EA Cash Cards & Sims 3 Bonus Content

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I received an email a few days ago from our member Lisa Misa regarding EA Cash Cards with Bonus Sims 3 Content.   I have never seen EA Cash Cards listing anything Sims related (as far as bonuses go) So I decided to go look myself.

Well today, I found these special cards!  I went to Best Buy, 7-11, Gamestop and finally found them at Target.  Not sure if these are exclusive to Target only, but check em out!


–Click image for a larger view–



Now before you get all excited and break down the doors at Target…there is a small downside.  Did you guess it yet?  The Bonus Content codes DO NOT work on the site.  Invalid code is what I get.  Yes, I get nothing.   I wonder, what is this Bonus Content?

I went ahead and chatted up EA, spent about 30 minutes waiting for Tier 2 and I did receive an answer.  


Erin S.: Alright so this does seem to be a bit of a known issue with the codes and the website and unfortunately we do not have a resolution yet. I do know from reading information about it that the bonus content was for some type of athletic wear content.


Erin S.: At the moment we do not have an time window of when this will be resolved.


Now the codes do not expire until December 2012, so hopefully by then, the issue is resolved.  Erin was also nice enough to dump a very generous amount of Simpoints into my account, so I can’t really complain. :mrgreen:

Now I wonder what type of Athletic wear will we be getting as a bonus.