Big Sims 3 Store Announcement Tomorrow! *Updated*

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*Update* – The Sims 3 on Facebook has confirmed there will be a new world announced tomorrow!


A few smart simmers noticed that our Lucky Simoleon screenshots were taken on a world that doesn’t look like any out right now. Hmm. Want to find out more? Make sure you check out The Sims 3 Store on Monday!


SimGuruTaterTot (yum!) has teased a big store announcement coming Monday on his blog. We all know the Wishing Well is coming out this week, but what could this announcement be? I’m guessing we will see a brand new world. Any other guesses on what would be worthy of an announcement?

Thanks Cat! 🙂


The team is really stepping up their game here. You guys have seen just the awesome level of quality stuff coming out on the store. The textures a unique, the patterns are beautiful and the Premium Items are fun!

But something else is coming soon. Something you’ll love.


*teaser teaser teaser*  Be at the Store on Monday for the announcement!