GamesCom 2011 – Sims 3 Pets Live Broadcast


Well the other day we did get word that the producers of Pets would be hosting a Live Broadcast, however that was the Dutch version. :P  Thanks to SimGuruGraham, we are provided with the link to the English Broadcast!   Set your alarm clocks early folks, this broadcast is early AM on Saturday August 20th!


Join The Sims 3 Pets producers – Graham Nardone (PC), Aaron Connors (PS3/Xbox 360), Neil Melville (Nintendo 3DS) – to learn how life is better with pets when The Sims 3 Pets arrive this October! Tune in for an exclusive in-game demo of The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack (PC), with a never-been-seen surprise that you’ll definitely not want to miss. We’ll reveal the new Karma powers in The Sims 3 Pets on Xbox 360 and PS3. And learn how we’ve made the game really pop with surprises in The Sims 3 Pets on Nintendo 3DS.

Our producers will also be available during the Q&A session where they’ll be answering questions from you…so please share them with us! And as always, share with us your thoughts on twitter via #TS3PETS for your chance to be selected for our random giveaways.

Save-the-date: Saturday – August 20, 2011 @ 1:30pm CET / 7:30am ET / 4:30am PT




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  1. Cameonet1950 says:


    1) About the STABLE: Is it like the dog house or covered cat bed as in TS2 used for breeding or is it a “rabbit hole?” Can you place them on lots and inside a barn? How big are they?

    2) Where are the “wild” horses and when do we SEE them? How will a Sim capture one to tame?

    3) How will Sims contain horses on their lots? Will just a fence do?

    4) Will horses require a special “companion” object like the vehicles requiring a parking space and bicycles a rack in order for them to work?

    5) Will Sims actually mount/dismount horses or will they *poof* on/off like they do in/out of cars or on/off scooters, bicycles and motorcycles? I’m guessing they’ll *poof* on/off since I haven’t seen any stirrups. ;)

    6) Will Sims be able to ride horses on paved streets around the town or just on designated dirt roads and/or paths? Can Sims have horses in other towns?

    7) Are there Western events such as barrel racing, etc?

    8) Will Sims groom their horses, shovel manure, etc?

    9) What are the HEIGHT sizes of horses?

    Thank you for considering these questions and I’m SO looking forward to this broadcast.


  2. Ricky says:

    I’m not going to miss this. Also some question that Cameonet1950 listed are some that I was thinking too! The thing that got me about The Sims 2 Pets also was that you couldn’t take a stray pet and add them to your household.

    1. ben says:

      sorry but in the sims 2 pets you could add a stray pet into your household.

  3. anym says:

    finally something around my europien time :D I hate when I always miss the chat because of the dinner.

  4. lolifofo says:

    wow 7:30 am!!!! definitely can’t watch it :(
    hope that there will be a replay

  5. Sims VIP says:

    There will be a replay and I will have it posted :)

    1. Cameonet1950 says:

      THANK YOU! :) :) :)

  6. karen says:

    I’ll try and wake up at 7:30 but if i dont then i guess ill watch the replay.

  7. Cameonet1950 says:

    OMG! You HAVE to watch this too! I think my “stable” question was sorta answered!


  8. Cameonet1950 says:

    I got up at 4:15AM but missed about 15/min cuz I didn’t know what I was doing at that hour but it was worth it! Tried going back to bed and after about a half hour got up to finish a “lot” project to upload and promote. ;)

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