Preview: SimsVIP’s Seasons PDF Guide Layout

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I have already started work on our Seasons guide using some of the basic information we have thus far. During the week of Seasons’ release, I am taking the week off work to complete the full guide. Our readers will have a thorough and detailed guide to refer to within days of release.
Our Guide PDF’s are downloadable and printable, so no need to be online to view the guide! The guides are also Tablet and smartphone friendly. I’m looking forward to completion of the Seasons guide, and I want to thank everyone for making all of our guides a success. 🙂
Petar from SimHrvatska is the talented Simmer who helps create the PDF Guide Layouts for all of my Game Guides, and today, I am happy to share our completed design for the SimsVIP Seasons Guide!

SimsVIP Season Game Guide PDF Design