Seasons: Info on the 5 Types of Snowmen


Valgon57 has found information on the different types on Snowmen via the gameplay.package file. Check out the different types of Snowmen and how to create them!


- Fifty percent chance of sim discovering a new type when making snowman.
– Normal weighted chance of discovering new snowman type
– Types: Classic, Evil, Alien, Clown, Reaper, Hockey
Alien Snowman 
· Sim with Insane and Computer Whiz traits have 50:50 chance to learn alien snowman.

· Alien Sim has 50:50 chance to learn alien snowman.
Tragic Clown Snowman
· Sim with Grumpy and Hates Outdoors traits have 50:50 chance to learn tragic clown snowman.

· If sim’s Mood level is below -40 when finishing the snowman, they can learn how to make the tragic clown snowman.
Grim Reaper Snowman 
· Sim with Unlucky and Evil traits have 50:50 chance to learn grim reaper snowman.

· Elder sim has 50:50 chance to learn grim reaper snowman, chance is added to existing trait and tombstone chances.

· When finishing snowman, if 1 tombstone/urn is on the lot and/or sim’s inventory, that sim might learn Grim Reaper Snowman.

· If Sim has part time job at Mausoleum, 50:50 chance to learn grim reaper snowman.
Evil Snowman
· Sim with Daredevil, Evil, Mean Spirited, Hot Headed, Pyromaniac traits have 50:50 chance to learn evil snowman.
Hockey Snowman
· Sim with Athletic and Loves The Outdoors traits have 50:50 chance to learn hockey snowman.

· Better chance of sim learning how to make hockey snowman if there is an ice rink on the lot.
– After four snowmen are on the lot sims will stop autonomously choosing to build snowmen until one melts.

– After reaching its 40% life time the snowman will become Slightly Melted and after 80% it will turn into Mostly Melted state.

– A sim is more likely to choose to do the destroy snowman interaction when his/her LTR is below -50 (half-full mood bar?).

– There’s 75% chance of fight between sim that made snowman and sim that destroyed it if sim that made it is nearby when its destroyed.

– A pet will chew/scratch the snowman for 10 – 15 minutes.


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  1. Liatia says:

    This is awesome!!! :D

  2. Christi says:

    I wasn’t expected to be able to build different snowmen so this is great :)

  3. sims3Luver says:


  4. Khizar says:

    I have made all kinds of Snowmen but only Tragic Clown Snowman is remaining YAHOOO!
    My whole family has artistic trait They learn easily to make a new snowman by random selecting
    Happy simming to all

  5. LadySky says:

    I didn’t have any of the requirements listed and made a Grim Reaper snowman the first try. But my sim is also a witch, could that have contributed to it?

  6. CharsimGB says:

    That is awesome I could only make the classic snow man but now I can make lots! Unfortunately I had to make Sims with different traits cause mine had none of those traits!

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