Supernatural Trailer Reveals a New Ghost Color! *Updated*


*Update* –  SimGuruBritt has confirmed that the Green Ghost in Supernatural is indeed a death by witches, however it is not caused by poison. Curses or spells is my guess? Also, I will be updating the Fact Sheet with a bunch of tid bits later on, so keep an eye out on it! :)

Thanks for the info Roman! :)


Haha, good guesses! I can tell you that this death is caused by witches… but it’s not poison. Any other guesses? 


I’m sure you’ve all seen the many photos released today, but have you seen this super special pic? :mrgreen: The Sims 3 Supernatural trailer has revealed a brand new Green ghost color. Could it be a new death type? Or simply the effects of drinking one of the new potions? Only time will tell! :)

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  1. Simfan923 says:

    Either a zombie death or a magic death of some kind. Like poison apples or curse.

    1. jjxsd says:

      well, the flash is always green indeed XD

  2. Roman says:

    Mybe it was a witch the was killed making a potion or something or a witches cures? thtas my gusse

  3. Emily says:

    Remember in the trailer when the width turned that warlock to stone? I think it’s to do with that.

    1. n00biito says:

      Actually someone on the TS3 forum did some research and it turns out that it’s not stone but ice the witch got turned into.

  4. SimmyGurl says:

    If it’s by Witches, I think it’s death by Spells or Curse because that’s the only thing Witches can do.

  5. Citrina says:

    I think it is by which curse since curse by mummy is a black smokey ghost and this is black with green outline smokey ghost. Just a guess.

  6. martys15 says:

    The EP will be more ghosts.

  7. Alex says:

    I think that a curse would do this new ghost!

  8. Steph says:

    Producer Megan Myers and Product Manager King Choi for a sneak-peak and Q&A of The Sims 3 Supernatural Tuesday, June 19.
    Starting at 10:00 a.m. PST

  9. MJ says:

    Maybe the curse is infact to roam the earth AS a ghost;

    See? smart. P:

  10. Rae.G says:

    Now I know sims can turn into zombies by that zombie potion but can zombies actually eat sims, not just bite? That’ll be disturbing.

  11. Trufan1 says:

    It’s probably like the mummy curse from World Adventures…your witch has a limited time to learn a spell to save them. Times up…oopsies :P

  12. DustyDog says:

    Well concentrate on whats around it not just the colour… I say it’s either a dead wich or death by a spell. One reason is you see the things floating around him those are almost what appear wen you learn a spell on the magic spell book from the store, and he doesen’t look like a wich so maybe a spell death… But one thing for sure is that wen we get this game we will know!

  13. Victoria says:

    It’s a “Death by Witch” ghost. *Comfirmed*

  14. i saw a video on youtube that showed the new death typer it is death by spell failure here is the link

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