Support Little Kids Rock Gift Set!

The Sims 3 Store has updated their Simpoint Bundles and have added new bundle items to support “Little Kids Rock”  (

You can see the bundle bonus items here Simpoint Bundles.

The items included are…  (click images for a larger view)

The Cosmic Shredder



Xylo Cat


Harold all ye’ Simmers (Statue/Decor)



Now if only our Sim kids could “Rock it out” with instruments….


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  1. duckeggpie says:

    :O I LOVE the kitty Xylophone!!!! The guitar is pretty cool but what on earth is that last thing meant to be : / Weird…..

  2. someone says:

    The last thing seems like a “man” blowing a cornett(?) in an artistic way. A bit strange sculpture deco…

  3. krimsonnox says:

    ooooh this is awesome , why oh why must i be broke this month!! lol for once i hope the bundles stay with this for awhile!

  4. krimsonnox says:

    whoa i juts looked at the page, 160 bucks to get the guitar!!!!!! if i tell my hubby i want to buy simpoints for that much at one time he’s gonna divorce me!!!! wth !! thats just crazy! now im totally bummed!

  5. Sims VIP says:

    It seems that lately they are making it more and more difficult for us to actually get any of this free content. (Which technically is not free at all) They do not even tell us how much they are giving to the charity either. For all we know they have already made a small donation, and are now banking off these purchases.

  6. jacqpinks says:

    I am a little annoyed at this, I think not many people will be able to afford those bundles so not only do a lot of simmers miss out on these items (like me) :o( but so do the kids this is suppose to support it is really sad work. I am not impressed at all.

    oh thanx for posting these images but it is a huge tease lol

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