SimGuruMegan Reveals More Supernatural Info

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Once again SimGuruMegan shares some bits of info via Twitter.


  • No, you can’t make mummies or SimBots in CAS. 🙁 We tried, but it caused a lot of problems.
  • The fortune teller goes to the traveller’s caravan to work. He can also tell Sim’s fortunes around town.
  • There will be some zombies that spawn during a full moon. If you want more, though, you can always make them with elixirs!
  • That’s a new makeup option that you can choose for your Sims. It’s meant to look like veins.
  • All children will go to the same school. The witch children are just trying to fit in!
  •  Yes, if you have Showtime and Supernatural, you’ll be able to create genies directly from CAS!
  • You can create vampires in Supernatural no matter what. No need to have Late Night.
  • The fortune teller will go to the Traveler’s Caravan lot to do most of their job.
  • Yes, the Traveller’s Caravan is a rabbithole.  It’s more like the medical career. It’s not a career like in Ambitions.
  • You can set the moon to always be one phases (i.e. waxing gibbous or new moon) and then you’ll never have a full moon
  • No live venues by default in MF, but if you place stage+proprietor in the werewolf bars, they’ll act as live venues!
  • Supernatural TODDLERS (not babies – corrected here) will look like their parents. Fairy babies will have wings. Werewolf babies will have eyes that glow