The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Guide

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The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff Game Guide

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Contributors: Kit McDonald, Whipperwhirl, and Alexis of SimsVIP.

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Table of Contents


Stuff Pack Information





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Game Cover

sims 4 romantic garden


Game Summary

Build a lush Victorian garden for your Sims and get ready for romance with The Sims™ 4 Romantic Garden Stuff. Set the mood with romantic, floral fashions for your Sims and share a playful moment by the magnificent water fountain. Then head over to the Wishing Well, toss in a coin, and see if your Sim’s deepest desires come true.

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Buy The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff



Create A Sim Fashions

Female Adult/Teen/Elder – 1 Hairstyle, 1 Top, 1 Bottom, 3 Outfits

Male Adult/Teen/Elder – 1 Hairstyle, 5 Tops, 2 Bottoms
Female Child – 2 Hairstyles, 1 Top, 2 Outfits

Male Child – 1 Hairstyle, 1 Top



02-09-16_1-49-21 PM 02-09-16_1-49-24 PM 02-09-16_5-20-37 PM 02-09-16_1-49-31 PM 02-09-16_1-49-35 PM



02-09-16_1-53-30 PM 02-09-16_1-53-57 PM 02-09-16_1-55-29 PM 02-09-16_1-55-31 PM 02-09-16_1-55-33 PM 02-09-16_1-56-32 PM 02-09-16_1-56-34 PM 02-09-16_1-56-36 PM 02-09-16_1-56-37 PM 02-09-16_1-56-38 PM 02-09-16_1-57-00 PM 02-09-16_1-57-05 PM 02-09-16_1-59-32 PM 02-09-16_1-59-47 PM 02-09-16_1-59-52 PM 02-09-16_2-01-23 PM


New Music Genre

The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff adds the new “Baroque” music genre to the game. You can now listen to the new music tracks in game via the stereo and speaker systems.


sims 4 romantic garden music genre


Club Activity

If you own The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack, you will receive a brand new Club Activity with The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff. “Play in Park Fountains” is the new object type activity available when picking and choosing club activities in the game.



New Public Lot

Romantic Garden Stuff includes a brand new lot for you to place in your neighborhood. The “Lost Gardens of Healing” lot can be found in the “My Library” section the gallery.

sims 4 romantic garden public lot


Whispering Wishing Well

With the Whispering Wishing Well, your Sims will need to be careful what they wish for! This object is found in the Build/Buy catalog under the Miscellaneous Activities and Skills category, and costs a total of §7,775 Simoleons. The wishing well has a temperament that determines the outcome of each Sim’s wish. Interacting with this object from buy mode will raise a pie menu with two options: “Make Offering” and “Make A Wish”.


02-15-16_12-30-13 AM

Selecting the Offering option will allow your Sim to designate a value of Simoleons (§100, §1000, or §5000). The more money your Sim offers to the well, the more likely it will change its mood towards a positive outcome.

When the wishing well is in a happy mood, it will yield a higher chance positive outcomes. Same goes for the neutral, mischievous, and deadly options the well can exhibit. To get a general idea of the well’s mood, take a look at the face near the top of the object.

❗ The face will not always coincide with the outcome of the wish.

Wishing-Well-Faces_0010_02-09-16_5-13-37 PM.png Wishing-Well-Faces_0009_02-09-16_5-13-57 PM.png Wishing-Well-Faces_0008_02-09-16_5-14-17 PM.png Wishing-Well-Faces_0007_02-09-16_5-15-50 PM.png

Making A Wish allows Sims to select from a list of categories that may or may not come true. Some of the wishes are limited to Sims with specific lifestates, household status, and relationships. The following categories are available with the wishing well:

  • Child (Only available if there is room in your household for a new member.)
  • Grades (Only available to Children and Teens.)
  • Happiness
  • Life (Only available for ghosts.)
  • Youthful Vigor
  • Promotion (Only available to Sims with jobs including Teens.)
  • Romance (Only available to Sims without a significant other.)
  • Simoleons (Only available if the household has at least $1.)
  • Skills

❗ The cool down period for wishes lasts approximately 8 hours. Once this cool down period has ended, Sims can then make another wish.

❗ Use the TestingCheats On cheat to shift-click the well and turn off the “cool down” period for wishes, or “force” a specific outcome level for wishes.

New Partner
(Happy +2)
Your Sim will be in a new relationship status with a randomly generated ghost. (8 Hours)
Helpless In Romance
(Sad +2)
Your Sim will be unable to romance for a while. (4 Hours)
Overwhelmingly Negative:Your Sim will be in a new relationship status with a randomly generated enemy Sim.
Ultimate Flirt
(Flirty +2)
Your Sims' romance interactions will have a higher chance to succeed.
Mystical Romance Tips
(Flirty +3)
Pick Up Line is guaranteed to work on your Sims' next target.
Overwhelmingly Positive:Your Sim will be in a new relationship status happily with a randomly generated Sim.
Can't Stop Smiling
(Playful +99)

Causes Sim to be hysterical. (4 Hours)
Where is My Happiness?
(Angry +2)
Saps your Sim's happiness and gives it to nearby Sims and grants Sims nearby Extra Vigor (Happy +1). (4 Hours)
Overwhelmingly Negative: Leaking Happiness (Sad +3)
Being around other Sims will cause them to be sad, but cause others to be happy. (4 Hours)
(Happy +1)
Grants your Sim a happy mood. (24 Hours) After the buff expires, it will give your Sim the Happiness Doesn't Last Forever (Sad +3) buff. (4 Hours)
Forever Cheerful
(Happy +1)
Grants your Sim a happy mood.
(24 Hours)

Overwhelmingly Positive: Always Sunny
(Happy +2)
All happy moodlets have an extended duration. (24 Hours)
I Wished For Better Grades!
(Tense +2)
Performance in current grade lowers. (4 Hours)
Overwhelmingly Negative: Grades Dropped (Embarassed +2)
Your Sim drops a full letter grade. (4 Hours)
Not What I Wished For
(Angry +1)
Grade will increase based on performance of 50% daily tasks. (4 Hours) ???
Guaranteed promotion next day based on performance of daily tasks.
Overwhelmingly Positive: Good Grades
(Happy +1)
Grade level increases. (8 Hours)
My Simoleons Burned Up!
(Tense +99)
A large amount of Simoleons are removed from the household. (4 Hours)
Sadim Touch
(Sad +1)
Lose more coins to the wishing well. (4 Hours)
Overwhelmingly Negative: Microtransactions! (Tense +3)
Gain coins but your Sim loses them and more to mobile gaming addictions. (4 Hours)
Learned Darkest Secrets
(Inspired +2)

Enables your Sim to blackmail another Sim for money. (4 Hours) ???
Fortunes Abound
(Happiness +1)
over 1k simoleons.
Overwhelmingly Positive: Won The Lottery!
(Happy +2)
Grants your household a random amount of Simoleons over 10,000! (4 Hours)
Youthful Vigor
Perpetual Youth
(Sad +3)
Transforms into a ghost. (4 Hours)
Overflowing Vigor
(Energized +2)
Sim becomes energized but afterwards gains a Dazed buff for exertion. (+4 Hours)
Overwhelmingly Negative: Loss of Youth (Sad +2)
Suddenly ages your Sim up. (4 Hours) (Elders cannot age up to death.)
Feeling Young
(Energized +1)
Grants your Sim an energized mood. (4 Hours)
Extended Life
(Energized +1)
days added on to end of lifespan

Overwhelmingly Positive:A Few Years Younger (Energized +2)

Current age of your Sim will be reset. (4 Hours)
Lack of Talent
(Embarrassed +99)
Makes a Sim mortified. (4 Hours)
Fogged Mind
(Sad +2)
Slows the Sim's Skill progression. (4 Hours)
Overwhelmingly Negative: Mind Numbed (Dazed +3)
Unable to improve Skills for a while. (4 Hours)
Expedient Learning
(Confident +1)

Learns Skills faster. (4 Hours)
Skill Learned
(Confident +2)
random skill raised by 3 levels.
Overwhelmingly Positive: Universal Knowledge
(Confident +3)
Maxes one random skill of your Sim's. (4 Hours)
Worked So Hard
(Angry +99)
Your Sim will be demoted to a rank lower than the current in their career. (4 Hours)
I Wished For The Promotion!
(Tense +2)
Progress in the current rank of career lowered. (4 Hours)
Overwhelmingly Negative: Rethinking Options (Embarassed +1)
Demoted by a single rank. (8 Hours)
Not What I Wished For
(Angry +1)
A bonus check for the household. (4 Hours)
Guaranteed promotion next day at work as long as skill and daily task requirements accomplished.
Overwhelmingly Positive: Movin' On Up
(Happy +1)
Grants your Sim an instant job promotion. (4 Hours)
Just a Ghost
(Sad +2)
Sim briefly comes back to life, then becomes a ghost again. (4 Hours)
Overwhelmingly Negative: Accepted Fate (Happy +1)
Unable to return to life for a while. (4 Hours)
Wish Not Granted
(Sad +1)
Coin is wasted. (4 Hours)
Ingredients of Life
(Inspired +1)
Gives the Sim a some of the ingredients for Ambrosia. (4 Hours) OR Chance At Life (Happy +2) Grants Ambrosia into your Sims' inventory. (4 Hours)
Overwhelmingly Positive: Miracle Revival
(Happy +3)
Return a ghost Sim to life. (4 Hours)
Raising a Ghost
(Sad +1)
Adds a ghost child to your Sims' household.
Temporary Infertility
(Embarassed +2)
Your Sim is unable to become pregnant for a while. (4 Hours)
Overwhelmingly Negative: "Joys" of Children (Angry +2)
Adds an evil child to your Sims' household. (4 Hours)
Try For Baby
(Flirty +1)
Try for a baby interaction is nearly guaranteed to succeed. (4 Hours)
Adoption Preapproved
(Happy +1)
moodlet, can adopt without paying fee.
Overwhelmingly Positive: Joy of Children
(Happy +2)
Adds a child to the Sims' household. (4 Hours)

The color of the spell’s glow and/or mist represents the outcome that your Sim has received. These outcomes range from overwhelmingly positive to deadly. See the color guided images below for an explanation of each outcome color.

Wishing-Well-Faces_0004_02-09-16_5-27-53 PM.png Wishing-Well-Faces_0006_02-09-16_5-27-28 PM.png Wishing-Well-Faces_0002_02-09-16_5-29-04 PM.png

Wishing-Well-Faces_0001_02-09-16_5-29-22 PM.png Wishing-Well-Faces_0012_02-09-16_5-13-24 PM.png Wishing-Well-Faces_0013_02-09-16_5-11-52 PM.png


Fountain of Gluteus Maximus

The Fountain of Gluteus Maximus is an interactive object for Sims of all ages, and is found in buy mode for §1,250 Simoleons. The fountain includes the following interactions: Toss Coin, Add Soap (Teens/Adults), Nap, Turn On/Off, Sit, View, and Play. Additionally, Sims who sit on the edge of the fountain can use a number of social interactions.


❗ This pack enables the “Toss Coin” interaction on other in-game fountains.

❗ Adding Soap to the fountain will raise a Sim’s Mischief Skill.

❗ Sims with the Kleptomaniac trait can “Swipe Simoleons” from this fountain.

02-15-16_1-14-46 AM


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