SimGuruMegan Reveals More Supernatural Info


Once again SimGuruMegan shares some bits of info via Twitter.


  • No, you can’t make mummies or SimBots in CAS. :( We tried, but it caused a lot of problems.
  • The fortune teller goes to the traveller’s caravan to work. He can also tell Sim’s fortunes around town.
  • There will be some zombies that spawn during a full moon. If you want more, though, you can always make them with elixirs!
  • That’s a new makeup option that you can choose for your Sims. It’s meant to look like veins.
  • All children will go to the same school. The witch children are just trying to fit in!
  •  Yes, if you have Showtime and Supernatural, you’ll be able to create genies directly from CAS!
  • You can create vampires in Supernatural no matter what. No need to have Late Night.
  • The fortune teller will go to the Traveler’s Caravan lot to do most of their job.
  • Yes, the Traveller’s Caravan is a rabbithole.  It’s more like the medical career. It’s not a career like in Ambitions.
  • You can set the moon to always be one phases (i.e. waxing gibbous or new moon) and then you’ll never have a full moon
  • No live venues by default in MF, but if you place stage+proprietor in the werewolf bars, they’ll act as live venues!
  • Supernatural TODDLERS (not babies – corrected here) will look like their parents. Fairy babies will have wings. Werewolf babies will have eyes that glow


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  1. Citrina says:

    I can’t wait to see the fairie baby with the wings and how that will look like as usually babies are rapped around in the blankies. Maybe a lowing wings apearing from the balnky?

  2. Aidoon says:

    I’m likeing this new info. Hopefully when they do the live stream august third they will show us a child supernatural :D

  3. Leah says:

    I will be getting supernatural, but just thinking does anybody know if you dont get supernatural will your vampires still be updated or will just have the ones from late night

  4. Bethany says:

    “No live venues by default in MF, but if you place stage+proprietor in the werewolf bars, they’ll act as live venues!”
    This doesn’t make much sense because we can’t place the proprietor placeholder or have they changed that?

    1. Amy says:

      With patch 1.36 all LN venues…plus the Hangout added with Ambitions…plus beaches and graveyards count as performance venues.

      You can read about it here on Sims VIP. It’s in the category about patches.

      1. Damienf519 says:


        Not with simport they don’t unfortunately, at least it doesn’t when you try to make a pool/coffee shop hybrid lot. A friend of mine did that and it kept telling her, she didn’t have the right type of venue.

        1. Amy says:

          I don’t Simport and most of the people I know who play Sims don’t either, so this is the first I’ve heard of that. I never play online.

  5. EzeliaStarsong says:

    The only thing I don’t like is the glowing eyes of the werewolves… that’s the vampire’s trait.

    But I do love the idea of fairy babies! So cute. I just hope that they can like float in their cribs.

  6. jamie says:

    OMG i cant wait to have a fairy baby with wings and glowing eyes…thats gonna be SWEET!!

  7. SimmerDown says:

    How come babies have wings and toddlers don’t? O.o When they psted a blog about Moonlight Falls they talked about an all-fairy family with a couple and their toddler daughter, and I remember it specifically said “Although *name of the toddler* doesn’t have her wings yet, her parents are sure she is something special” or something like that. And it’s impossible for her not to be a fairy, as both of her parents are… Hmm…

    1. Penelope says:

      Maybe there is a chance of a regular non supernatural child even if both parents are?

      1. SimmerDown says:

        I thought it was 50/50, and both 50’s are fairy chances :P Oh well, guess we’ll have to find out? Anything’s possible with Sims xP

    2. Guest says:

      well it showed Grandma, Mom and Dad, but maybe Grandpa (who wasn’t listed) was a human who’d died already. So she takes after Grandpa?

  8. neansbeans says:

    Do werewolves have tails?

    1. SimmerDown says:


      1. It would have been a pretty nice touch though. :)

  9. Damienf519 says:

    “werewolf bars?” Pleased don’t tell me EA is adding another type of bar? We have enough already. Nine if you count all the ones from Late Night, eleven, if you also include the ones from Showtime, and twelve if you count the hangouts included with Ambitions. We don’t need any new types of bars to build EA.

    1. Tine says:

      They have to. Some people might only have the basegame and Supernatural, so they need the new lot types.
      I thought they should just have added a bar in the basegame so they didn’t have to add new lot-types with every freaking expansion pack.

      1. Damienf519 says:


        That’s just it, they don’t have too. We don’t need anymore bars in the game, period. Now to get the full experiance with every single expansion pack people will need to have at least thirteen different bars in their town. Maybe only twelve, to be fair, because hangouts don’t do anything special and you could make them into shops or arcades and they would still technically be hangouts, still, its just too much.

        1. T'coy says:

          No offense or disrespect, but if you don’t want the bar simply don’t place it in your town..

          1. Damienf519 says:


            I understand, but I know at least some people will be upset if I don’t include all the venues if I make an all in one hood. Off course come to think of it, why should I care?

  10. Kabuto says:

    “No, you can’t make mummies or SimBots in CAS. :( We tried, but it caused a lot of problems.”

    Lies, just they don’t want to create a new SN version of these creatures.

    1. SimmerDown says:

      Not all creatures are updated, genies are still the same and you can create them in CAS ;) It’s not really nice to claim someone is lying just because you don’t like the truth. Even if she is lying, it’s the team that made the choices and they can do whatever they want.

    2. velocitygrass says:

      The patch that included the first leaked info about Supernatural did include CAS placeholders for SimBots and Mummies (and also Imaginary Friends), so I believe them when they say they tried.

  11. Nicole says:

    OMG BABIES WITH WINGS. That’s freaking adorable! I want the baby to like fly and cry at the same time :D

  12. Darrell says:

    I am pleased to be proven wrong about the baby fairies with wings. I can’t wait to see this! I bet it will be adorable.

  13. Bo Na Na says:

    New makeup option?! For zombies I suppose? Ewww! Veinss!

  14. Erika says:

    Yeah i didnt think babies could. Thanks for posting that

  15. Darrell says:

    Not surprised that they meant toddlers, and I pretty much assumed that it didn’t mean the little burrito bundles … still, toddlers with wings – yay!

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