Sims 3 Store: Changes To Simpoint Purchases on

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Now that a maintenance update has been completed on, the ability to “gift” Simpoints to other players via The Sims 3 Store has been officially retired, and all Simpoint purchases can only be made through Origin going forward. Details below.

Today we will be doing an update to that will be removing the ability to gift SimPoints. You will still be able to purchase SimPoints through Origin that will allow you to purchase items for yourself or to gift items to friends / family.


The site will start under-going maintenance today at 11AM PDT.

Below is an FAQ that will help to answer some of your questions:


Where can I Gift SimPoints?

  • Gifting SimPoints is no longer supported through

What benefits are there for purchasing SimPoints through Origin?
Purchasing SimPoints through Origin offers a number of benefits

  • Your Origin purchase rewards you with Bonus SimPoints
    • Gifted SimPoints did not include bonus Points, this means that your money now gets you more The Sims 3 content.
  • If you are an Origin Access subscriber you get 10% discount on your SimPoints purchase
  • Standard checkout process across EA titles
  • You can gift items on someone’s Wishlist or direct from Store
  • You can gift items to your Internationally located friends and family something which wasn’t possible with SimPoints Gifting.

Can I still Gift items?
You will still be able to gift items to your friends, family or community members.

How do I gift Wishlist items?

  • On visit your friends profile page
  • Click on their Wishlist
  • Select “Gift this Item”
  • Follow the on screen steps to complete the gift purchase

How do I gift items from Store?

  • On find the item you want to Gift
  • On the right of the page, select “Gift this Item”
  • Follow the on screen steps to complete the gift purchase
  • You can also do this from within The Sims 3 game.