Preview: SimsVIP’s Seasons PDF Guide Layout


I have already started work on our Seasons guide using some of the basic information we have thus far. During the week of Seasons’ release, I am taking the week off work to complete the full guide. Our readers will have a thorough and detailed guide to refer to within days of release.
Our Guide PDF’s are downloadable and printable, so no need to be online to view the guide! The guides are also Tablet and smartphone friendly. I’m looking forward to completion of the Seasons guide, and I want to thank everyone for making all of our guides a success. :)
Petar from SimHrvatska is the talented Simmer who helps create the PDF Guide Layouts for all of my Game Guides, and today, I am happy to share our completed design for the SimsVIP Seasons Guide!

SimsVIP Season Game Guide PDF Design


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  1. Katie says:

    I like it :D

  2. Chinch says:

    I’m so excited!!! I can play my game like a crazed maniac while I wait to download your guide!!!! :D

  3. 'Maldito' says:

    Wow you’re really a dedicated person. :D Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. pixiedust4267 says:

    I’ll be downloading this one.

  5. Mychro5 says:


  6. FudgeLab says:

    I love all of your guides! You put a lot of work into them. (:

  7. Incredible! I can’t wait until it’s completed. I love having guides!

  8. Gerry13 says:

    Amazing!! Very good job! I can’t wait for the complete guide!

    I have a question : what is the font for “New Skills”, “Snowboarding”, “Soccer” and “Please Note” I’ve been looking for the “seasons” font since we know the trailer and the logo…! Thank you.

    1. Petar says:

      Thank you. :D The font is CgBernhardt. :)

      1. Gerry13 says:

        Thank you very much!!!!

  9. Stelpa says:

    I love it! can’t wait for it :)

  10. Erika says:

    Love it!! <3

  11. sims3foreva says:

    ah so cool well done can’t wait

  12. Charlie says:

    wow that looks really good!

  13. pshype says:

    Looks so professional! You guys should get paid for doing these. :D

  14. Cyron43 says:

    Absolutely professional layout. *ThumbsUp*

  15. Pamela** says:

    You guys are really awesome for doing this and making it available for free! Thank you!!!

  16. maria_loves_alex says:

    love it! looks really professional, I thought it may have been released by EA or something LOL

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