The Sims 4 MySims Trophies (Collectibles)


The Sims 4 Collectibles: MySims Trophies

MySims Trophies are found inside Mysterious Time Capsules. To find these capsules simply have your Sims dig up rocks around town. If a Sim digs up a Treasure Map, it will unlock the “Dig for Treasure” interaction on rocks.

❗ Digging for treasure guarantees your Sims will dig up a Time Capsule.

❗ Each treasure map can only be used once.


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Enable Emotional Aura: MySims Trophies will give off the “Playful” Aura if you choose to enable it. This automatically guarantees the specified emotional state of all Sims who are near the trophies.


1TOBORRare§75TOBOR has displayed a distinct lack of patience for human beings, or "fleshies", but with a "dad" like the insane Dr. F can anyone really blame him? Might have a debilitating fear of kelp.
2Zombie CarlRare§75Poor Carl. Things have only gotten worse for him since he died. He spends a lot of his time wondering what he's actually accomplished and basically having an after-life crisis.
3VioletRare§75Dark and dramatic, Violet Darkshade nonetheless has a beautiful heart. She does her best to take care of her kid sister, Poppy, even if it usually gives her one of those headaches that sits right above her eye.
4Goth BoyRare§75Meet Goth Boy! Nothing makes him feel warmer than wrapping himself in a cloak of emotional darkness. He loves writing bad poetry and hates his job at Turkey-on-a-Fork. Wait a "Goth" even still a thing?
5MorcubusUncommon§35Beyond time and space is a world of black fire. From the heart of this maelstrom of horrors was born the infernal Morcubus! As president and CEO of MorcuCorp he advances his dark designs, and he also leads team-building workshops.
6LyndsayUncommon§35With an insatiable thirst for adventure, Lyndsay always keeps one eye on the horizon. Her contagious energy often sees her friends swept up in her latest quest. May have had a thing for Buddy at some point??
7JennyUncommon§35Jenny was a fan fiction pioneer! Sure, nowadays EVERYBODY gets a publishing deal or a movie based on their self-published stories, but Jenny's "Starcruiser X" fanfic was the first!
8LeafUncommon§35Leaf is a hardcore elvish rock star and he totally knows it. What many people don't know is that he still carries a small piece of his baby blanket, which is calls "Blanky" everywhere he goes. Blanky is Leaf's oldest and truest friend.
9Trevor VerilyUncommon§35Trevor is dramatic ac-tor... of WONDERS!! His stirring interpretations of classic works are the very essence of the theater! One time he got stuck in an Astronaut Costume.
10Dr. FUncommon§35Dr. F is the indomitable mad scientist with PhDs is robotology AND robotonomy. There are many, many conflicting reports as to what the "F" actually stands for. He invented TOBOR.
11PoppyCommon§35Poppy is an adorable little ray of sunshine who love love LOVES flowers. She also loves her older sister, Violet, and is completely unaware that she is usually the source of her sister's constant headaches.
12DJ CandyCommon§35DJ Candy is like a living, breathing dance party that never stops. With her roadies and #1 fans, Zach and Sapphire, she travels the world bringing the party to those who need it most.
13HopperCommon§35BOING! RIBBIT! Hopper is a young boy in a frog suit. How did this character get so popular? SPROING!!
14BuddyCommon§35There is no better sidekick than your ol' pal, Buddy. Supportive, optimistic, and fiercely loyal, he'll stick by your side through any adventure. Last seen moonlighting as a special agent.
15GonkCommon§35Gonk is happy and hungry little cave-lad from the Uncharted Isle, which strangely can be found on most maps. His best friends are Bobaboo the dinosaur and a dissatisfied grad student named Sylvia, whom he calls "Girl".
16Chef GinoCommon§35Gino's skill in a kitchen are matched only by his sense of melodrama. The tiniest thing goes wrong and he's "ruined". To date,Gino has been ruined 9,685 times.
17Ol' GabbyCommon§35Gabby's a cantankerous old grump who lives with his junkyards dog, Grit. He enjoys tinkering with things and getting into feuds with his long time frenemy Barney. (Sorry there's no Barney figurine.)
18Elmira ClampCommon§35Elmira is sour, strict, impatient, and fussy. Her favorite sound is absolute silence and her favorite hobby is toil. On the plus side, um... she's pretty good at remembering names? That's something, right?
19Chaz McFreelyCommon§35Chaz McFreely is the world's greatest extreme sports athlete, according to Chaz McFreely. In his mind there are only two kinds of people: Chaz Fans and Chumps. Which are you?
20YukiCommon§35Yuki like to bite faces. Why? Is it a sign of aggression, or one of affection? Her relationship with faces is as complex and mysterious as Yuki herself...
capsMysterious Time Capsulen/a§70It's always fun to open a time capsule and catch glimpses of times past.
TS4 2014-09-17 21-22-20-88Treasure Mapn/a§0An old, worn roll of paper with cryptic markings smudged with dirt. It might be a good idea to keep this in your Sim's inventory before they start digging!
mysimsRemember MySimsPlaque§0Awarded to household when completing the "MySims Trophies" Collection.