New Makeup Options, 10 Tattoos
Female Teens – 13 Hairstyles, 7 Tops, 4 Bottoms, 1 Outfit, 6 Accessories, 2 Shoes, 5 New Makeup Options
Female Children – 3 Outfits
Female Toddlers – NONE
Male Adults/Elders – 11 Hairstyles, 2 Facial Hairs, 17 Tops, 9 Bottoms, 1 Accessory, Shoe, 5 New Makeup Options, 10 Tattoos
Male Teens – 11 Hairstyles, 9 Tops, 5 Bottoms, 1 Accessory, 1 Shoe, 5 New Makeup Options
Male Children – 2 Outfits
Male Toddlers – NONE




Screenshot-13 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-9 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-7 Screenshot-6 Screenshot-5 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-3 Screenshot-2 Screenshot Screenshot-83 Screenshot-82 Screenshot-81 Screenshot-80 Screenshot-79 Screenshot-78 Screenshot-77 Screenshot-76 Screenshot-75 Screenshot-74 Screenshot-73


Facial Hair & Makeup

Facial Hair Facial Hair Makeup Makeup



Top Top Top
Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Outfit Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom Screenshot-114 Screenshot-113 Screenshot-112 Screenshot-111 Screenshot-110



Accessories Accessories Accessories Accessories Accessories Accessories Shoes Shoes Accessories Shoes



Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos





Brooding – Brooding Sims often can’t help themselves from contemplating the riddles, mystery and meaning of life. Sometimes the weight of theses incredibly deep thoughts can become a distraction, and can actually slow down the creative process slightly.

Gatherer – If you can pick it, plant it, or catch it, then a Gatherer is the right Sim for the job. Gatherers are especially talented at finding ingredients out in the world, and they produce the finest crops. They even achieve better results when working with rare materials like ore and gemstones!



Night Owl – Some Sims love the night life and occasionally feel the need to boogie. They are called Night Owls. While night Owls might come alive at night, do not even bother getting them out of bed before 10 AM.



Proper – Proper etiquette has quite become a thing of the past. Luckily, Proper Sims still remember the old ways and conduct themselves by a code of honor. Or at least a code of nice manners…



Supernatural Fan – Supernatural Fans love everything to do with supernatural Sims, be they vampires, or werewolves or witches or whatever! They like to hang out where supernatural Sims hang out, and they always have something special to say when meeting a supernatural Sim face to face.



Supernatural Skeptic – There’s a word of magic and explainable wonders out there, and Supernatural Skeptics don’t care for any of it. That stuff might be exciting for some, but Supernatural Skeptics prefer the security and comfort of normality.



Lifetime Wishes


Alchemy Artisan – When chefs combine ingredient, they make something tasty. When an Alchemy Artisan mixes ingredients, they rewrite the rules of human existence. Mastery of the Alchemy skill is not easy, but incredible powers await the dedicated. Only through constant practice, careful study, and the application of a wide variety of powerful elixirs will a Sim earn the title of Alchemy Artisan.

(Reach Level 10 in Alchemy and Use 50 Alchemy Elixirs)


Celebrity Psychic – Telling people what they want to hear can be an extremely lucrative business, provided you can find the right people and anticipate what they desire. The ultimate destination for any pseudo seer is the position of Celebrity Psychic, where you are actually celebrated for vague promises and doublespeak. It’s like being a politician, except people give you their money voluntarily!

(Reach Level 10 of the Fortune Teller Career – Scam Artist Branch)




Greener Gardens – Fairies have a natural green thumb that’ll make others jealous with their pristine lawns and green gardens. But even for fairies, it’s not easy to tame the lawn and make it their own. It requires a lot of practice and even more patience to reap the reward of having a yard that’s the envy of the neighborhood.

(Reach Level 10 Gardening Skill and Make 100 Plants Grow Using Bloom)




Leader of the Pack – Anyone can be in a pack but few Sims are capable of being Leader of the Pack. Being the alpha dog takes hard work, discipline, and a nose for fine treasures. But it can’t be alone – a loyal following of fellow werewolves is requires to show everyone who the big dogs are in town. It is not for the faint of heart to take the journey to become Leader of the Pack.

(Convert 5 Sims to Werewolves and Find 40,000 Simoleons Worth of Objects While hunting With Pack)




Magic Makeover -The fairest fairies know that everyone could use a little inner beauty. But it also takes a charismatic fairy to really know what inner beauty is. Teaching Sims about their inner beauty won’t be easy, but it’s a lesson well worth teaching. Spread the beauty and everyone will have a better day!

(Reach Level 10 Charisma Skill and Grant 12 Different Sims Inner Beauty)




Master of Mysticism – Why are we here? What does the future hold? Will it hurt? These questions are so large as to be exclusively rhetorical, yet we keep asking. What if you had the talent to discover the answers? What if you could nurture a unique ability to find understanding in the chaos of the universe? You could be the ultimate Master of Mysticism!

(Reach Level 10 of the Fortune Telling Career – Mystic Branch)




Mystic Healer – These days Sims can be transformed into all sorts of odd things like toads, zombies and tragic clowns. Even Sims that are feeling blue or have inner beauty can’t catch a break! It takes a selfless Sim who cares deeply for others to cure these poor souls of their afflictions. Not many are up to the task of being a Mystic Healer, but for those who are they can feel good inside for doing so.

(Cure 12 Different Transformed Sims Using Sunlight Charm or Potent Cure Elixir)




Turn the Town – Some vampires believe that the measure of a vampire’s greatness can be seen in their number of conquests. Rest during the day so the long nights can be spent quenching the thirst for a plasma and converting those you find worthy. There will be many challenges to face in order to Turn the Town, but the reward will be worth it when you leave a bite in town lore.

(Drink from 20 Sims and Turn 5 Sims into Vampires)




Zombie Master – For a Zombie Master, there’s no better friend than a staggering brain craving Zombie. They’re just soooo cute! But for other Sims, there’s nothing more terrifying than seeing a relentless zombie off in the distance. To be a Zombie Master is to accept responsibility in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

(Turn 10 Different Sims into a Zombie Using the Reanimation Ritual or Potent Zombification Elixir)




Lifetime Happiness Rewards


Alpha Dog (20,000) – Sims will tremble at your new Terrifying Howl, while Cursed Bites and growls are guaranteed to be fearsome. Cursed bites will never be denied! If they try, you can terrorize them with a frightening howl! The Alpha Dog is available to Werewolves only (Adult – Elder).






Flying Vacuum (10,000) – It’s a bird! It’s a broom! No, it’s a flying vacuum! Step up and ride in the luxury and style that only a vacuum can provide. The Flying Vacuum serves a brand new form of transportation for Sims Teen to Elder. The flying vacuum is the fastest form of transportation apart from teleporting. The Flying Vacuum also increases a Sim’s Hidden Broom Riding Skill which lets them learn new magical stunts!






Immortal (30,000) – Become the greatest of vampires by tolerating sunlight and never die of old age. Stay out all night and all day as a vampire. The Immortal LTR not only saves your vampire from death, it also gives them a sparkly coat to protect them from those UV Rays. A Vampire’s thirst motive decays slower, and the “Drink” or “Offer to Turn” interactions will never be rejected. Immortal reward is available to Vampires only (Adult – Elder).






King/Queen of the Fae (30,000) – Summon other fairies, change your wing color/shape at will, and make fairy magic less taxing. Instead of heading into CAS to customize your fairy, you can automatically change your Fairy wing shape and color anywhere! A self action provides custom changes. If your Sim has any Fairy friends, they can summon them at any time through a teleportation summon. King/Queen of the Fae is only available to Fairies (Adult – Elder). 






Magic Hands (20,000) – Wands are for amateurs! Real witches can magic with only their hands, and their spells never fail. Tired of carrying a wand around? Give your witch the always executed, wand-less power! No more carrying around multiple wands for your powers. Magic Hands gives witches the upper hand! No pun intended! Magic Hands is available to Witches only (Adults – Elder).






Philosopher’s Stone (40,000) – Creating gold from ordinary objects isn’t for the casual alchemy hobbyist – this is  the big league! Grant yourself power never before imagined, but remember that with great power comes great responsibility.  Want to add a ghost from around town to your family? How about creating some gold from the old newspapers laying around the house? Look no further than the Philosopher’s Stone! Place any object on the philosopher’s stone to Transmute Gold, or bind a ghost to your household.






The Supernatural



Supernatural beings are what make this game unique. There are  a number of ways to create these new magical Sims, and a variety of ways to play with them. Just like human Sims, Supernaturals are able to interact with other Sims, and even excel in any of the game provided careers. The easiest way to create Werewolves, Fairies, Witches, Vampires, Ghosts & Genies, is to create them right from Create a Sim.
Creating a Sim in CAS has become much more interesting. Why create a plain ol’ Sim, when you can create an amazing Supernatural and play as them instead? Well, to each their own of course, but there is a whole new way for everyone to enjoy the game.
Supernatural has added a brand new “Supernatural Type” feature in basics. Create any supernatural you want from scratch. Human is one of the options, and you can revert a Sim back in CAS at any time.  Some Supernaturals have options specific to their being, but many of the new options are universal. Details on the Supernatural CAS creation is explained in more detail in their respective sections.


❗ You can create Supernaturals of all ages in Create A Sim. Yes. Even Toddlers!
❗ You must have The Sims 3 Showtime expansion installed to create Genies in CAS
Zombies cannot be created in CAS, but there are other ways to become one


This is the fastest and most effective way to create a Supernatural

Create  A Sim Supernaturals


❗ Click on the name tabs below for information on each supernatural ❗

[tab name=’Werewolves’]




Werewolves are a very powerful and social creature. They maintain basic needs just like humans, but there are brand new interactions available when playing with werewolves. With time and practice, these supernatural beings will advance in their Hidden Lycanthropy Skill.
There are four ways to become a Werewolf in Supernatural.

♦ Once you have reached Level 8 of the Alchemy Skill, you can create the “Bottled Curse of the Lycan” at the Alchemy Station.
♦ You can befriend werewolves around town and “Ask them to give you the Werewolf Curse”.
♦ Check the Alchemy Consignment Shop daily for a chance to purchase the Bottled Curse of the Lycan.
♦ Create a Werewolf in Create A Sim

When creating a Sim in CAS, you can customize the looks of their human state, and their transformed state. The only major feature of their non transformed state, is their glowy eyes. Click the “Transform” button above their icon and begin customizing your werewolf in their natural form.

Wolf Wolf 2

The clothing you select as their regular non-supernatural form, will be the clothing given to them in their supernatural form. While customizing a werewolf in their supernatural form you can change everything from hair color to body weight. Once you are finished customizing, head out to town!
When you first begin to play, werewolves will have the ability to transform into a werewolf and hunt solo. Once they transform into a werewolf, they can run around town sniffing Sims and pets inappropriately, growl at them, and even complain about their shedding.

When being inappropriate to other Sims, they might whack you over the head!

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9
There are many perks to being a werewolf. Not only do they age slower, develop the Athletic skill much faster than other Sims and have a slower energy decay, but they are more likely to win a fight! Werewolf that become angry at other Sims will automatically transform and fight to win.
Whether in human or supernatural form, werewolves love to eat like a beast. Pull out some raw meat or dive onto the table and stuff your face! Additionally, you can run around scratching and tearing apart furniture!

Werewolves eat almost every raw meat available. Some stuff is just too strange!

Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12

Werewolves can also be scolded for acting inappropriately!



Lycanthropy Skill (Levels 1 – 10)

While performing all these lycan actions, werewolves are also leveling up their Hidden Lycanthropy Skill. Leveling up in this skill unlocks new interactions and benefits.
Become a master at gathering collectibles around town, frighten Sims with a terrifying howl, and even control when and where you Transform. There are a total of 10  Lycanthropy Skill Levels .

Levels 1 to 2 – Werewolves can now successfully hunt for collectibles around town
Levels 3 to 5 – Werewolves can now approach unsuspecting Sims and use the “Cursed Bite” to turn other Sims into Werewolves. Pick and choose your hunting pals!
Levels 6 to 7 – Werewolves can now “Hunt For” specific collectibles (Metals, Gems or Insects)
Levels 8 to 9 – Werewolves can now control when and where they transform.
Level 10 – Once a werewolf has reached level 10 of the lycanthropy skill, they are the best of their kind.

Now that your Sim has reached full potential, hopefully you have enough LTH points to purchase the Werewolf exclusive Reward, Alpha Dog. With the Alpha Dog Lifetime Reward, Cursed bites will never be denied and a new “Terrorizing Howl” is added to the werewolf.

Special Interactions

♦ Hunting In Packs – Any werewolf friends that you have can ask you to join your pack, and you can also ask them. Once you are in a pack with werewolves, you can hunt around town for collectibles and special objects. If you have the Leader of The Pack LTW and find 40,000 simoleons worth of objects when hunting with your pack, you will complete this wish. When it’s time to go home, simply “disband: the pack.


Play Fetch & Rub Belly – Werewolves love to play fetch and have their bellies rubbed! These actions increase the social and fun motives.
Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16


Werewolf Offspring



Any two werewolves that try for a baby will always have a werewolf baby born into the family. If a werewolf tries for a baby with another Supernatural or human Sim, the chances are 50/50. If you do not have a supernatural child, you can always turn them into a werewolf once they become teens.
Toddlers will autonomously howl at the moon and practice hunting on occasion, but once they become a child, they can grasp their full supernatural self. Children can transform into werewolves and start using their supernatural self to practice hunting. Once children become teens, they are able to use all the same interactions an adult can use.




 Curing Lycanthropy

Don’t think that you’re stuck being a Supernatural forever. If at any time you want to rid your supernatural being, purchase or create the Level 7 Potent Cure Elixir. When used on self, or thrown onto the supernatural Sim, any and all supernatural forms will be cured. Phew!


Another way to rid Supernatural powers is by asking your romantic interest to “Forsake Their Powers“. If the Supernatural Sim accepts the opportunity, they will be given an opportunity to go and rid their powers naturally. What will you do for love?


[tab name=’Fairies’]





Fairies are a very elegant and tricky creature. They maintain basic needs just like humans, but there are brand new interactions available when playing with fairies. With time and practice, these supernatural beings will advance in their Hidden Fairy Magic Skill.
There are four ways to become a Fairy in Supernatural.

♦ Once you have reached Level 10 of the Alchemy Skill, you can create the “Bottled Blessing of the Fae” at the Alchemy Station.
♦ Check the Alchemy Consignment Shop daily for a chance to purchase the Bottled Blessing of the Fae.
♦ There is a chance to receive the Fairy Opportunity when searching for fairies in the Arboretum.
♦ Create a Fairy in Create A Sim

When creating a Fairy in CAS, they are automatically given wings which allow them to fly in game.  You can customize their wing shape and their wing color.

Fairy CAS

Once you choose the Fairy type, a second tab will appear beneath their basics named “Fairy Basics“. When you click on the fairy basics tab, there will be 6 different types of Fairy Wings to choose from.
Willowed Wisps — Dreamy Dragonfly — Majestic Monarch
Willowed Wisps     Dreamy Dragonfly     Majestic Monarch

  Super Swirly — Fanciful Ferns — Busy Bumblebee
Super Swirly     Fanciful Ferns     Busy Bumblebee

Once you have decided on a wing type, select the Custom Color Wheel. From there, you can customize the wing to be any color you choose.

❗ Please note that you cannot save custom fairy wing colors. If you find a color you’d like to use in the future, remember the color code, or save that Sim to the bin. 


Wing Color


There are plenty of new clothing options for you to dress your Fairies in, and more importantly, there are Fairy inspired pieces to use. Once you have finished customizing your Fairy, it’s time to play!
Fairies are natural born tricksters and already have the Green Thumb trait by nature. They move at an increased rate as they fly around, and come already equipped with the Aura of Soothing and a few tricks.

As these tricksters play with magic, they will begin to deplete their magic power.


If you check the interface of the game, you will see a magic strip under your Sim’s avatar. This bar displays how much magic your Sim has left. Once the magic has been used up, your fairy will need to wait for a recharge before attempting to practice magic again.

The fastest way to recharge magic is by drinking Pollen Punch & relaxing in a Fairy House!

fairy magic

Just because Fairies are natural born tricksters, doesn’t mean that every trick will be successful. Until Fairies level up in their Hidden Fairy Magic Skill, they may run into a failed trick. You have to be experienced to guarantee success!

 Failed Chattering Teeth Trick 




Fairy Magic (Levels 0 – 10)

Playing as a fairy and practicing tricks on other Sims, will eventually increase the hidden fairy magic skill. There are a total of 10 Fairy Magic Levels, each level giving new options to a fairy. Fairies come already prepared with some Supernatural powers, so as they start off with level zero magic, they have a few things to practice with!

Level Zero

Hot Headed Trick – Dust a Sim with Red Hot Sprinkles that make their head blow smoke, and mouth blow fire


Chattering Teeth Trick – Dust a Sim with cold snow flurries to make them cold

Aura of Soothing – When this Blue Aura is used, the fairy and all surrounding Sims will receive a relaxed mood boost.



Level One

Bestow Flight of Felicity – Sprinkle Sims with the magic fairy dust that lets you fly! Sims will get a mood boost and the ability to fly like a fairy. (Temporary)


♦ Aura of Creativity – When this Green Aura is used, the fairy and all surrounding Sims will receive an accelerated skill boost in Writing, Instruments & Painting.



Level Two

Fairy Trap Toilet – When a Sim flushes a Fairy Trapped toilet, water will spurt out of the toilet.


♦ Fairy Trap Showers – The Shampoo used in a Fairy Trapped Shower will turn the showering Sim’s hair a different color!



Level Three

Fairy Repair – A Fairy will shrink to its true size and repair any broken objects. Use the “Fairy Repair” interaction.


♦ Aura of Body and Mind – When this Red Aura is used, the fairy and all surrounding Sims will receive an accelerated skill boost in Athletic, Charisma & Logic.



Level Four

Tummy Twister – The tricked Sim will belch and throw up.


♦ Fairy Trap Trashcan – Sims who throw out trash in a Fairy Trapped Trashcan, await an explosion of the trash!



Level Five

Bloom – The Bloom interaction gives Fairies the ability to instantly grow any plant or tree. If your fairy reaches level 10 of the gardening skill & Blooms 100 Plants, they will be able to complete the Greener Gardens Lifetime Wish. This interaction is also useful for growing plants needed in the Alchemy Skill.

Warning: If you are performing this spell without much experience, it has the potential to backfire and leave you with Bad to Putrid Quality produce.





Level Six

Skivvies – This trick embarrasses a Sim by automatically changing them to their underpants.


♦ Fairy Trap Sofa or Loveseat – Sims who sit on a Fairy Trapped Sofa or Loveseat, will automatically fall asleep!



Level Seven

Gold & Toads – This trick gives a Sim a 6 hour mood decrease. During this time they will throw up Fairy Gold, or slimy Toads!




Level Eight

Fairy Trap Mailbox – The Mailman or any Sim who gets the mail/donates from the mailbox will have a swarm of bees to deal with!




Level Nine

Fairy Trap the LLAMA – Sims who use the LLAMA to transport around town will be sent to the wrong location.




Level Ten

Inner Beauty – Fairies can use this trick on Sims who they think need to learn a thing or two about inner beauty. This trick will transform a Sim into an ugly version of themselves for 24 hours. If a Fairy reaches level 10 in the Charisma skill and performs the Inner Beauty Trick 12 times, they will complete the Magic Makeover Lifetime Wish.

Warning: If the Sim who receives an Inner Beauty spell uses any mean interactions, their Inner Beauty timer will be reset back to one day!



Now that your Sim has reached full potential, hopefully you have enough LTH points to purchase the Fairy exclusive Reward, King/Queen of The Fae. With this Lifetime Reward, Fairies will get an option to change their wing type and color at will, as well as instantly summon any fairies they’ve met.


Special Interactions


Playful Pester – When a Fairy wants to be nice, they will playfully circle the head of another Sim in their true form. This interaction boost social & fun motives.



Fairy Frolic – This interaction is the same as Playful Pester, however when performed by two fairies, the two turn into true form and play around.




Fairy Bungalows and Castles


The Fairy Homes are just for fairies! Use these homes for a variety of exclusive fairy interactions. Magic bar low? Recharge in the fairy home! Thirsty? Grab some Pollen Punch!

Exclusive spot for Fairies:  Woohoo or Try for a Baby!



Fairy Offspring


Any two fairies that try for a baby will always have a fairy baby born into the family. If a fairy tries for a baby with another Supernatural or human Sim, the chances are 50/50. If you do not have a supernatural child, you can always turn them into a fairy with the Bottled Blessing of the Fae.
Toddlers cannot do anything as a fairy except use their fairy hover, but once they become a child, they can grasp their supernatural self. Children can perform only 4 tricks as children, but are able to perform all other tricks as teens. Assuming they have a high enough fairy magic skill.


Curing Fairy Magic

Don’t think that you’re stuck being a Supernatural forever. If at any time you want to rid your supernatural being, purchase or create the Level 7 Potent Cure Elixir. When used on self, or thrown onto the supernatural Sim, any and all supernatural forms will be cured. Phew!


Another way to rid Supernatural powers is by asking your romantic interest to “Forsake The Fae”. If the Supernatural Sim accepts the opportunity, they will be given an opportunity to go and rid their powers naturally. What will you do for love?


[tab name=’Witches’]



Witches are a powerful and crafty being. They maintain basic needs just like humans, but there are brand new interactions available when playing with Witches. With time and practice, these supernatural beings will advance in their Hidden Spellcasting Skill.
There are three ways to become a Witch in Supernatural.

♦ Once you have reached Level 9 of the Alchemy Skill, you can create the “Bottled Witches’ Brew” at the Alchemy Station.
♦ Check the Alchemy Consignment Shop daily for a chance to purchase the Bottled Witches’ Brew.
♦ Create a Witch in Create A Sim

There aren’t any visible customizing options included that are specific to Witches in CAS, but you can use the variety of new sliders and clothing options to create your typical “story book” witch.  Once you select a witch in CAS, that Sim will include the ability to learn and cast spells & curses.

Witch CAS


Once you customize your Witch, head into the game to explore your new powers! If you check the interface of the game, you will see a magic strip under your Sim’s avatar. This bar displays how much magic your Sim has left.

Once the magic has been used up, your witch will need to wait for a recharge before attempting to practice magic again. Low magic bars result in failed spells!

❗ Owning a Cat or Rodent (and having them nearby), will allow a witch to only use up half the magic energy needed to perform a spell. Familiars also help boost the spellcasting skill quicker.


The fastest way to recharge magic is to drink the Essence of Magic elixir or ride a broom!

Witch Bar

Witches come already equipped with ability to “Play With Magic” & “Conjure Apple“. If you set the Evil trait to your Sim, they will automatically have the self selective option to “Conjure Poisoned Apple“. Sims who eat the poisoned apple will be given the “Dark Slumber” moodlet and pass out.


Just because witches are powerful spellcasters, doesn’t mean that every spell will pan out as planned. Witches need to practice their Hidden Spellcasting Skill to achieve perfection. Spells have the potential to backfire, and if they do, the end result will be the complete opposite of what was intended.

The failed Haunting Curse can result in death!




Spellcasting (Levels 1 – 10)

Spellcasting is a major part of being a witch. As a witch practices their magic, they increase their hidden spellcasting skill. There are total of 10 spellcasting skills, each giving new spells, curses and options to the witch.
By default, witches are provided with a wand in their inventory. Without a wand, witches are unable to perform any magic. You can purchase nine different types of wands in buy mode under “Hobbies & Skills“. Purchase one or purchase all, your witch can make any of them their preferred wand.


❗ Wands are a big part of spellcasting, but Witches who carry the “Magic Hands” lifetime reward, are able to perform magic with their hands!



 Level One


Good Luck Charm – When casting this charm, the target Sim will receive the “Lucky” moodlet. If this spell fails, the witch will receive the “Unlucky” moodlet.



Conversion Ritual – Witches are able to convert any collectible in their inventory, to a more useful and valuable object. If this spell fails, the original object will be destroyed and lost forever. The conversion ritual can be attempted indefinitely to any object.
Successful attempt at the conversion ritual transformed Fluorite into a Minnow

Screenshot-75 Screenshot-76



 Level Two


Ice Blast – When casting this spell, the target Sim will either receive the “So Cold” moodlet for 2 hours, or end up Frozen Solid…Literally! Is there a fire nearby? Perform the Ice blast spell and extinguish the flames!



Fire Blast – When casting this spell, the target Sim will end up Singed! There is also a good chance the Sim will catch fire! Be careful when trying this spell in your home though. You may start an unwanted fire!



 Level Three


Magical Upgrade – Witches can magically upgrade any appliance that allows an upgrade. Want to improve the meal quality of your stove? You got it!



Witches have a special ability to upgrade either of the two new wardrobes that come with Supernatural. Purchase the wardrobe and magically upgrade it for an out of this world adventure! (Text Based)
Sims will have the option to “Enter Magic Portal”


Spellcasting Duels – Witches now have the ability to challenge another witch to a spellcasting duel! The challenging witch must have a level 3 or higher spellcasting skill to duel with a witch. During a duel, Witches will use a number of different spells they have learned. The higher the spellcasting skill, the more spells used!
You are not able to control which spells your Witch uses, but they will automatically try to counter block incoming spells. After a few minutes of this entertaining visual, a winner is selected.



 Level Four


Love Charm – When casting this charm, the target Sim will receive the “Imminent Romance” moodlet. This moodlet lasts for one day, and the first Sim to be romantically swayed by this Sim will instantly become a romantic interest.



Toadification Curse – When casting this curse, the target Sim will turn into a Toad! This spell is permanent, until the cursed Sim asks and successfully receives a “Toad Kiss”.



 Level Five


Haunting Curse – When casting this curse, the target Sim will receive the “Haunted” moodlet, along with their very own ghost! The ghost will follow them around and haunt them for two days.

Warning: If this curse fails, the witch will die!




 Level Six


Hunger, Bladder & Hygiene Charms – When casting any of these charms, the target Sim will have that specific need fulfilled. These charms can be used on your active Sim as well.




 Level Seven


Hunger, Bladder & Hygiene Curse – When casting any of these curses, the target Sim will have that specific need decreased. If failed, the witch will suffer the consequences!




 Level Eight


Pestilence Curse – When casting this curse, the target Sim will receive the “Sick and Tired” moodlet, as well as become ill with a terrible plague. If left untreated, Sims who come into contact with the infected Sim may contract the plague!

❗ The Sunlight Charm and Potent Cure Elixir will cure this curse.


Sunlight Charm – When casting this charm, the target Sim will receive the “Bathed in Sunlight” moodlet. This charm will remove any negative moodlets the target Sim has, as well as cure the Pestilence Curse and Zombification.

❗ Vampires receive the “Too much Sun” moodlet, and werewolves will be transformed back into their human form.




 Level Nine


Restoration Ritual – If your home is a dirty mess and consists of broken appliances, electronics or plumbing, have your Witch cast the Restoration Ritual. This action will automatically clean and fix objects on any lot you are on.

Warning: If this curse fails, the lot becomes trash and broken objects!




 Level Ten


Reanimation Ritual – Use this spell to bring Sims back to life! Using this spell on urns and tombstones will bring back that Sim as a Zombie! On your home lot, this spell can be performed on any deceased remains, at any time. When using this spell in the cemetery, you must wait until the ghost comes out to roam.

Warning: If this curse fails, the witch becomes a Zombie!




Special Interactions

♦ Broom Riding – Witches automatically use a broom as their form of transportation around town. Not only does this action help them replenish their magic energy, but it also helps them advance in the Hidden Broom Riding skill. You can purchase a variety of different brooms in buy mode under Transportation.



 A Witch’s Offspring

Any two witches that try for a baby will always have a witch’s baby born into the family. If a witch tries for a baby with another Supernatural or human Sim, the chances are 50/50. If you do not have a supernatural child, you can always turn them into a witch with the Bottled Witches’ Brew.

Toddlers cannot do anything as a witch except use their hidden power to make toys disappear, but once the child becomes a teen, they can grasp their supernatural self. Teens are limited to what spells they can/cannot perform, but once they become an adult, they will acquire full powers.



Curing Witchitude

Don’t think that you’re stuck being a Supernatural forever. If at any time you want to rid your supernatural being, purchase or create the Level 7 Potent Cure Elixir. When used on self, or thrown onto the supernatural Sim, any and all supernatural forms will be cured. Phew!


Another way to rid Supernatural powers is by asking your romantic interest to “Forsake Witchitude”. If the Supernatural Sim accepts the opportunity, they will be given an opportunity to go and rid their powers naturally. What will you do for love?
Forsake Witchitude


[tab name=’Vampires’]



Vampires are the game’s ruthless bloodsuckers! Vampires maintain basic needs just like any other Sims, but also have their very own unique interactions. Being a Vampire does not give your Sim any hidden magic skills, but it does offer new ways to play as a creature of the night.

❗ Vampires were first introduced to the game with the Late Night expansion, and are also included in Supernatural. The Sims 3 Supernatural adds a few new interactions and options, but the overall game play remains the same.

There are five ways to create a Vampire in Supernatural.

♦ Once you have reached Level 7 of the Alchemy Skill, you can create the “Bottled Vampire’s Bite” at the Alchemy Station.
♦ Check the Alchemy Consignment Shop daily for a chance to purchase the Bottled Vampire’s Bite.
♦ Befriend a Vampire and “Ask to be turned
♦ Befriend a Sim and “Offer to Turn
♦ Create a Vampire in Create a Sim

When creating a Vampire in CAS, the first visible difference to a human Sim are their glowing eyes. You can then further customize their fangs & neck tattoosor remove them all together -, and also use the newest skin sliders to create the ultimate pale white Vamp.






Vampires are creatures of the night for a reason. Sunlight not only makes them weak and ill, it can also burden them with a 2 day “Too Much Sun” moodlet that can only be cured by staying indoors.
To make sure that your Vampires are never burdened by the Sun’s effects, you can purchase the special “Immortal” (Permanent) Lifetime Reward for Vampires, or have your Sim create the level 3 Alchemy potion “Vampiric Sunscreen (Temporary)“.

The Vampiric Sunscreen & Immortal Lifetime Reward make your Vampire sparkle

Screenshot-208 Screenshot-207




Hunting & Feeding

Vampires are the one creature that have a special type of food to eat. Plasma! Whether they fulfill their hunger by drinking plasma from a Sim or drinking plasma orange juice, their hunger will be satisfied.
Drinking from a Sim will not always be successful, but you can purchase the Immortal Lifetime Wish to grant you the ability to drink and never be turned down. Vampires will drink plasma from a Sim’s neck or arm, and when drinking Fairy Plasma, the Vampire will receive a special moodlet!

Screenshot-211 Screenshot-212


❗ With Late Night, Vampires can purchase, plant and eat plasma fruit.


When out and about in town, Vampires have the ability to hunt and track the best plasma that exists! Using the “Hunt” interaction, Vampires scan the surrounding Sims and collect information that determines which Sims have the most satisfying plasma.
Once the best plasma is found, the Sim (or Sims) will be noted in the relationship panel with a special avatar, and they will also have a special marker attached to them when viewing the town map.


❗ Vampires can Die of Thirst, so be sure they drink enough plasma!





Special Skill Boost & Interactions

If there’s one thing Vampires can do the quickest, it’s learn skills. At night, vampires receive a special “Vampiric Vigor” moodlet, that gives them a boost in skill learning. Not only do they learn skills and do homework quicker, they also never get fatigued when exercising. This is an excellent ability!


If your Vampire is desperate to find the love of their life or a new best friend, use the “Make (Sim) think of me” interaction on any Sim. This interaction will make building a relationship much easier.

Have you ever sent your vampire out for a quick bite, only to be rejected by your chosen victim? With Hypnotic Gaze your vampire can convince strangers that being bitten by them is a great idea.

When a vampire wants to let another Sim know that they are not to be messed with, use the “Intimidate” mean interaction. This interaction will terrify the other Sim, but there is a chance that this interaction will lead to a fight!
Screenshot-223 Screenshot-224

When a vampire wants to find out a specific piece of information about a Sim, they can use the “Read Mind” interaction. Vampires can then forcefully find out another Sim’s Career, Favorites, Relationships, Astrological Sign or Traits.

Vampires love to show off their special features! Use the “Show off Teeth” interaction to give another Sim a glance at your vampiric fangs! When using this interaction on another Vampire, both vampires will show them off.

When Vampires run, they soar! Vampires have a special super speed that gets them where they’re going much faster than other Sims. Special effects included!




Turning a Sim

Turning a Sim is the fastest way to make sure your vampiric powers are spread to another Sim. Once a Sim has accepted your invitation to the dark side, your bite gives them the “Unusual Blemish” moodlet. After a few days, the bitten Sim will “Complete Metamorphosis” and turn into a full blown Vampire.

Turning Sims around town will help complete the “Turn the Town” Lifetime Wish!

Screenshot-213 Screenshot-225




Vampire Offspring

Any two vampires that try for a baby will always have a vampiric baby born into the family. If a vampire tries for a baby with another Supernatural or human Sim, the chances are 50/50. If you do not have a supernatural child, you can always turn them into a vampire with the Bottled Vampire’s Bite when they become a young adult.
Vampiric Toddlers, Children & Teens benefit from speedy skill & homework boosts, but once the teen becomes a young adult, they can grasp their full supernatural powers.





Curing Vampirism

If at any time you want to rid your supernatural being, purchase or create the Level 7 Potent Cure Elixir. When used on self, or thrown onto the supernatural Sim, any and all supernatural forms will be cured. Phew!


Another way to rid Supernatural powers is by purchasing the “Vampirism Cure” for 3,000 simoleons at the Science Facility. Once you purchase the cure, drink away!


[tab name=’Zombies’]



Zombies are the hypnotized and animated corpses of the game. They maintain basic needs just like any other Sims, but also have their very own unique interactions. While being a Zombie does not have any magical perks, it is a great way to add a twist of fun to the game.
There are six ways to create a Zombie in Supernatural.

♦ Once you have reached Level 3 of the Alchemy Skill, you can create the “Zombification” at the Alchemy Station. (Temporary)
♦ Once you have reached Level 9 of the Alchemy Skill, you can create the “Potent Zombification” at the Alchemy Station. (Temporary)
♦ Check the Alchemy Consignment Shop daily for a chance to purchase either of the Zombification elixirs
♦ Be bitten by a stray (rare) or active household Zombie
♦ As a Witch, successfully use the Reanimation Ritual to bring back any Sim remains to life as a non-controllable Zombie (Permanent)
♦ As a Witch, fail the Reanimation Ritual, and receive the two day Zombification

Although there are plenty of ways to become a Zombie, you are not able to create one in CAS. Zombies are creatures that can be found around town at any given time, but prepare yourself for a Zombie Apocalypse during a Full Moon. During the lunar cycle’s stop as a full moon, Zombies will appear all around town as they emerge from the ground! There is no stopping them!

❗ Add a Mood Lamp or Radio to your Lot and distract those Zombies! Zombies are drawn into the light of a mood lamp, and also love dancing the smustle!

Screenshot-178 Screenshot-177

Zombie interactions are limited to a few “Aaaaaaaarrrrgg’s” and “Brrrraaaiinnns” that help satisfy their motives, but they also have a second hunger interaction called “Grraaaiinss”. When selecting “Grraaaiinss” on any plant types, Zombies will feast!

❗ Warning: Zombies that spawn in your town will be attracted to your gardens autonomously. Make sure to build a fence (with a lock!) around your garden, or the zombies will completely devour your prized plants! Another good defense is to place a Limited Edition Pea Shooter on your lot.


When Zombies are hungry, plants are not the only food source to fill them up. When interacting with Sims & Supernaturals, a hungry Zombie can use the “Brrrraaaiinnns” interaction to bite a Sim and satisfy their hunger. This is also one of the many ways to turn Sims into Zombies!

Screenshot-184 Screenshot-186


Curing Zombification

Even though the life state may add some temporary fun to your game, you do not need to wait until the curse wears off to cure a Zombie. There are a total of five ways to cure and remove Zombies from the game; Some Permanent.

Curing Zombification via Alchemy

If at any time you want to rid your supernatural being, purchase or create the Level 7 Potent Cure Elixir. When used on self, or thrown onto the supernatural Sim, any and all supernatural forms will be cured. Phew!



Curing Zombification via Pea Shooter

If you purchased the Limited Edition of Supernatural, you can use one of the “Bonus Pea Shooter objects” in buy mode and place it on your lot. There will be an interaction to choose on the pea shooter (“Attack Zombie…”) and the shooter will automatically start shooting at the Zombie. After a few hits, the Zombie will fall to the ground and be cured of this curse.

❗ There is a 95% chance of curing NPC Zombification, and a 5% chance the Zombie will eat the pea shooter.



Curing Zombification via Sunlight Charm

Once a witch reaches level 8 of their hidden spellcasting skill, they are able to perform the “Sunlight Charm” on Sims. This charm instantly cures Zombification.



Preventing Zombie Spawning

Since Zombies automatically spawn in your town during a full moon, the most effective way to make sure they never spawn again is to set your Lunar Cycle to one specific moon phase. Eliminating the Full Moon all together will take care of the Zombie Apocalypse, but you will lose out on other Full Moon wishes & activities.

Lunar Cycle


[tab name=’Ghosts’]




Ghosts have been a part of the Sims 3 since the start, with each additional expansion adding a new type of death ghost. Until Supernatural, adding a controllable ghost to your household has been hard. Supernatural has changed this, making it much easier to play as these spooky beings!
There are three ways to play with a controllable Ghost in Supernatural.

♦ Accept and complete the “Oh My Ghost” opportunity.
♦ Try for a baby with a ghost.
♦ Create a Ghost in Create A Sim


When creating a Ghost in CAS, you have the ability to pick and choose from 12 different death types. There is a new “Ghost Basics” tab to select – similar to the one for Fairies – that allows you to choose which ghost you want to create.


❗ Create Ghost Sims of all ages! Even Toddlers!

Ghost CAS

Customizing a ghosts is the same as customizing a human. The only real difference is that there will be no other color, except the one chosen as your ghost. Sorry, no pink shirt or green pants!

The Twelve Ghost types that you can create in CAS are:

♦ Old Age

♦ Drowning

♦ Starvation

♦ Electrocution

♦ Burn to Death

♦ Mummy’s Curse

♦ Meteor

♦ Watery Grave

♦ Human Statue

♦ Transmuted

♦ Haunting Curse

♦ Jelly Bean Death

Screenshot-103 Screenshot-104


Ghost Offspring

Any two ghosts that try for a baby will always have a ghost baby born into the family. If you try for a baby with two different ghost types, chances are 50/50. If a ghost tries for a baby with a human Sim, the chances are 50/50. If you do not have a ghost child, try again!




Resurrecting a Ghost


Don’t think that you’re stuck being a Ghost forever. If at any time you want to rid your ghostly being, have the ghost eat the Ambrosia meal. When consumed, a ghost will turn into their human self. Phew!


Screenshot-106 Screenshot-107


[tab name=’Genies’]




❗ These creatures are only available if you have the Sims 3 Showtime expansion installed


There are a total of Seven ways to create Genies with Supernatural Installed:

♦ Genie Lamp may be given to you as a gift for a Legendary Performance


♦ There is a chance you can return with a Genie Lamp if you enter the Dimensional Gate on the PlasmaPunch Gyroscopic Conductor.


♦ Exploring The Catacombs and returning with a Genie Lamp.


♦ Dusty Old Lamp Lifetime Happiness Reward


♦ Once you have reached Level 9 of the Alchemy Skill, you can create the “Vial of Bottled Genie” at the Alchemy Station.


♦ Check the Alchemy Consignment Shop daily for a chance to purchase the Vial of Bottled Genie.


♦ Create a Genie in CAS

When created in CAS (or via Elixir), the Genie will only have the powers of a one that has been freed from their lamp. They do not grant wishes, but they can Ensorcel Non household members, Banish Sims, Magically Clean Sims/Home, & SummonFood of any type in perfect quality. Genies have a longer life span than regular human Sims.


An added bonus with Supernatural is unlocked Genie Clothing for all Sims!



This section details everything you need to know about the Genie. Information is provided via our Sims 3 Showtime Guide. There are plenty of fun ways to play with Genies when they come in the form of a Genie Lamp!




Genie Lamp via Lifetime Happiness Rewards

The easiest way to get the Genie Lamp, is to save on 30,000 Lifetime Happiness Points and purchase it directly through the LHR panel. Once you have purchased it, it will be placed into your Sim’s inventory.


Genie Lamp via Exploring Catacombs

Head on over to the cemetery in your town after midnight, and Explore the Catacombs! The chances of coming back with the Genie Lamp are extremely rare, but it is possible if your Sim is lucky! The Cemetery in Starlight Shores offers a better than rare chance of giving your Sim the Genie Lamp.


Genie Lamp via The PlasmaPunch Gyroscopic Conductor

When your Sim reaches level 10 of the Handiness skill, they can upgrade the PlasmaPunch Gyroscopic Conductor, to add the “Dimensional Gate“. The Dimensional Gate is exactly the same as “exploring the catacombs” in the cemetery.
During the time your Sim is inside the Dimensional Gate, a number of pop ups will appear allowing you to choose your Sim’s Adventures. Sims will return with many different items from these adventures, but there is only a rare chance in finding and bringing back the Genie Lamp.


Genie Lamp via a Legendary Performance

As your Sim’s progress in any of the new performance careers, the more likely they are to perform a “Legendary Performance” while on stage. There are a number of admirers that will attend your Concerts, but one of those admirers will offer your Sim a unique gift, which can be retrieved through your home mailbox.




Summon The Genie

Whichever way you have chosen to get your very own Genie Lamp, you are now able to Summon the Genie from it’s lamp. Genie’s offer a variety of wishes for you to choose from, but you only get 3 wishes, so choose wisely.
Once a Genie Lamp is present in a household, it can be used by any member of the home. Genie Lamps are not owner specific, but if you worked hard to get it, make sure no one else uses your wishes!
Genies need to rest after every wish, so you are only allowed one wish every 12 hours. There are a total of 11 wishes for you to choose from, with the 11th wish available to Sims with the Evil Trait.

❗ Sims can interact with Genie’s in the same manner they can other Sims. You can take your Genie out for night in town, be romantic with them, or make them your best friend.


Genie Wishes

Beauty – This wish increases a Sim’s chance of flirting, being kissed, loved etc. This wish beautifies your Sim permanently, giving them a better chance to execute Romantic Interactions successfully. (Cannot be wished for twice)


Fortune – Need some extra cash? This wish adds a whopping 100,000 Simoleons to your household fund.


Free The Genie – In order to complete this wish, you must have a very high relationship with the Genie. Freeing the Genie from it’s lamp will make it a member of the household. You will need to complete a number of steps to successfully free the Genie. (Explained Below)

Happiness – The Happiness wish gives a Sim the Eternal Joy moodlet (+25) permanently. (Cannot be wished for twice)


Large Family – The Large Family wish, gives a Sim the Feeling Fertile moodlet. This moodlet will last until the Sim Tries for a baby. The attempt for baby will result in triplets every time.


Long Life – This wish extends your Sim’s lifespan by 30 days, serving as a “Young Again” potion, or Ambrosia type wish. (Cannot be wished for twice)


Love – This wish will allow you to choose any Sim in your relationship panel, and make them fall in love with you instantly! Sims will also be given the Enchanted Love moodlet (+10) for 24 hours.


More Wishes – Your Sims can try wishing for extra wishes, but there is only a very rare chance the Genie will grant you two extra’s!


Resurrect Sim – If you have any Sim remains on your lot, you will be able to wish that the Genie bring them back to life, resulting in a Resurrected Sim added to the household.


World Misery (Evil Trait Required) – Finally, the world is as miserable as you are! Your Sim will receive the Miserable (+25) moodlet for two whole days. (Cannot be wished for twice)


World Peace – The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the world feels just a peaceful as you! Your Sim will receive the Peaceful (+25) moodlet for two whole days. (Cannot be wished for twice)


 Freeing The Genie

When choosing your wishes, one of the wishes is to Free The Genie from it’s lamp. If complete the following steps, you will be able to free the Genie and make it a controllable member of your household. Once you select this wish, you will be greeted with an opportunity to complete.


Step One – Freeze The Lamp – Click the refrigerator in your home and select “Freeze The Lamp“.
Step Two – Heat The Lamp – Click the oven in your home and select “Heat Lamp“.
Step Three – Explore Catacombs w/Lamp – Go to your local cemetery, click the Mausoleum and select “Take the Lamp Underground
Step Four – Free the Genie – Summon the Genie from it’s lamp in your inventory, and watch it set free from the chains!


❗ Once a Genie is set free, they can no longer grant wishes

The Genie is now a member of your household, and has the same needs as all other Sims. Along with the new found freedom, your Genie can now Ensorcel Non household member Sims,  Banish Sims, Magically Clean Sims/Home, & SummonFood of any type in perfect quality.
Genies can Ensorcel Sims that are not part of your household. Ensorcelling a Sim adds then to your Household for four hours, and removes all autonomy from the Sim. Do as you please with this Sim, but after four hours, he/she will return back to his normal life.

❗ A genie can release a Sim from Ensorcellment at any time.


Genie Offspring


Screenshot-47 Screenshot-49

Once your Genie is freed from the lamp, your Sims can now “Try for baby” with a Genie. There is a 50/50 chance of your Babies being born with Powers. The powers a born genie will have are the same as their parent. They will not be able to grant wishes, but they do have the full powers of any freed from the lamp Genie.
Genie offspring also carry on their genes, and have the opportunity to pass on their powers to their children later in life.

❗ Genie Offspring can begin using their powers as a Child.


Curing the Genie Curse

Don’t think that you’re stuck being a Supernatural forever. If at any time you want to rid your supernatural being, purchase or create the Level 7 Potent Cure Elixir. When used on self, or thrown onto the supernatural Sim, any and all supernatural forms will be cured. Phew!






Moonlight Falls


Moonlight Falls is the foggy and mystical new town included with Supernatural. This section of the guide goes into detail on the new lots, objects and collectibles added to the game.


Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5 Screenshot-6 Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-17 Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19 Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21 Screenshot-22 Screenshot-23 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-25 Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27 Screenshot-28 Screenshot-29 Screenshot-30



New Community Lot Types

Moonlight falls comes with all new pre placed community lots. If you choose to play Supernatural in a different world, you will be prompted to add the new lot types. Adding the new lots right away is not required, so you can always go into Edit Town and add the new lot types.


Supernatural adds 3 new lot types:

♦ Vampire Lounge

♦ Supernatural Hangout

♦ Elixir Consignment Store


Vampire Lounges were introduced with The Sims 3 Late Night. Even without the Late Night expansion, players will still receive this new lot type option. 


Red Velvet Vampire Lounge

Varg's Supernatural Hangout Tavern Aleister's Elixirs and Sundries Consignment Store



Edit Town Rabbit Holes & Community Lot Content


Vault of Antiquity Van Gould Merchant house & Cafe Sam's Market Diner Mind-Body Connection Bookstore & Spa Hallowed Mausoleum Gypsy Wagon Fae Ray Arboretum Everglow Academy & Coliseum Elixir Store Consignment Register Deja View Theater Commonwealth Court Bloom Institue of Wellness



Buy/Build Mode Objects


Flawless Sink by Immaculate Living LuxoTub Throne of Distinction Antique Stove By The Book Food Processor Ol' Steamy Old looking New Fridge Presumed Classic Microwave Adorable Shelf Aleister's Alchemy Cabinet Aleister's Antique Alchemy Cabinet Appropriate Coffee Table Bug Lovers Display Case Coffee Lovers Table Elegance End Table Endless End Table Faithful End Table Handy End Table Modern Antique Coffee Table No Secrets Dining Table The Impressor Bar Twigs-n-Sticks Dining Table Twigs-n-Sticks End Table Wickerman's Coffee Table Wickerman's Dining Table Wickerman's End Table Altar Bed Brutal Lounge Chair of Madness Corset Chair by Unmentionables Decadent Hug by Unmentionables Earl's Non-haunted Antique Canopy Bed Elegant Repose by KidStackerz Elegant Repose Single by KidStackerz Fairy Bungalow Fairy Castle Highback Brackenridge Majestic Rest Relax-o-Rocker Solid Backup Chair Solida Backup Chair Sunnytime Antique Rocking Chair The Convince Collection Loveseat The Darkwood Swallow by EvrSleep The Emperor's Rest Loveseat The Impressor Bar Stool The Professor Rocking Chair The Stately Reader Twigs-n-Sticks Canopy Bed Twigs-n-Sticks Dining Chair Twigs-n-Sticks Easy Chair Twigs-n-Sticks Sofa U-Stud Sofa Deluxe Wickerman's Dining Chair Wickerman's Living Chair Wickerman's Love Seat Yesteryear Armchair Yesteryear Sofa Diatrode Crackler Granddaddy Clock Phonograph Life Statement Pointer Timepiece Replica Sim-plicity Wall Clock Smack-A-Gnome The Claaaaw Aleister's Alchemy Station Antique Chess Table Bonehilda Living Quarters Gem-U-Cut Machine Magic Jelly Bean Bush Magic Mirror Magic Wand - Argent Magic Wand - Azure Magic Wand - Classic Magic Wand - Crimson Magic Wand - Crystal Magic Wand - Elegant Magic Wand - Iridescent Magic Wand - Ivory Magic Wand - Verdant Mrs. Stingley's Beekeeping Box Orb of Answers Spectrum Mood Lamp Very Small Train Set Zoomsweeper Broom Arena Candlequarium Wall Light Corset Lamp by Unmentionables Dual Candle Shell Sconce Fairy's Wing Lamp Fancy Antique Lamp Fancytime Table Lighter Prancing Colt Lamp Sim-plicity Table Lamp Standing Reginald Lamp Tasseled Ceiling Lamp Tri-Lamp by Lum Twigs-n-Sticks Floor Lamp Wall Sconce by Unmentionables Antique Basin Antique Curtains Binary Betty Portrait Boshentoffer Bust Bottled Odity Alien Bottled Odity Bunnies Bottled Odity Nanopede Brittany's Tiny Garden Planter Bowl Bunny Rug Clay Tiny Garden Planter Bowl Clive's Fancy Window Hangs Collector's Plates Comforts of Home Commonwealth Court Cowboy Angel Dark Arcadia Dark Luxe Pedestal Enigmatic Tapestry Everglow Academy Expired Elixirs - Arcane Collection Expired Elixirs - Mystic's Collection Expired Elixirs - Paranormal Collection Fancytime Firebox Tools Finders Keepers Hutch Finding Peace Floor Helper Frills Upon Frills Gothic Tiny Garden Planter Bowl Gymnasium Sign Post Library Sign Post Lovely Lovely Drapes Marianne Hatsfordshire Bust Midnight Maddy Portrait Moondial More Furnished Cabinet Mostly There Mannequin Nectar Tanralus Ode de Wand - Classic Ode de Wand - Imperial Ode de Wand - Trifecta Padded Safety Mirror Photograph of Hiram Samuel Maddox Phun with Phrenology Pile o' Books Large Pile Pile o' Books Medium Pile Pile o' Books Small Pile Pleasing Art Pool Sign Portrait of Miranda Glauer Pretty Tall Mirror by Glassfinders Shadow Men The Aristocrat from Pedestal Warehouse The Baron's Cascade The Classic by Pedastool Warehouse The Head and The Shoulders The Marquee The Natural Synthetic Hide Floor Enhancer The Visitors Timeless Memories Twigs-n-Sticks Sculpture Urn of Mystery Walled Wand Collection Ye Olde Sign Ancestral Wardrobe Antique Vanity Aurora Wardrobe Children's Chest of Drawers Permalibro Bookcase Sheppult Dresser by Aleckzandor Fleppe Sheppult Dresser by Aleckzandor Pleppe The Empress Vanity by Vanite Twigs-n-Sticks Vanity U-Stud Armoir U-Stud Armoire Cornucopia Toybox Giddy Up Rocker Scary Bearys - Fairy Scary Bearys - Genie Scary Bearys - Imaginary Friend Scary Bearys - Mummy Scary Bearys - Robo Bearbot Scary Bearys - Vampire Scary Bearys - Werewolf Scary Bearys - Witch Victorian Vikki Dollhouse Lightening Leap Atomic Molecular Arranger Magic Broom Stand Sylvan Motor Carriage Zoomsweeper Classic Zoomsweeper Junior Zoomsweeper Neo Classic Zoomsweeper Pegasus Autumn Bay Window Centennial Fence ColuMaster Spiral Column FancyTime Firebox (Extra Fancy Edition) FancyTime Firebox FancyTime Olde Time Firebox Glass Houses door Glass Houses Sliding Door Home Heat Home Warmer from Romanco with Cement Chimney MaxiGlass French Doors Painless Windows Priorities Double Wide Windows Priorities Mega Window Topper Priorities Mega Window Priorities Window Pyro-Pit with Beige Brick Chimney Scrollington's Deluxe Entryway Sliding Bookcase Door Total Transparencies Double Window Victorian Bay Window Cottonwood Tree Faux Ardahkt Tree Glauer Tree Huckleberry Bush Scotch Pine Tree Spruce Tree Terrain 1 Terrain 2 Terrain 3 Terrain 4 Terrain 5



BuyDeBug Objects


Air Conditioning Unit Large Air Conditioning Unit Electrical Box Elixir Shop Sign Gnome of the Darned Rock Troll Vampire Bar Sign Warehouse Sign



New Plants/Recipes/Collectibles


New Plants, Garden Planter Bowls & Competitions




Gardening in The Sims 3 has been expanded, giving Green Thumbed Sims new plant options, indoor/outdoor garden planter bowls, and the chance to show off their skills in Gardening competitions.

There are 11 brand new plant options available in Supernatural , all of which are also used as ingredients for Elixirs.




♦ Truffles




♦ Red Valerian




♦ Ghost Chili




♦ Red Toadstools




♦ Porcini Mushrooms




♦ Spotlight Mushrooms




♦ White Cap Mushrooms




♦ Mandrake




♦ Mycena Mushrooms




♦ Glow Orb Mushrooms




♦ Wolfsbane

Indoor/outdoor garden pots have been added to the game, allowing you to plant and bloom wherever you please. Simply purchase one of the 3 garden pots available in buy mode, and plant away! All the interactions available on an outdoor garden plot are available with these new indoor/outdoor garden pots.


 ❗ Please note that larger plants such as trees and the Omni Plant cannot be planted in these pots.




Once your Sim has gained at least one level in the Gardening Skill, they can head to the Fae Ray Arboretum and enter the Gardening competition. To enter a gardening competition, a Sim must have at least one plant in their inventory. The better quality a plant, the better your chance of winning!






 New Fish


♦ Toad Fish

♦ Fairy Damsel

♦ Luminous Salamander




 New Gems



Moonstone Bloodstone




 New Recipes/Food





♦ Vegetarian Chili

♦ Firecracker Shrimp

♦ Firecracker Tofu

♦ Potato Truffle Torte

♦ Honey

♦ Jellybeans

♦ Mushroom Omelette

♦ Porcini Risotto

♦ Ceviche

♦ Hot and Sour Soup

♦ Aloo Masala Curry

♦ Chili Con Carne 




 New Music, Literary & Dance Genres



♦ Dark Wave Music




♦ Poetry (Level 7 of Writing/ 0 for Sims with the “Brooding” trait)

♦ Horror (Level 4 of Writing/ 2 for Sims with the “Supernatural Fan” trait)

♦ The Smustle (Level 1 of Hidden Dance Skill)

Video Link



 Magical Gnomes

The new magic gnomes introduced are called the “Gnome of The Darned”. These gnomes come in 5 different ghost shades, and chances of getting this type of gnome is higher when your Sim fails a casting spell. Throughout the night these gnomes will change color and may even become haunted by a real ghost!









Bonehilda is an NPC maid that has made a return from The Sims Makin’ Magic! Bonehilda is a live at home maid, who even comes with her own living quarters (you can find her in buy mode under Misc. Entertainment). Her services can be compared to those of a Butler from The Sims 3 Late Night.
Bonehilda will clean your home, cook dinner, take care of the kids and pets and even teach your pets some tricks! Typically, Bonehilda will automatically emerge from her coffin to tend to your home, but you can awaken and dismiss her at any time. To awaken Bonehilda, simply click her coffin.




Unfortunately Bonehilda cannot become a part of your active household or friendship panel. Bonehilda remains uncontrollable, but you can always take a moment of your time to chat with her. Who doesn’t want to exchange words with a skeleton?






Interactive Objects

Supernatural includes interactive objects that add new game play options. Everything from Haunted Paintings to Beekeeping is included!

Spectrum Mood Lamp

Ever though a lamp could change your mood in an instant? The spectrum mood lamp is not your typical lamp, that’s for sure! Purchase the mood lamp and place it anywhere in your home for an instant mood boost, and magical change!


The following moods are available to the Spectrum Lamp: 

 ♦ Blue Mood – The blue mood makes Sims feel exactly that. Blue. A slight decrease in mood occurs to Sims in the same room as the lamp. As an added effect, the blue lamp will sometimes release a puddle of water.


Green Mood – The green mood applies a slight mood boost to any Sims in the room. If you are not a Supernatural being, there is a rare chance of becoming Toadified! Who says you need to be a witch to experience magic? Ribbit!


Pink Mood – The pink mood adds a mood boost to any Sims in the room, and even makes them romantic! After being around a pink mood lamp, romantic relationships can flourish! Sims are more likely to autonomously flirt and be romantic with their partner. Woohoo anyone?


Purple Mood – The purple mood is the best mood to be around. Had a bad day? Ate some Garlic? Be in the presence of the purple mood to rid any negative moodlets, and get a mood boost.


Red Mood – The red mood give all Sims in the room the feeling red moodlet and lifts their mood.


Yellow Mood – The yellow mood gives Sims a chance to be Silly! Feeling a bit childish today? Be in the presence of the yellow mood and be as silly as you’d like!



If you have Zombies that appear in your yard every once in a while, it would be a good idea to get one of the mood lamps. Not only do they provide these excellent mood boosts, but they all draw in Zombies! Why should they be eating your plants? Give them something shiny to stare at!

Fairies who are in the presence of mood lamps have an option to be drawn into the light. Fairies will shrink down into their natural form and play around inside the lamp. Be careful though, there’s a chance of electrocution! You wouldn’t want to walk around singed right?


Screenshot-15 Screenshot-7 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-6



Rocking Chair

The Rocking Chair is a brand new way to comfortably enjoy some quality time. Besides the typical rocking back and forth, Sims can also Nap, Read Books and Rock with infants and toddlers.


Screenshot-18 Screenshot-17



Whack A Gnome

A new Arcade Game has been added with Supernatural that lets Sims have fun bashing heads! Literally! Whack a Gnome includes 5 amazing heads to bash. Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Fairies & Gnomes! Which will you choose?

Sim experience is based on their hidden arcade skill. The more they play, the better they’ll be.




The Claaaw

Want a chance to win some special prizes? how about a few simoleons? Then the Claaaw is the right game for you! Use the claw to win a ton of cool prizes. Everything from basic toys, to the special Gnome of the Darned! Go on. Take a chance!

Fairies have an additional option when using the Claaaw. They can cheat the system by shrinking down to their natural form and picking their own prize.


Sim experience is based on their hidden arcade skill. The more they play, the better they’ll be.

Screenshot-17 Screenshot-18



Miniature Train Set

The miniature train set is a mini version of The Sims 3 Base Game’s World Sunset Valley! Sims can turn on the train to enjoy a small mood boost, while the train set comes to life.

Fairies have an additional option when using the train set. They can ride the train by shrinking down to their natural form and hopping aboard!


Screenshot-17 Screenshot-18




Do you want to harvest your own Honey to drink, or your own Beeswax for Alchemy Elixir’s? Then Mrs. Stingley’s Beekeeping Box is what to buy! Beekeeping a new hobby for Sims to enjoy.
To make sure that the bees are always happy and produce the best quality ingredients, make sure you Sim takes good care of them. Beekeeping is almost like a full time job. If you neglect the bees, they will become very ornery and upset! Cleaning, Smoking & Feeding the bees on a regular basis is the best way to assure they are happy.


Once a day, check the beekeeping box to “Harvest Honey“, and the ingredients will automatically be added to your inventory.


❗ Beware of angry bees! Leaving your bees unattended and hungry will result in them stinging you the next time you enter the box!  Ouch!
❗ Pregnant Sims Cannot use the Beekeeping box


Screenshot-22 Screenshot-18



Rocking Rider

The Rocking Rider is a brand new toy for Children to enjoy. Purchase it in Buy Mode under Children’s furniture and add it to your home. Children will then have the choice to “Pet the Rocker”, “Catch the Bandits” or “Rockin’ Rodeo”. Enjoy the ride!

Catch the Bandits! Rockin' Rodeo



Magical Brooms & The Broom Riding Arena


Brooms are a brand new form of transportation added to the game. Not only are they as fast as teleporting, but they are available to all Sims! Purchase any of the four new magical brooms in buy mode under transportation.



❗ Note that you need to purchase a Broomstand for the broom 
❗ Have Children in the house? Make sure to purchase the Junior Broom that is available for children!




Besides using a broom as a form of transportation to practice, purchasing a broom riding arena is the fastest way to increase the Hidden Broom riding Skill. Sims start off as Joy Riding amateurs, and soon turn into broom riding experts! Flip, turn, twist and shout! Once a Sim gains one skill level, they can begin “Stunt Riding”.
With each new skill level gained while stunt riding, comes new stunts that Sims will perform. Once a Sim reaches Level 5 in Broom Riding, they can then “Stunt Ride For Tips” Not only does this let your Sim gain even more experience, but it brings in some extra cash.


 There are a total of 10 Broom riding Skill levels




Haunted Paintings

What if you looked at a painting and saw two different scenes? Scared? Well you should be! Supernatural includes brand new Haunted Paintings that expose their true side during the night. You can find these paintings in buy mode under “Wall Paintings” and they will have a special purple border around them. There are a total of 11 haunted Paintings.

Screenshot-5 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3




Need to know the which moon phase presides? Check. Want your horoscope told? Check! Even though you can check the moon phase through your Sim’s UI, it is still cool looking to watch the moon in your home.
The Moon Dial also provides Seven horoscopes:

♦ Possibility of Betrayal
♦ Possibility of Great Success
♦ Possibility of Romance
♦ Possibility of Misfortune
♦ Possibility of New Friendship
♦ Possibility of Prosperity

These horoscopes last exactly 24 hours. Once a Sim asks for their horoscope, they will not get a new one until the next day. During this time, be alert for any fortune, misfortune and mood altering moodlets!







In a hurry to go somewhere? Purchase the Lightening Leap Atomic Molecular Arranger (aka: The LLAMA)! This advanced transportation network will get you from here to there and everywhere in between. Moonlight falls comes already equipped with  these awesome LLAMA’s, but you can quickly purchase them to add to any other town.





Orb of Answers


Do you have an important decision to make about your future? Not sure you can make the decision on your own? Then you need the Orb of Answers!
The Orb of  Answers is a wish creating mechanism for your Sims. When a Sim asks one of 13 available questions, they will receive a yes, no, or try again later message. A Yes or No answer will result in a wish being created for that Sim. You can accept the wish, or right click to cancel.





Magic Mirror


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Your home is not complete until you purchase the Magic Mirror! The magic mirror looks just like a regular mirror, until you start interacting with it.



The following interactions are available with the Magic Mirror:

♦ Chat

♦ Ask About Day

♦ Admire Me

♦ Practice Being the Most  Charismatic of Them All

♦ Gossip

♦ Conspire With Me Against My Enemies*

♦ Magical Makeover

♦ Change Appearance


*Requires at least one enemy for option to appear.


When getting a magical makeover, the mirror will automatically replace your current outfit with new snazzy looks. This is the best way to guarantee a great new look.


Magical Makeover


Another interaction that is available with the magic mirror, belongs to Evil and Mean Spirited Sims. Once you have made one enemy in game as an evil/mean Sim, ask the mirror to ” Conspire Against My Enemies“. When using this interaction, there is a good chance the mirror will hand you a poisoned apple to use on your enemies!


Poisoned Apple



Sliding Bookcase (Door)

Secret passages and hidden dungeons? Done! Purchase the Sliding Bookcase Door in build mode, and create the most amazing hidden passages imaginable. The sliding bookcase door looks so much like a regular bookcase, Sims will never know what it is!
As an added bonus, The Sims 3 Supernatural has added a regular bookcase that matches the door!




Gem-U-Cut Machine


The Gem-U-Cut Machine has just made gem cutting a whole lot easier. With the convenience of cutting gems at home, not only does your Sim save money, but they also save time. Who want to wait 3 days for the mail anyway? Sims must collect and cut 100 gems, to unlock 2 brand new cuts.


The following 3 Gem options have been added to the game:

♦ Moon Cut

♦ Sun Cut

♦ Gem Dust






The Alchemy Skill




Alchemy is the brand new skill available in Supernatural. To begin the long journey down the Elixir road, purchase Aleister’s Alchemy Station in buy mode under Hobbies & Skills. Once you have the Alchemy Station, click it to “Research Alchemy”.
By researching alchemy, you will begin to gain skill, learning new elixir mixes on the way. The first elixir you will learn and be able to mix is The Vial of Bliss. Don’t think that because you gained a skill level everything will create itself just fine. Even the best of the best run into a backfire once in a while.

Potion Mix backfires result in loss of ingredients and the elixir itself


Ingredients play a big role in Elixir mixing. As you level up in the alchemy skill, more elixirs will be learned. These elixirs will be listed in the journal on the alchemy station. Click “Mix Elixir” to see which elixirs you have learned, and what ingredients are required to create them. You can even sort the elixirs by category.


❗ Note that the Bottled Mummy Curse (WA), Bottled SimBot Converter (AMB) and Vial of Bottled Genie (SHT), require the associated expansions to be learned.


❗ It is required to collect all the ingredients needed for an elixir in order to create it.


❗ When a Sim reaches level 6 in the Alchemy skill, each elixir creation has a chance to produce 2-3 bottles at a time.


Elixir Journal

Not all elixirs are learned by researching the Alchemy station. There are 6 additional elixirs that require an Alchemy Recipe Book. You can purchase these books at the Alchemy Consignment shop, or the bookstore.


The Alchemy Recipe books will teach you the following elixirs:

♦ Procreation Elixir

♦ Liquid Job Booster

♦ Vial of Potent Enlightment

♦ Potent Personality Adjuster

♦ Fountain of Youth Elixir

♦ Origin of the Tragic Clown


Once you have learned to create every elixir there is to learn, you will have reached the highest alchemy level possible. So now what? Now that everything you could possibly need to know has been learned, get out into the world and pick yourself up the ingredients you need to create and use the elixirs.


❗ Scroll over the ingredient icon in your elixir journal to learn which ingredients you need.


❗ Sims who have the Gatherer Trait have a better chance of scooping up rare materials.


❗ Don’t want to get dirty? Send your Pets and Werewolves to fetch collectibles!


You can also visit the Alchemy Consignment shop to pick up some ingredients



Once you have all the ingredients you need to create an elixir, head back to the alchemy station and brew it! Each elixir offers a variety of different effects and consequences. Sims can drink their bottled elixirs, or they can throw them at other Sims and let them worry about the side effects!
Alternatively if you do not wish to use your elixirs, you can leave them in your inventory, or proudly display them in one of two Elixir Display Cases.


These handy display cases store gems and metals too!





Alchemy Elixir List

In order to create the best possible Alchemy Elixir List, SimsVIP has collaborated with Platinum Simmers to bring you the most detailed list possible.
Do you want to know how to gather the ingredients needed to make an elxir? You got it. Do you want a complete list of elixir’s including their worth and side effects? You Got it! Click Below!


Sims 3 Supernatural Alchemy Elixir List




Let’s take a look at a few of these elixirs first hand, shall we?


Zombification  – This is a level 3 elixir, needs Mandrake Root, any Mushroom and any Insect to be created, and gives the Sim who ingests it a two day Zombie moodlet. For two days Sims will experience pure zombification.





Flask of Angry Bees – This is a level 2 elixir, requires Beeswax and Honey to be created, and gives the Sim who ingests it a 24 hour Bee Sting moodlet.  For one day Sims will have a decreased mood and a sore bum!



Origin of the Tragic Clown – This is a level 10 elixir, requires any Insect, Mycenas Mushrooms and a Tragic Clown Fish to be created, and gives the Sim who ingests it (and those around them!) a 24 hour negative Tragic Clown moodlet.  For one day Sims will be transformed into the Tragic Clown.






Fortune Telling Career



The newest career for Sims is the Fortune Teller Career. While this is just like every other rabbit hole career, there are two separate branches attached with this career. The Mystic Branch & The Scam Artist Branch. It is important to know that besides clientele, your Sims will also need experience in Charisma, Logic & the Alchemy skills to progress.
To begin your mystical journey as a fortune teller, use the computer to apply for a job ad, or head over to the Gypsy Caravan and apply directly at the source. While you’re there, you can even have your own fortune told!


❗ There are two career specific Lifetime Wishes for you to choose from in CAS. Master of Mysticism (Mystic Branch) & Celebrity Psychic (Scam Artist Branch)
❗ If you give your Sim the “Workaholic” trait, they can progress in this career right at home. No overtime pay though!


As you begin this career, finding and keeping stable relationships with clientele is important and helps you progress through the first 4 stages of this career. As you progress to Level 6 in your career, you will be given an option to choose your fortune telling career path. Will you focus on making money, or the strength of your mystic powers?
♦ The Mystic Branch of this career requires a good relationship with your clientele, and good knowledge of the Alchemy skill. Making sure you build your relationship with others is key for this branch. (Pay: §1,560 – §3,352 a week)
♦ The Scam Artist Branch of this career requires good knowledge of the Charisma & Logic skills. Since keeping great relationships with those you are going to scam in unlikely, clientele is not a requirement for progression of this branch. (Pay: §1,875 – §6,912 a week)

If a Sim denies your private reading, try and try again!


From day one of your employment, you will have a number of different tones to choose from while at work. These tones help you progress in your career quicker, depending on which you use most often.

The following tones are available when working:

Business as Usual – Business as usual means putting in an average amount of effort at work, and receiving an average amount of recognition for your work.
Really Sell It – Sometimes you just need to give it the extra metaphysical mile. Your hard work will be noticed.
Fake It – Time to take it easy. Be vague, throw in some planet names, drop something about romance in the workplace and boom! Done.
Meet Clientele – Socialize a little. Take the time to get to know your clients.
Group Readings – This is a fun and exciting way for professional fortune tellers to get together and waste a bunch of time.
Learn from Mentor – The best way to ascend to the next level is to find someone who has already done it, then suck up to them.
Peer Into the Unknown – Just try not to freak out when it peers back! This tone increases your Sim’s Alchemy Skill.

Once you progress to level 2 of the career, you are given the title “Fortune Guesser“. This level unlocks a new action when interacting with Sims: Perform Private Reading. This allows you to earn more simoleons for your guesswork, and boosts your relationship with potential clientele. This is also a very important factor in progressing within the Mystic Branch.


Talk to the hand!


Once you progress to level 7 of the Mystic Branch, you are given the title “Spiritual Guide“. This level unlocks a new benefit for your Sim:  Discounts at the Alchemy Consignment Shop


No one gets a better discount!


Once you progress to level 10 of the Mystic Branch, you are given the title “Master of Mysticism“. This level unlocks a new aura:  Mystic Aura. This aura will provide a glow around your Sim when they are performing a private reading near the Gypsy Wagon.



Once you progress to level 8 of the Scam Artist Branch, you are given the title “Pseudo-Psychic“. This level unlocks a luxury:  Limousine.



Once you progress to level 10 of the Scam Artist Branch, you are given the title “Celebrity Psychic“. This level unlocks a new interaction with the Movie Theater:  Hold Psychic Convention. Conventions can only be held every 2-3 days.






New Deaths


Death by Jellybean

The Magic Jelly Bean Bush has a variety of flavors to eat, but there’s the one bean that could be a Sim’s last! Sims who eat from the jelly bean bush run a chance of eating the Jelly Bean of Death. If they do, it’s adios amigo!


Screenshot-5 Screenshot-6


Death by Haunting Curse

Witches who are at Level 5 or higher of the (hidden) Spellcasting Skill, are able to attempt the Haunting Curse on Sims. Even if the witch is experienced, this curse has the potential to backfire real bad! If this curse backfires, the witch will die.


Screenshot-3 Screenshot-7


Death by Transmutation

The Philosopher’s Stone is an expensive and deadly reward! When transmuting objects into gold, a Sim risks the chance of turning into gold themselves! If the transmutation backfires, your Sim will turn to gold, and die. The Gold Statue of your Sim’s expression at the time of death will remain an object for you to keep.


Screenshot Screenshot-8


Death by Thirst (Vampires)

Death by Thirst was originally introduced with the Vampires of Late Night, however even without Late Night, Supernatural brings on this new death with its Vampires. Instead of dying of hunger, Vampires die of thirst and vanish into thin air.


Screenshot-109 Screenshot-110




New Woohoo Spots


Gypsy Caravan


Besides being workplace to those in the fortune telling career, the Gypsy Caravan also turns into an instant woohoo spot! Try for Baby or Woohoo with your loved ones!

Video Link



Fairy House


Where do two Fairies turn to for some privacy? Their Fairy homes of course! This magical woohoo spot is for Fairies only. Humans have no way to get in there!

Video Link



Magical Wardrobe


Magical wardrobes should do magical things! Get your Sims ready for some wardrobe woohoo! When Sims woohoo in the wardrobe, they may even end up wearing different clothes when they come out!

Video Link




New Interactions


Checking for Monsters Under The Bed

Checking for monsters under the bed is a new interaction available for children. This option appears during the hours of 6pm to 6am.


This interaction can have one of two results:

No Monsters – When a child checks for monsters and none appear, they will receive a “No Monsters” moodlet and a +15 mood boost.


Monsters!! – When a child checks for monsters and they appear, they will receive the “Monsters & Terrified” moodlets with a -15 mood decrease. Not only will the child run frantically from the room, but they will not want to sleep or relax on that bed for at least two hours.


Screenshot-2 Screenshot-4




Rock Paper Scissors

Use this brand new friendly interaction when socializing with Sims. This interaction will increase the fun and social needs. Also serves as a fun way to boost a relationship.





Skipping Stones

Are your Sims bored out of their mind and not sure what to do to pass time? Head on over to the bodies of water around town and Skip Stones! This interaction is available to all Sims Child through Elder, and raises the fun motive.