Nraas Industries – Twallan Mods Updated for Patch 1.29
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Even though this patch was completely unexpected for everyone, Twallan has worked his magic and updated the 4 mods that needed to be tweaked compatible. For those who use Twallan for your gaming needs, go grab your updated mods! :)

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  1. iunplugthings says:

    Awesome! Thank you for letting us know! :)

  2. KatieHaven says:

    Wonderful now I can play sims…..I updated lastnight and everything is fine

  3. Xandii says:

    Hey there fellow simmers…
    I am having trouble with all the mods… I had them installed a week ago and then my fiance and I had a fight and I ended up deleting sims from the computer. Then when I reinstalled, I also installed sims pets and town stuff. I of course also downloaded the NRAAS mods, but they do not work. I’ve noticed that when I download them, the Resource.cfg file is not present. My mother and I are under the impression that this file is required for the mods to work properly. PLEASE HELP ME!

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