Sims 3 Supernatural Live Chat Replay


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  1. just me says:

    well that was lackluster..

    1. TUF says:

      Just a tad. @_@

  2. Citrina says:

    They better moke the EP with loats of new interactions. I really hope much more than this.

  3. TUF says:

    I wish they talked more about the game and less about origin/preorder stuff. Honestly I wish they showed more CAS and stuff. I am really hoping they have clothes for children and teens and even toddlers.

  4. TUF says:

    So the chat didn’t make me pumped up for EP (Still really excited for it) but that chat man… stop talking about Origin and answering questions that are pretty much already been answered. X_X

    1. TUF says:

      Just ready for September to get here so I can play around with it myself. Cause what they did show looked good.

      Sometimes I wish bright minded simmers from the community did the walkthrough/chats.

  5. MCSESSY says:

    Um…ummm on Origin…uuummm…umm…. WTF is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk that talk!!!!!

  6. Bo Na Na says:

    What did you guys expect? We have a whole 2 months left till the EP. Ofcourse these dumbnuts aren’t gonna give us much information….

  7. brokensweety256 says:

    Was it just me or did you see the normal sim flip unnaturally when the werewolf nuzzeled the manwitch?

    1. Citrina says:

      Yeah I sow hat, maybe its a……GLITCH, lol a glitch at live chat? seems promising.

    2. Dina & Nina says:

      Just noticed that. I already have the dog-stretching glitch in my game. Looks like this EP could cause similar glitches to occur with our regular sims what with all the new creatures added. I’m just assuming here, hope I’m wrong.

  8. crimson says:

    after reading these comments im glad i didnt miss anything while in class but it sucks they didnt say anything new.

  9. matrix54 says:

    I know it’s a live chat, and all… but too much chat, not enough game.

    1. matrix54 says:

      And what is it with all the dumb and/or repetitive questions?

  10. tharmath says:

    noo zombie woohooo :(

  11. Nick says:

    is it just me or was this very hard to hear

  12. Leah says:

    So, did all they only talk about werewolfs because it was the most popular or…?

  13. Dina & Nina says:

    I’m just glad the zombies aren’t as scary as they were in the trailer. OBviously the sims isn’t exactly a scary game but the trailer was lol.

  14. sarah says:

    Well. I learned absolutely nothing new from that. The one thing I was hoping for was vampire information, and they’re still keeping that on lockdown…I really hope there are some amazing improvements if they’re still not giving any info on them.

    1. Kandi says:

      Same. Wanted more vampires, I mean, how are they different?

      ME WANT VAMPIRE INFO!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!

  15. MonaD says:

    I enjoyed it and well they already have my money :)

  16. MrHawk says:

    Ugh. “Awesome”, “Supercute”, “Supercool”


  17. Steph says:

    loved the vid but every time they plugged origin i kept saying stuff origin…really am looking forward to this ep ghosts from cas way cool

  18. SimsVIP says:

    You know, these are the only game chats I have ever seen that constantly shove a paper in the screen with social networking sites. :P

  19. Renee says:

    It wasn’t too bad. I bet that they will have better ones in the future. There is probably a lot of stuff that they can’t reveal yet.

    I so have Peps for this pack. After seeing the video, it is worse. :)

    Looking forward to the expansion!

  20. wzw1177 says:

    I have to say, the new icon is really bad…
    But new CAS music is good, around 17 min in the video the music reminds me of the Sims 2. :D

  21. SimmyGurl says:

    I want to know more! CONTINUE IT!!
    Well, I was a shock because one of my classmate’s surname is “Britt” too, Hope they are relatives, so I can communicate with them.

  22. Samis says:

    LE blalala…. Origin blablaba… Limited Edition blalala, facebook blablabla… twitter blablabla… LE and Origin blalala….. whole chat.

    This is the worst chat ever…. :(

  23. MItch says:

    Man King sure was super extra uber annoying during this chat. What a umm, uhh stutter fest. There’s too much paper holding, Twitter rambling and Origin crap. Why don’t they just put all that in a box on the side of the chat and refer people to it? Also, Argus is cute.

  24. maria_loves_alex says:


  25. umyeah says:

    Um yeah they blew it again with east coasters. Like I am waiting up till 3 am for any expansion pack. Really wish ea and origin would get their shit together. Same shit different expansion.

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